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Victor Lampert Dec 2014
hide inside the bone
you can't see me
because I'm gone
Victor Lampert Dec 2014
run and hide
leap and fly
try harder

you'll come back to me
Victor Lampert Aug 2014
what was it
that ashamed us so badly?
we tried to build God
just to make heaven heavier

shifting shapes and shifting faces
born with so many unbound disgraces
and nobody dares to care,
infamous sons of St. Who's cathedral

you lack soul
you think you're a king
you're the greatest shame
you lack vision
you lack you
you're all doomed
I don't want to be like you
I hate you
you lack soul
Victor Lampert Aug 2014
god-like fingers
I could kiss you
twice in a lifetime

god-like feature
I want to see you
in my doorframe
4 am

god-like lips
I can hear you
almost say
what I wish for

god-like eyeballs
saturn ringing
bells on my own
holy chapel

god-like flavour
can I taste it?
just a sip of
you perfect soul

turn the weather
turn me over
turn the table
make me stutter

you're everybody and everyworld to me
Victor Lampert Aug 2014
words burst out
all of a sudden

it's a need
Victor Lampert Jul 2014


like warm water
I'll become
Victor Lampert Jul 2014
you're ultramarine blue
floating all around

you're midnight blue
drunk and comforting

you're space blue
infinitely deep

and I'm a spaceship
and I'm cruising
and getting lost
in this fake space solitude
that is you

getting lost in you
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