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Jonan Oct 2014
No words to find
No words to say
No words to describe
No words that explain
No words for solace
No words for the sane
No words to take it back
No words for a tongue that is lame

None at all
Jonan Jun 2014
You've said you've never seen a painting in that light.
Guilt stricken smile and cigarette hardly putting up the fight.
Ode to the liars, sad song singers, as the wound is reopened by the knife.
We know we're both drowning so, god, quit frowning and pretend that you're okay with giving up on your life.
Jonan May 2014
She flashes the ivory
And bats the lash.
She swears she needs me
But only when I'm nothing but ash.
Jonan Apr 2014
You wrapped yourself in feathers
I drowned in the flames
Jonan Mar 2014
The mirror never judges time.
It silently watches us age.
Jonan Jan 2014
I had a good day. I swear it.
Nice weather. Good company.
But you...
Bleeding stress hole in the lining of my stomach.
No. You won't let me have anything.
Won't let me have anything other than blood.
Gift wrapped in *****.
******* **** I hate you.
Jonan Jan 2014
The stage is set and players in costume
The catastrophy unfolding in the gloom
Dancing silhouettes of daggers surrounding
The bride and groom
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