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Mar 2020 · 363
I've grown so very tired
of this vortex of ******* drama
innondating and drowning me.

You are to me
as if lighthouse
to wayward vessels
upon the seas.

You are to me
hope in a time of need.
You are to me
wisdom I'd better heed.
You are to me
quite a unique breed, indeed.

You are so much more to me
than words can ever even hope to achieve.
(How's that for cheesy?! Haha)
Sep 2019 · 569
The Changes in Life
It's all about
Jul 2019 · 485
"Could you not do that in here?
It's just that I'm trying not to do it when she's here.."

"Oh sh-... sorry, I forgot."
"Oh, you're fine, it's just that I wanna be able to know
if it isn't."
Mar 2018 · 851
good enough a mason or carpenter
to burn bridges
so quickly
and still have anywhere to go.
Mar 2018 · 774
Nicotine can be one hell of a drug.
Sep 2017 · 838
doesn't find
what One's looking for;
One finds
in terms of
what One's looking for.
Title translates roughly to 'Expectation'

One finds not
that for which One looks,
One necessarily finds
in terms of
how one goes about looking
for that which One looks.
Jun 2017 · 1.2k
One's beliefs alone
make One nary better;
't'is One's behaviour
which shows One's true nature.
Jun 2017 · 2.1k
An ounce of action can crush a ton of fear
The difference
Apr 2017 · 1.2k
Herz aus Gold
Among the many problems
beset upon a Heart of Gold
is that many claim to own it,
seeking to sell it for themselves.
Feb 2017 · 698
State of Affairs
I'm glad that the news of Dadaab refugee camp staying open is ahead of Donald Trump's name on the BBC website, for now.
Yet, I am dismayed that the news about new Dead Sea Scrolls falls behind his name.

What a state of affairs!
Jan 2017 · 586
Golf Proverb
"If you're caught on a golf course during a thunderstorm
and you're afraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron.  
Not even God can hit a 1-iron."
-Lee Trevino
Dec 2016 · 457
Anyone who says that Humour is irrelevant
is the **** of an eternal and cruel universal joke
"It's your life.
Don't let anyone
make you feel guilty
for living your way."
Dec 2016 · 455
..tell ya what!
"..if they spent
half as much on R&D;
as they do on marketing
they'd have a product
so worth buyin'
they'd scarcely even need to advertise!"
Here's what my phone suggests:

we should kick off the holiday season with a bit of it and we figured out how my appreciation for the night was a complication,
but I was just asking for the day I've never seen anything about the it,
yet it was in my head while you're here. nonetheless,
she said she would like what you offer to get some more info about this point in time
and she seems to have a strange way with my dog
moreover, I don't think I can do it there anymore,
unless you can come by or I would be a good time!
each line break was a word i typed to restart the mayhem.
I hope you enjoy the strange Russian roulette of a concept this turned out to be
good judgement
comes from experience
comes from bad judgement
Dec 2016 · 681
Comfort Zone
The Comfort Zone
is a beautiful place
but an infertile one
Dec 2016 · 500
The Nonseverent Order
" hear me, I can feel it.
Write what I'm about to tell you,
for you're the first one
in a very great while to listen
and not just simply hear.

I know your pain.
I hear them too:
crying, screaming, pleas for help.
The people around me point and laugh,
but I know you hear them,
I know you can hear me:
I can see it on your face.

Please, I-
beg you;
don't ignore us:
you may be our final hope
for revenge, and more importantly,

Edwin, please hurry.
We need your help.
There were once more of us,
but we're hunted, herded and murdered
as abominations, as witches, as demons
by they who severed their own minds from the Source
whether willingly or not.

Time is ever shorter for us.
Our breath is ever weaker.
It's a miracle you're writing this down."

"How am I to help?
You're just a hallucination of a voice-
an artifact of my fracturing sanity;
T'is I who needs the help, t'would seem.
If you are indeed real,
where are you that I may be of help?"

"I do not know where I am,
or where the others are,
but I know it is nowhere we belong
and I know it is now we must act.

The Gift
seems, from the outside,
to be dismissable as mere 'mental illness,'
and it may well be
to one who has not studied it
and lived it
and mastered it
as was once common
as was once our privilege.

The Severed
would seek to eradicate all traces of it
without regard for damage done and blood spillt.
The Severed
have no concern for anything beyond
what they perceive within their inner horizon.

you are of the Severed world, yet remain Nonseverent.
That is no small feat.
That is why you hear us.
That is why we need your help.
You and I are an echo of a dying breed,
a reflection of the Source, herself,
in a realm which intentionally fell from unity
into schismatic disarray."

"How should I seek to help
if I have so much to learn
and so little time to study?
Where would I begin?"

"Go to sleep. It will be in a dream
I shall present myself to your mind,
for a conscious state lends itself
to fear and violent schism at any cost
when it comes to things such as these.

There and then you begin thy training,
you begin a new journey upon thy Path.
You don't yet know how important this will be."
Literally a conversation with a frantic female voice in my head.
Call it 'Inspiration' or the ancient Greek concept of the 'Genius.'
Prior to this revelation, I thought it was just ******-positive,
but now I feel it's more deliberate and fated than that implies.
Nov 2016 · 376




Red­ and White
also effervescent

and other
sacred Elixirs-

Which is your flavor,
or are your flavors?

