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Spread your wings
Jump into the ocean
Talk out loud
Dance with the angels
Be carefree
Stay weird
Be who you want to be
Build a fire
Watch the embers drift away
Smoke billowing, hugging you keeping you safe
Become one with nature
Catching fireflies
Laying on blankets under the dark yet bright sky
Getting out of your own head
Not a care in the world what anyone has said
Standing up for what you believe is true
Laugh love
But most importantly
 May 2019 Blissful Nobody
 May 2019 Blissful Nobody
my soul,
so quick to scurry
as you pass me by,
still yearns for you late at night

I didn't believe your grandest
could pull me back in
but here I am... right back to your side,
held so tight

oh my soul, where did you lose your fight?
 May 2019 Blissful Nobody
Peter B
W jej oczach
odbija się mój księżyc.
W jej oczach
jest on zawsze pełny.
 May 2019 Blissful Nobody
I sold her a bag of dreams
It had a hole at the bottom
She gave me winter and spring
Summer and most of her Autumn
I left her not looking back
Standing there
Clutching tightly
An earful of sorry stories
And a bottle of Bacardi
Your voice shakes,
But speak loudly
Your hands hesitate,
Though write proudly
Your thoughts linger,
So, ask profoundly
Your feet wander,
Seek devoutly
Your spirit differs,
Embrace oddity
Your heart aches
Yet, love constantly

© JL Smith
 Sep 2018 Blissful Nobody
Lying embedded in velvet gloom and night,
You and I are gazing up the northern hemisphere.
Within the sea of darkness is the stars' stained light.

Hidden inside the fabric of interstellar space,
Might be a kind of universal truth
That answers all the questions of human race.

Sensing the pull of the universe
I feel like we're lost between the infinite vastness
That none of us could ever dream to traverse.

Suddenly you get up on your knees -
Head in the sky and feet on the ground.
“Perhaps the stars only made us feel lost,
because we both wanted to be found.”
Maybe we all are just waiting to be found:)
 Aug 2018 Blissful Nobody
I wish my world
was like your poetry,
full of elegance
and tranquility.
Always working,
fitting a scheme.
I grew chaos,
but you built your words
like a dream.
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