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Chit Jun 2020
You have no idea how I wanted to thank you for raising a good man  
 You have no idea how much I've been grateful for accepting me as I am
The kind words you said to me when everything failed between me and your son
The warmth touch of your hand when you consoled me when I was crying
Your own initiative to talked about what went wrong
Your reassuring words that whatever happen you will support me
Because of you, I have  learned how much your son loved me
Because of you, I knew that your son had been happy
Amy, you could have been my other mother
The kind of mother-in-law
I wish I had
If only your son has chosen me to be his wife.
Chit Jul 2020
Sabi na eh
Kahit anong gawin natin
O kahit wala tayong gawin
Mauuwi sa ganito ang lahat

Lagi mo silang pipiliin
At lagi mo akong iiwan
Ngunit kung ganunpaman
Nais ko pa ring malaman mo

Matagal ko nang nakita
Ang taong para sakin
Yung nga lang
Hindi sya nakalaan sakin


Ikaw yung una sa lahat
Unang kilig
Unang lambing
Unang kirot saking dibdib

Ikaw yung hinanap ko
Sa piling ng iba
Kaya hindi naging tugma
At nauwi rin sa wala

Ikaw yung hinayaan kong mawala
Dahil alam kong may iba pang magpapaligaya sayo
Dahil alam kong hindi ako magiging sapat

Subalit umasa pa rin ako
Sa mga "gudmornings at gudnights"
Sa mga "musta ka at whats for lunch"
Sa mga "work kn at ingat pag uwi"

Kagaya ng pag-asa
Sa pagpatak ng ulan sa tag-init
Sa init ng araw sa panahon ng ulan
Sa presidente para maging disente

Hindi bale na
Ganun talaga eh
Hirap kalaban ni tadhana

Naiisip ko na ngang humingi ng tulong
Kay Thor ng Avengers
Kay Superman at Batman
Kay Ding at Darna

Pero kagaya nila
Alam ko at alam mo
Na itong merong TAYO
Ay isang pantasya lang.
Chit Jun 2020
Ang usap-usapan
Sa bahay-bahayan
Ng mga tau-tauhan
Sa mga bara-barangay
Ng kung anu-anong
May biglang nagsunug-sunugan.


Ng mga paslit-paslitan
Na naglalaro ng bahay-bahayan
Sa mga bara-barangay.

Hay naku naman....😅
Kuwento ng paulit-ulit
Chit Jun 2020
You know that I admired you so much
Actually everyone does
Who would not be?
You never stop to brighten my days
You were always there to bring back my life again and again
As I lay down with you
And count every beautiful things that I see
But mine is different.

I'm sorry because
I love the moon more than you coz
he was there to light my darkest nights
I love the rain more than you coz
he was there to washed away my pains
I love the star more than you coz
he was there to give sparkle to my eyes
Maybe I was not meant to be with you
Maybe I was meant to be ME.
Chit Jun 2020
Once in a while

I  close the umbrella and

feel the rain pours down

on me.


Once in a while

I take off my hat and

let the ray of the sun

warms me.


Once in a while

I let the pain remain

Just to be with you

Chit Jun 2020
He said :
       "To tell you frankly,
I'd cried like a baby when you left me."

She said :
       "Cried like a baby???...
         I died when you left me!"
Chit Jun 2020
There you are again

Always on time

Never miss a day

With your warm greetings

With your contagious smile

With your sincere eyes

With your neatly ironed clothes

Asking what I want

Serving my favorite tea

Of course

Because you're the waiter from the cafe.
Chit Jun 2020
You were always there to comfort me
You were always there when I need a shoulder to cry on
You were always there to soothe away my tiredness
You know me in my most vulnerable self when 3 am strikes
You know my fears
You know my dreams
You know the man I whispered in my sleep
You are my bed
No human can ever replace you.

Chit Mar 30
Walking down the aisle fascinates me
Where it always felt
Like my wedding day
Where I will be dressed in white
With tulips in my hand
Eyes fixed to the man
Waiting at the altar
Serenading by the choir
And the groom was half naked
Hanging on the cross
Chit Jun 2020
What's up with your "whatsapp"?
Who message you in your "messenger"?
What's the vibe in your "viber"?
Whatever, please stay safe.
(You don't have to stay, just be safe.)
Chit Jun 2020
I wish I am a princess...sleeping
   waiting for a kiss from a prince to wake me up
Instead of waking up by the loud voice of my mother .

I wish I am a princess...getting ready for the ball
   with a beautiful ballgown and a glass slipper
Instead of wearing an old fashioned dress and a rubber slipper.

I wish I am a princess...with a golden long hair
    letting it down will appear my prince
Instead of letting down my hair appear a silver gray hair.

I wish I am a princess...with a beautiful singing voice
     can walked on land for the sake of love
Instead of seeing the man I loved walking  away from me.

I wish I am a princess...
      waiting for a prince to rescue me.

But I am not a princess
   And my life is not a fairytale.
Chit Jun 2020
Nang araw na iyon
Minulat ko ang aking mga mata
Kasabay ng pagsikat ng araw
Sinimulan ko  ang labahin
Kasabay ng pagdilig sa hardin
Sinimulan ko na rin ang pagluto ng Sinigang
Kasabay ng sinaing
Sinimulan ko na rin ang paglampaso sa sahig
Kasabay ng hiling na sana'y hindi na kita isipin.

