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Ann Heart Nov 2017
I hugged the fire
My skin burns off its bones
The pain underneath
It is almost unbearable
I scramble to keep the fire alive
I am still burning
I ignore the pain
My self-destruction
As I give my heart to those who ask for it
The flames dance
I struggle to keep the spark we once had
You know the one that started this
The fire starts to die
I sink to the earth
I blow the air from within my lungs
With the charcoaled remains of this heart
I tell myself I will keep its luminous glow alive
I scream for the fire to take all of me
It begs for more

For the people who have been used over and over.
Ann Heart Nov 2017
I miss my dad

he is still alive

Ann Heart Nov 2017
Darling, you are a wildflower
In a clay ***
forced to grow among the roses
Embrace Individuality!
Ann Heart Nov 2017
I did nothing to deserve this
so it will still be
keep going
find the life you deserve
your peace

— The End —