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  Apr 2018 Daisy Thompson
My words do splits, therefore they do gymnastic flips

this acid pit drips sick masses of glass and ink

Brain ****, call it massive **** pinpointed so accurate

I'm going to a place with no conciseness

I write with my arms Then drop legs and abstract kicks

My abstractions are the thrills of a ride or several attractions

My mental is monumental to some by a fraction

I'm an empty thought that lies in a Casket

Surprise with my habits That's applied to the madness is tragic...

Slithering satisfaction supported strongly surpasses idiots by the masses.

Monumental mysteries mesmerizes men in misery...

I live life to amaze while in a maze of symmetry

I hope what I say Is riveting, Imagery will then cascade into a blaze of remedies

instantly sparking a chain reaction of positive energy...

The negative turns away...along with its enemies...

Ears evolve into eyes then spot their demise

I hope I never get lost in these times.
Daisy Thompson Apr 2018
I’ve been thinking of all the methodical remedies
Blank spaces
What’s left of my memories
Drugs in my head and I swear some are a mystery
I can’t feel my face maybe it’s all the ketamine

— The End —