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Katie Apr 2021
I am a wildflower
Though I’ve tried not to be

I’ve tried to grow straighter
And properly be

I’ve lived through storms and I’ve lived through drought.
There have been times when I’ve wanted out.

But I’m rooted here deeply, this is my place.
The rain at my back and the sun in my face.

I know who I am and I stand proud and tall.
My bright colours glistening as I sway in the fall.

I am a wildflower
Though I’ve tried not to be

A garden flower’s life is just not for me

My roots are deeper
And my soul is more free

I can’t be your perfect flower
I have to be me
Katie May 2020
You promised if I sat that a story would come – the truth. That it would be unveiled to me through myself if I just trusted and disengaged for a moment.
Well I’m here and I’m waiting, please speak.

I am infinite sadness and infinite joy rolled together in an unending spiral of pain and love and life and misery. Needing one, to have the other. I will not stop spiraling until I’m done. Your choice is to come with me or to resist me, to accept me or to fight me. Whatever you chose to do it will not change the journey, it will just colour how you see it, how you feel it, how you live it.

Your instinct is to run, until you are free but you can never be free, not really. Staying and accepting feels crushing, depressing, unending but if you could just embrace it would it really be that bad? To surrender yourself to the truth of your life and to live it, afraid but unafraid in your truth? You are trapped, but only by yourself, set yourself free by letting yourself just be.

You are human.
Katie Jul 2018
Is this really a quality I possess?
Or a choice I may select?
It feels as though I'll annihilate every chance I have of touching it.
As though I don't believe in it at all.

I don't think I do.
Because if I did I would accept happiness,
Embrace it.
Instead of constantly seeking proof that it doesn't exist.
Katie Oct 2017
First the wave falls
Even and Rhythmic

But slowly, overtime,
It grows, cosmic

Influences pull it
and rise it high

It grows strong
But knows not why

It looses itself
To nature's touch

Its rhythm distorted
Its force too much

But time heals all
And sense will recall

Returning the sea
To its natural rise and fall
Katie Mar 2017
Here’s what I think we should do.
I’ve so many ideas and I know you do too.

So why don’t we combine them? Come with me.
I’m sure we’ll find them.

I know, we’ve both known all along.
You can find all truth with just one song.

So write you Silly Billy. Do!
Write for me. It’s right for you.

You know that you’ve a truth to tell.
Not one to learn but one to expel.

You’ve learned what you need to know.
The next step is to let it go.

Do it now and do it well.
As well you know that not doing it is hell

This is you.
This is your life.


It’ll all be alright!
Katie Jan 2017
A wave will roll and roll again
It does not wait for love or men.

It is as it is, wild and free,
Untameable just like you and me.

A wave is strong and true and real,
It cannot stop, it can't but feel.

We too are strong and true and real,
We cannot stop, we can't but feel.

Though oft weighed down with the heft of life
We will roll on, defeat our strife.

Again and again we must feel our pain,
Live our lives, feel insane

Like the wave, we make our own way
In our chosen direction, it's all okay

You see there's no wrong or right,
Black or white, good or *****

It is what it is, like it or not,
It's not who you know or what you've got

It's all about you and the wave in your soul
Who knows where it's going, who tries to cajole;

Your practical, logical, stoic old mind
Laps at its ankles, dares it to find;

It's reason, its purpose, it's meaning on earth
Your life's own truth from the moment of birth

It's in you, it is you, believe it or not,
Jump into to the wave, live what you've got.

It will not be perfect or easy, that's true,
But it is what you make it, it's all down to you

So stop sitting and wondering, with your feet the sand,
Stand up, step forward, reach out your hand

Grab hold of that wave and follow it's course,
At the end what you'll find, without any force;

Is your truth, your wisdom, your beauty, just you
Start swimming your soul, your wonder is true.
Katie Dec 2016
There’s a force of nature inside of me
Bursting through my being
Willing to be free

It has been building all of my life
It hasn’t stopped fighting
Through good or through strife

I feel it is time now, or even beyond it,
For this force to break through me
To be given life and to live it

I pray to the Universe for this to take place
To aid in this rising
To strength, freedom and grace

But as I pray, I know the reality
If I’m not active in this
Then I’m my own casualty

This force I am and this I will be
Like an untamed wind
Running wild and free

Truth in my soul and wind in my sail
Whatever comes at me
I know I’ll prevail

What is inside me is honest and true
So fly free inner nature
I will follow you
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