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4.4k · Jul 2014
Metaphor Speech.
Dre Brax Jul 2014
The word scars has always had a negative connotation behind it. A common name for Mental or Emotional injury is referred to as mental scars or emotional scars. Medically speaking scars or scarring is a step in the natural process your body undergoes to heal. Even though the healing is happening when a scar appears it tends to leave behind what some people see as an unattractive mark or area. Emotional scars and mental scars follow the same rules; a broken heart, the death of a friend or family member. All of these things can give us scars of some form. Having many scars myself I can relate with the desire to cover up or be rid of the unattractive areas on my body or in my life. It can become increasingly frustrating when those scars don't fade over time, or take longer to vanish then we hoped for. However this doesn't have to be a bad thing as quoted by a musical group AA-" How Stubborn are the scars when they won't fade away, or just a gentle reminder that now are better days".

I've had my fair share of "scars" whether emotional, mental, or physical. Each one has a different story, each one is riddled with wouldas, shouldas or I wish; but like the choices I've made to obtain them they are permanent. A Great example of scars as a story is the process of tattooing. Tattooing is the process to scar the skin by injecting ink into the second layer of skin causing it to be stained in the patterned it was scarred. People are in most cases proud of their tattoos, yet try to hide the natural tattoos of life. The body is a blank canvas when you’re born. Through trial and error we have been painted with life experience. Where I’m from scars are worn like the patches on a jacket. “I've been stabbed here or I've been shot there" is a badge of honor. Maimed knuckles were on the hands that lead us to adulthood. We grew up believing that our scars were how we were defined. If my face wasn't torn or my legs weren't spotted from the bruises then I’ll never fit in. Although it’s looking beyond the superficial, I was convinced we still were missing something. We were missing the beauty of those distorted knuckles, the grace in that scraped up knee. We never stopped to realize that we were actually bonding over our flawed skin instead of boasting about, "You should see the other guy".

