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Oct 2019
The very day I swore I’d never talk to you again was the very day I saw you again
Your stupid denim jacket
Aren’t you cold?
We hugged under the bleachers like we were dying
Please don’t stop at just a hug
You didn’t sit by me
You sat three people away from me
Why would you hurt me in this way
In 40 degree weather
You knew I was there because you kept glancing
And glancing
And then you let me know you were going to the concession stand
So I followed
But did not talk to you
So is his how it’s going to be?
Like the sun and the moon?
You make me want to die
And then spend the rest of my life with you
Peanut M&Ms
The scent of leather jackets
Plastic pink beads
Arguments after the football game
Quiet walks with old men
Red hondas
Pumpkin ice cream
Staying out past curfew
Getting kicked out of Walmart
  Please don’t hurt me this time
  Because you know I’ll give you more chances
Written by
DG  18/F/Nowhere, but only for now
(18/F/Nowhere, but only for now)   
   M-E and Cné
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