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Trav Jordan Jan 2014
We're nothing more than poetry.
All that's left are words,
A lovelorn rhythm,
And the strings of the heart.

We're nothing more than poetry.
We're just another lyric
About another bond,
That was broken from the start.
Trav Jordan Jan 2014
With a smile reminiscent to the glow of the moon
And eyes that put a starry sky to shame,
When our sights meet, melancholy and joy become one
And generate a feeling unknown to man;

Melancholy, for the aching burden of not knowing every little thing about you
Joy, for the blessing of the sole vision of you.
No canvas can match the beauty
Of the truest masterpiece.

No orchestra can match the chaste sound of your voice,
A simple "hello" puts my heavy heart to rest.
I pray that the beauty that lies beneath the curtain
Is far greater than what is presented.

My heart burns with an enticing flame
As melancholy and joy meet, creating an emotion unknown to man.
Melancholy, for not being your closest friend
And joy, for the chance to truly get to know you.
Trav Jordan Jan 2014
The days of atonement grew strained.
Her purpose, her pleasure became my purgatory.
Her words full of lies, her lies full of passion,
She continued to vanish with my heart on her leash.
For my honesty and absolute love,
I was repaid with heartbreak,
A taste of questionable guilt,
And the vital notion that a sleeve is no place for a heart.
Trav Jordan Jan 2014
Baby, loving you is moving mountains
Loving you is ending skies
If I didn't love you anywise,
I couldn't call it love.

Baby, loving you is crying silence
Loving you is burning rain
If I wouldn't love you all the same,
I couldn't call it love.
Trav Jordan Jan 2014
Beauty written on her face
Perfect sits on scarlet lips
Elegance in every pace
Flawlessness in every glimpse

Temptation etched into her skin
Amazement dances in her eyes
But deception fills her grin
She's disaster in disguise
Trav Jordan Jan 2014
You inspire me.
But whenever I try to capture your captivating allure,
Or the way you light up my spirit,
Or your ocean-deep conscience,
Or the sweetest soul behind your blues,
Or your blend of imperfect reality
And flawless dreams,
I can do you no justice.
You're the exquisite ecstasy that words could never define.

— The End —