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Dec 2017 · 546
Bésia Davis Dec 2017
I dont like roses, never did, the color isn't even that nice of a shade of red honestly, and why a thorn? How can my hand love that? That is just not for me, I'd rather hold a sunflower. But does that mean a rose is hideous? No. I just don't agree with the expectation others assume it should be praised at. But I still can see how someone could find beauty in that rose I'd never like to hold.
Nov 2017 · 925
Bésia Davis Nov 2017
Saw her standing on a balcony's ledge, staring down. Swore she could have jumped if it could stop the talking in her head, she's lost contact with herself, "insane" with hatred of self- she's felt the breath of death against her neck since **** had hit the fence- now she's hopping over it , total devotional focus, to hop, to land in the place of older, like greener grass, being sober, to love the one reflected when beauty gets inspected, expected recognition of her faulty symmetrics, civil disobedience creeping up in the rear of her, teetering on the length of the time that takes to make it, from top to bottom, toppling, dropping nonstop, won't stop till her heart stops.
Inspired by a move I recently watched.

— The End —