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I feel myself being pulled in every direction.
I don't know what to do anymore.
The girl who has all the answers
is breaking under the microscope.
I realized the other day that I lie to myself
more than anyone else.
"Everything is fine.. I'm fine.. really don't
worry about me.. how are you?"
I'm lying.
Everything's not fine.
I'm not fine.
Worry about me.
I don't care how you are right now.
I'm ******* dying.
© M.S.
Crashlandings Mar 2014
As you looked away
You poured in too much
It was unnoticeable at first

You were unaware that
you had changed everything
For everyone

It cooked differently
It smelt differently
And tasted differently

Maybe if you weren't so careless
And aware of your actions
It would hurt less

You've turned everything bitter
But you could start over
And make things work

But instead you chuck it onto the heap
Were it rots away with all the others
That you gave up on
You shouldn't have given up on her
How do you make emotions stop?
   Take love to the edge, then let it drop?
How can you just let it all go,
   When holding tight is all that you know?
Never just turned and walked away
   With a heart that’s crying out to stay.

Letting go just takes all your might,
   When doing what’s best doesn’t feel right.
Knowing there is no one to blame,
   Knowing who it was that fanned the flame.
Knowing who chose to cross that line,
   Hanging too tight to what wasn’t mine.

Wrapped up so tightly in this web,
   Yet wanting to tear away instead.
Walk away and just let it go,
   It sounds so easy, and yet I know,
Its so hard to just let it lay.
   Wish it wouldn’t have to be this way.
Crashlandings Mar 2014
Even though everything has Changed
No one dares to ask how I am
They know to well what the reply would be
As the water drains from my eyes
No one takes a second glance
As the shadows tease me
No one stands up for me
And as my heart is ripped from my chest
No one stitches it back

*I am just left with an empty black whole
Filled with hatred and sorrow
I only wish you knew
Crashlandings Mar 2014
Every touch
pierces my pale skin

Every word
Hits my ear drum

Every look*
Sends a sword deep into my heart
Inserting your sweet poison into me
Not wanting to let go..
Crashlandings Mar 2014
Why is it that every time if see you my heart aches
There's just that empty feeling that can't be replaced
And my body starts to waste
Even seeing photos of you or hearing your name kills me
Crashlandings Mar 2014
"I'm scared"
I can't let go,
The thought of not being
together is daunting me,
But it has to be

"I'm scared"
My hands grip on tight to you
My eyes flood
And my body shakes
But still I cannot let go

"I'm scared"
He whispers back to me
"We will be fine, I love you"
The words mean more than,
They ever had

"I'm scared"
His hand loosens,
"Goodbye, I'll miss you"
Kisses my forehead,
And walks away

"I'm scared"
All I can do now,
Is watch him walk away,
Into the distance, alone
he doesn't look back

gone gone gone
Why are hearts so easily broken?
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