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The way she holds herself
Like a queen
But so young
The walk of a Queen
Is the walk of someone who carries a burden
And she is far to young
Too kind a soul,
To be taking on God's punishment
She had a love in her heart
And never let it go
Even when it led her astray
And every night, she lay alone and pondered
Asking questions to the midnight sky, and receiving moonbeams for answers.
Her nightgown fluttered in the dark room like the wings of a butterfly or moth
Her eyes gleamed in the night, like moonbeams of Heavenly design
Her hair is strands of silver silk woven by a goddesses loom
Her face as pale as the face of the moon
Her feet are bare and she treads with an airy float
And she dances
A magnificent flowing whirl
Entrancing all those who see her, a Heavenly girl,
The woman in the moon
The inquirer of the gods
And her wings flutter softly in the spotlight the moon's rays have created for her
And she flutters back home.

The people below watch the iridescent butterfly take flight, and they think to themselves "What a lovely night it is!"
Making something out of nothing
Often works too well
Or not at all
Hard to reach that non-attainable thing
That balance
That order
So beautiful
That I can no longer think
About anyone else
His calm look
When he has it worst of all of us
He represents a perfection
An order
The perfectionist in us all
So at the long nights
When you feel most lonely
I whisper these sweet nothings to my sweet nothing
And hold you close to my heart
A heartbeat

A feeling of pure joy

Of warmth

Of safety

Never letting me go

It flutters in my mind

A relaxed feeling

Like sitting by a fire, drinking coca

On a cold mourning,

Like a warm embrace from someone you love

One cannot replicate this feeling

Or the feeling behind it would be lost

No miraculous drug

To bring fourth this sensation

All you need is warm light, and your own imagination

To feel like you can fly

And to know this pleasure is possible

Is a pleasure in its own

Of its own

Of our own

Togetherness is the key

Surrounded in the warm light that I love,

Until the light turns to a beautiful nothing in my arms

— The End —