Nang araw na iyon
May nakalimutan pa ko?

Wala na.

Kasi kahit birthday mo
Hindi ko magawang
Chit Jun 2020
I can't help but falling
I can't help but thinking
I can't help but longing
I can't help but hearing
Your voice is my help to keep my heart beating
Chit Jun 2020
I know who you are.

I want to apologized and at the same time, I want to thank you for bringing out the best and the worst in me.

What is meant to be will always find its way, not too early nor too late.

Always on time.

Someday, when I looked back on this I know it will bring smile to my face because it happened.

As for now, I wish you....never existed
Chit Aug 2020
I'll stop

Today I'll stop myself...
From checking my phone if you text me
From answering your call
From looking at your picture
From writing you poems
From sending you emails
From thinking about you
And eventually
From loving you.
Maybe tomorrow, or the day after that.. Maybe next week.. next month,.. next year..
I'll stop myself from loving you, I just don't know when?
Chit Jun 2020
I love you
Kahit alam kong masasaktan ako

I love you
Kahit alam kong hindi mo sasabihing "I love you too"

I love you
Kahit alam kong hindi tayo pwede

I love you
Kahit sa mga panahong ayaw kitang mahalin

I love you...
And I hate it.
Chit Aug 2020
I killed my feelings for you
Just for us to be
Chit Jun 2020
i saw you

the other day

in the mall

while crossing the street

while talking to a friend

while taking a walk in the park

while driving to a distance

while drinking my coffee

while reading my novel

while observing the neighborhood

while looking at the window

while watching my fave game...

i saw you

NO !

my heart did see you

Because she's longing for you.
Chit Jun 2020
A facebook post
About a fake happiness
A hundred "Likes"
Is that your freedom?

A grand wedding
A signed contract
With a strange roommate
Is that your freedom?

A perfect portrait
A flawless smile
With a broken heart
Is that your freedom?

A gentleman in suit
A lady in black
A perfect couple
That was not meant-to-be
Is that their freedom?

Who knows?...
Chit Jun 2020
It's the season of love

I want to feel it

With you by my side

I think I have so much to give

But you're nowhere to be found

I felt so much

That I started to feel nothing

Now, I'm not sure

Am I better or just bitter?
Chit Mar 31
At the pouring rain
To hide away my pain

When the sun shines bright
To dry my tears outright

When the sky turns to black
So you'll never get to see me looking back

Meet me
At those times
So I won't beg you to be mine.
Chit Jun 2020
Hay naloko na
Nasira ang cellphone
Ubos na rin ang ipon
Pano na ang FB, IG at ang ibon

Sumaglit sa kanto
Internet ang dinayo
Nang may kaba sa puso
Sa pagbasa ng iyong komento

"Musta? Tara kita tayo!"
Walong pantig
Na sa aki'y nagpanginig
Ngunit saglit lang ang kilig

Bumalik kasi ang kahapong kay pait
Na muling nagpasikip sa aking dibdib

At sa wakas, tama na
Naunawaan ko na si tadhana

Sa nasirang cellphone
At ubos na ipon.
Chit Jun 2020
Once in a while

I  close the umbrella and

feel the rain pours down

on me.


Once in a while

I take off my hat and

let the ray of the sun

warms me.


Once in a while

I let the pain remain

Just to be with you

Chit Jun 2020
Once upon a time there was...
A fairy who likes to tinker. 
A princess whose as white as snow.
A queen who wants to "let it go".

Cinderella never asked for a prince
Elsa and Anna don't need a man to save them
Pocahontas didn't have a happy ending.

Jasmine kissed a villain
Maleficent was a princess that never saved
Eugene was brought by a horse to Rapunzel, not destiny

Fairy tales are true
Yes they do come true
In our real world.
Chit Jun 2020
I am the ONE who owns your mind

I am the ONE who owns your heart

I am the ONE who owns your soul

The ONE who completes and brighten up your day

The ONE who supports and give you courage

The ONE who understands you more than yourself

The ONE who loved you first.

But lately, things have changed.

The sweetness of your words turn to sour

The promises that kept had broken

The calls have been rejected

Your mundane life is there to keep you company now.

Whatever it is, please tell me that I change you somehow

Let me know that you will never forget me

That somehow, somewhere or sometime you'll wish we haven't parted our ways.

It's just me.

I'm the ONE that got away.

- Jesus -
Something tells me I'm going to love you forever
Chit Jun 2020
Marriage is not for everyone.
And that's fine.

The sad part is...
We only realized it,
When we're already in it.
Chit Jun 2020
"sabi mo gawan kita ng tula.
bakit nga kaya hindi?
pero sa twing ilalapat ko ang tinta ng aking panulat sa papel
at isusulat ang mga salita na para sa'yo.
hindi ko maiwasan ang
na baka hindi na muling dumating ang pagkakataong ito,
ang magpagawa ka uli sakin ng tula."
Chit Jun 2020
Without you, I am okay
Without you, I am good
Without you, I am great

Me, being okay doesn't mean I am completely okay without you
Me, being good doesn't mean I am not experiencing bad things without you
Me, being great doesn't mean I am not at lost without you
This is just me, without you.
Chit Jun 2020
"You've loved me too much
That broke your heart too deeply.
You said, you will never going to marry the woman who broke your heart.
Is it my loss or yours?..."

— The End —