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I hate you
You only think about yourself
Whatever you do, you do it for yourself
You are a selfish egomaniac *****
I'd rather........

Selfish you say (she interrupts)
Hate you say (furious)
For the love I've shown you isn't enough, what would be
you have no heart
Your soul reeks of despair
What would a  cremated heart know of love?

What a hypocrite you are
throwing blames whilst knowing
you've forsake our love
I loath the years I've wasted on your compulsion
being enslaved to your beauty
how I longed to taste your lips
Dear God, if I could just meek at my future
and see the monster that had enchanted me**

Because of you
We built our relationship on a fragile glass
I warned you ( talking to her heart)
Never to fall in love
now your in pieces ( tears)
I never wanted any of this
When did love become this bitter!
Walking slow
Cause am drunk

Singing songs
to forget your love

Buying duct
to tape my heart

Weeping for
my ailing heart.

You said
I'll never be alone

I know am far
from perfect

But you promised me
the stars

ever since
I've been singing
songs of a broken heart
Lately I've been searching for a new home.
Ever since you left nothing feels right.
My childhood home is like a graveyard.
My favorite coffee shop is filled with ghosts.
The passenger side seat of my car
has your fingerprints all over it.
I've been searching for new things
to make me feel whole again,
since everything I used to love has
the remnants of you all over them.
For now I sit on a street corner,
Holding a sign that reads,
"searching for something to ignite
the fire in my chest again after my home
with two arms, two legs, and a beating heart
got up and left."
Fingers frantically fidgeting
And eyes darting
Heart racing, lungs hyperventilating
Why is it so hard to say hello?

Head hanging, hands limp
And eyes downcast
Talking through tears
Why can't I say goodbye?
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