We shouldn't hide behind the outcome of something that happened but instead smile that we learned from it. It took me a long time to realize just how special each blemish I carry truly was to me. When I look at my shin I don't see I fell and it was painful; I see my wife and I playing soccer and she juked right pass me scoring the winning goal. Something my grandmother always said to me, “You’re only as interesting as the scars you can smile at". For me that sums up things beautifully. Bad things happen to everyday people and even when that scar doesn't fade just remember that now are better days. I can successfully say I’m smiling because now these are truly better days.
this was a speech i wrote
Dre Brax May 2014
I'm floating in the clouds
i am that i am
There's nothing or no one only the space i breathe in.
i'm feeding good-byes
i am that i am
not purposely of course but a clouds a cloud i stay the course.
i'm believing in blue
i am that i am
I've seen the darkest nights, yet blue always shines through.
you want a kiss good-bye
i won't that i won't
to torture the world without your presence as if i stole the stars from the sky.
you belong with me
you do that you do
feel free to fly with me, un-grounded by me, loved by me, driven by me, enough about me. I'm on one knee, i question thee "come float with me"; a clouds only as good as the sky it bleeds.
you can be the sun, I'll be the clouds
the sky can be the motive, lets make our world smile.
i only feel so hard without her because i was co high with her.
885 · May 2014
Apple Of my Eye
Dre Brax May 2014
lay with me
sit with me
be with me
keep surprising me with how sweet you can be
coagulate in my veins to give me a medical diagnosis for my sporadic heart pains. Help me bleach the bloodstains from the dry wall where my head bangs. Weld yourself to what i labeled my imprisoning chains.why link yourself to a situation where you drown when i sink? what would your last thought be as your last speck of oxygen bubbles to the top. would you pray you should of stopped?
would you wish to go back to bleed me of every drop, of time, memories, late nights, and spared enemies?
to save yourself from the consumption of the only path I've got.
my dearest, sweetest treasure how can you muster up the will to love me for worse or better?
that's not to clever.
pass on this endeavor.
you always could do better.
you march so strong through all changes of weather. yet i crumble with the lightest of feathers.
feathers from a bird of life and change.
your hugs say be tough but your eyes tear up as if you feel the same.
i hate when you cry more then our frequent goodbyes.
distraught by the question "Why oh ******* why stand steady by my ignorant side?"
"Don't ask why" you reply as you wipe the last tear from my right eye.
A father's place is by his son's side even after the day he dies. I love to love you for worse or better march so strong through any weather.
two birds of life and change flock together.
unconditional love
Dre Brax May 2014
The bell tolls their stomachs full yet with room for their blasphemy.
escorted to the jungle preparing themselves for the adventure ahead.
this land was governed by no man or woman no king or queen could house this hell.
only  the chime of the bell could chill this hell. they march past the pit with bodies buried
limbs covered, caked with earth from a pasts day.
Out of the corner of their eyes small hands and fingers slide through the cage bars
pleading for someone's attention. Challenged to cross a path with no floor torso
strength is only matched by the hunger to explore. legs kicked forward head leaned
back the chain leather clash propels you into the sky to give the user a taste of eagle
eyes. in the calamity of it all the chime of the bell renews the law. the kings, queens, cowboys,
astronauts rise from the dead brush off their shoulders brush off their head.
they march back battered and tame. what a masterpiece of a game. agreed
everyone feels the same. The romance with recess is a thought powered love game.
I've never been one for the proper punctuation so don't hate me.
Dre Brax May 2014
250 milligrams of the **** you wish you never said,
laced with sorry's and thoughts of what do we do now's
creep unwanted into our bed.
Don't forget to take it with your 100 milligrams of anger.
That finds home in all the places inside, that you realize you cant tame her.
After that we switch to the heavier stuff ; YEAH! 150 milligrams
of all your secrets and ******* bluffs.
With another 250 milligram dose of all the **** you thought you held close.
all the laughs shared, the tears bared, the constant struggle to always stay
near and dear.
With this final pill i'm addicted to the prescription you made me fill
the last 250 milligrams is human will.
The will to give it a shot. It's a scary high but there i lay with arms held high
waiting for every part of life that your not in to pass me by.
1000 milligrams is all it took for me to be hooked. a ****** or a druggie,
either way i crave from you to love me. so I'll fill my prescription and hope
that the high me reminds you that the sober me still wishes that the love we share
doesn't float away with the high that I'm on. Be my anchor, keep me tied down
with the chemical that we made. The one that tells our brains that our hearts
can truly feel. Without the fall back of 1000 milligram prescription of pills
i was addicted to drugs around the same time i was addicted to a girl
622 · May 2014
One Liner One Night Stand
Dre Brax May 2014
if i had a million dollars for every smile you gave me i still wouldn't have enough
to out weigh the way you made me.
if every second you've made me smile was a year in the past id let you know how god made us and how to make it last.
a lot of ifs but no buts no woulds's or shoulda's just a Skype call, a text, a crafted speedy fall.
they say you can't buy happiness but id like to say their wrong a four hundred thirty seven dollar plane ride
can take me home. I close my eyes i can see so many beautiful things clouds, flowers, diamond rings
that are all complaining that their beauty is devoured, more so conquered by what you bring, the little things.
little things that get me to sing when no one is around. to give me this goofy smile to bare around town.
to sum things up i think i might possibly perhaps maybe have found the one person who has kept my head in the
clouds as has never let me feet hit the ground. shes imprinted in my skin this inst the end we stay as golden as possible
as we both dive deeper in.
long distance relationships blow
574 · Dec 2014
An upward fall
Dre Brax Dec 2014
Bless the fallen for they have suffered.
Lovers or Angels?
It doesn't matter.
They have both felt heavens callused grip.
They have both taken the steps to slip.
They have both feared a great loss.
They have both felt the warmth that injects, infects, that gives your doe eyes that gloss.
Bless the fallen.
The perfect Adam and the perfect eve both fall in line to see our shine.
In awh how we spend our time.
To watch as we intertwine.
The serpent unwinds but we pay it no mind.
It spreads its grime, it's lies, and deceit.
He can keep his apples we feel Eden as we lay, as we playfully touch feet.
The perfect man and the perfect women they reek of jealousy for the heaven they were promised was  bested when lips hit cheek.
So Bless the fallen
Lovers or Angels?
It matters not
With lip to cheek our heaven is brought!

— The End —