Each has it's merit
and all have a history
and they're all related
and they're all very old.

Show them respect
by appreciating the tool
rather than clutching a crutch,
whether you chose to imbibe or abstain,
tread lightly
when it comes to how you treat preference.

you have yours as well,
and wouldn't you want it respected?
Nov 2016 · 432
Spiral Out, Keep Going
New beginnings
are often disguised
as painful ends.
Nov 2016 · 371
"You're allowed to scream,
you're allowed to cry;
but you must never
allow yourself
to give up."
Nov 2016 · 661
The Obstacle is the Path
an ordinary
for an
Nov 2016 · 450
"Admit it
when you're wrong
shut up
when you're right
for Hubris
lends itself to imbalance.
embody rectitude:
be honest (even if only with yourself)
and have honor
and it shall speak for itself
and needs no introduction
nor epilogue
aside from itself."
Nov 2016 · 834
Eating Out
"... i have a strange feeling
that when you ask
if I want to get some food,
to 'eat out,'
i have something
entirely different
in mind, and
t'is a **** shame
if it's not on the menu-
Yet, I digress,
and correct me if i'm wrong,
my answer is yes
especially if you're thinking
what i am."
With more than just 'due respect.'
Nov 2016 · 759
One cannot change
the present situation,
One can indeed change
what is done with it.

I reckon
this is an aspect
of Courage:
t'isn't being unafraid,
't'is being willing
and confident enough
to face the fear
and take no prisoners
Oct 2016 · 504
Truth be Told
The quarrel
with Honesty
is how well
t'is recieved
Oct 2016 · 445
Of some Accord
Neither am i
nor am i
likewise art thou
neither correct
nor incorrect
simply 'cause
we do not liken ourselves
to 'agree;'

schismatic behaviour
is, indeed, a diseased philosophy:

agreement is luxury,
even within One's self

is the true enigma-
for t'is intrensic
t'wixt and within all things-

ripe for appreciation
wrought of integrity
biding time, waiting
for overdue tolerance
and overflowing
with exuberant
(if unforseen)
Oct 2016 · 433
Interesting and Meaningful
are what make life interesting
and overcoming them
is what make life meaningful."
Sep 2016 · 1.6k
"There is
nothing noble
in being superior
to your fellow man;
true nobility
is being superior
to your former self."

Sep 2016 · 860
Succeed as Thyself
"However difficult life may seem,
there is always something
you can do, and succeed at."

-Stephen Hawking
Wisdom of the Day
Sep 2016 · 675
Kindness ain't Agreement
needn't agree
to be kind
to one another

In fact,
due to mere agreement
is oft fickle and hollow-
a vile form
of bribery
Is anyone else ****** about the merger of Bayer and Monsanto?

Does anyone even know?******-laced-history-behind-the-year-s-biggest-deal

Sep 2016 · 317
"What should we do, milord?"

"I don't know-
let's sacrifice some virgins,
they're useless to me anyway."
Sep 2016 · 490
being a conscious being
reality is a sort-of
of consciousness-
that is, dare i say
of God
Sep 2016 · 398
"The difference
is measured
by success"
Sep 2016 · 767
"Don't raise your voice-
improve your argument"
Sep 2016 · 460
Waste of Time
don't rightly give
a flying (nor any other kind of) ******

what anyone else has to say about it:

a good laugh
is never
a waste
of time.
Sep 2016 · 612
Edward Snowden for President

See also:
Aug 2016 · 817
but Of what Repute
are built
not 'pon what One says One will do;
but, rather,
'pon what One does:
of course,
any discrepancy
t'wixt what One says
and what One does
tends to lend itself
(whether kindly or not.. more often not)
to how One
is generally *known
to be
Aug 2016 · 328
"Make America Great Again"
We'd need another world war;
that's when America was great.

Maybe that's the idea;
bring on the next one-
burn this ******* down!
Aug 2016 · 364
And, On the Eighth Day..
"Funny how
two hits of acid
at the right time
in the right context
can change everything
for the better, forever.."
Call this one "historical fiction."
I'm far too sober to have written this.
Aug 2016 · 422
How magical the morning can be-
especially when you've yet to sleep!
Aug 2016 · 305
"You can fail in life
doing what you hate,
or you can take a chance
succeeding at what you love.

The choice is yours."

-Jim Carrey
Jul 2016 · 450
nothing can be sacred
as Holy War yet wages
Jul 2016 · 413
i reckon
t'would drive me mad
if i didn't love it so much,
but then,
can't that be reckoned to be
manic denial of my own masochism?
Jul 2016 · 566
Life [punctuation]
Life is punctuation
ephimerally punctuated
by something to punctuate!
Jul 2016 · 396
Imperfection of perfection
is rivaled by only
perfection of imperfection.
Jul 2016 · 465
In Practice, Theory
is practice
of the theory of Philosophy,
whereas Philosophy
is theory
of the practice of Life
Jul 2016 · 391
were i
were i to stop, i may just die,
but then again,
were i to die, i may just stop!
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