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  Dec 2018 Anissa Cherif
A poem about love
How do I write something
I am not good enough

This expression of love
I have no idea where to start
How to rhyme and stuff

Girl do you need the strange art
For me to show that I love you
With all my heart

O heavens above
How do I write something
I know not of.
I don't know how to write a love poem. But I do know how to love her.
Anissa Cherif Dec 2018
Your smile like a million stars dancing around as they light up the sky

So now that it's over I just have to ask why?

Maybe I was too naive to see the way I saw you you did not see me..

Let go him they all say...Be free!

And I did, I brushed it off acting as if my heartbreak was nothing

Its a new art form showing people how little we care so why keep bothering?!

I hate this weight in my heart that has your name on it

While your heart burns with the passion of her love, which seems to keep your heart so well lit…

I was here for you with open arms so why was I never good enough...?

But now you’re hers as much as I wish I could bluff.

These memories I cling onto crying

At the end of the day for you IT MEANT NOTHING
Credit to Emillie Seilhan for convincing me to publish this! Be sure to follow her  Emi if u read this Tysm for being there for me! I loved writing poems with you I feel like we both have a similar mindset when it comes to poems we should do it again sometime.
  Nov 2018 Anissa Cherif
Gabrielle Isa
I want to stay.

I want to hold you and forget it all.
It would be easier to live in the Before.
When my universe comprised of Us,
And your eyes were the only stars I knew.
When your love was my gravity,
And your arms felt like home.

But I can't because your scent is different.
It's infused with one far too sweet to be mine
And the eyes that once held my soul,
Hold flecks of someone else's.
Your lips have a new flavour,
One that I can't seem to kiss away
And the palms that learnt my form
Have someone else's pathways ingrained in their memory.

I want to stay.

But I'd rather die than kiss you
And wonder if it's her face you see behind closed lids.
If its her that you dream of.
If she is the sun that you orbit around now,
While I lay in the corner;
My love just another dying star in your sky.

I want to stay.

But I won't.
Because though leaving may break me again,
I know that staying will **** me.
Anissa Cherif Nov 2018
I grin and smile

   But on the inside I feel empty
     I gaze up at him shyly acting as naive and love infested as

   But deep down I feel nothing and never will

    You don't love me we both know so so why do we pretend

     This wall I have put around myself full of colors and happy
        emotion is slowly cracking and the poison on the inside seeps

      They noticed

       My laughter got hollower

        Every time I smile I don't turn heads because it's always a sad

         My 2 worlds are colliding

         And eventually they’ll all leave

          The false love and fake friendship was not real to begin with I knew that of course

            But it gave me a happy illusion

             The illusion I wasn't alone

               So when it finally all ends…

                And I give in and end it all

                   All they’ll have is false remorse

                           “Poor girl”

                              “Too young”

                                I wont kid myself I’ll end my life over my
                                     sadness of not being accepted while they go
                                         on with life
                         ­                               ...
                              ­                   After it's all over though

                                                   Fake love

                                                      Fake friends

                                                        ­  Fake self

                                                           ­  And in a matter of days

                                                           ­        Hmm? Anissa who?

                                                           ­                I'm tired of the

                                                            ­                       FAKE

                                                           ­                           But my cries will
                                                                ­                        be carried off by
                                                                ­                               the wind-
DISCLAIMER: This isn't my best work obviously lol it's not really a poem? Just some things on my mind thanks! Oh and ignore the many many mistakes yikes
  Nov 2018 Anissa Cherif
Hand knitted from day one,
Afraid of who I’ve become,
Alone and unloved by someone who calls herself no one,
Invisible a talent I possess,
Everyone sees me yet please don’t tell me you do,

I remember that songs I use to sing along,
Now as they play I bow my head down wondering if this is that day,

They notice,
Notice who I’ve become,
Notice how much I hate this lady who says she’s me but called me no one,

Miss. No one they say,
That’s me, is it not?
this is the girl I’ve become someone who’s not yet numb;
again don’t forget I’m only afraid of who I’ve become,
Hand knitted from day one
June,4,2018, All rights reserved
Anissa Cherif Nov 2018
Restless in bed at 2am

The time for the writers, poets, empty thoughts and longing feelings

The time where you really stop and wonder if he’s doing the same thing in his bed thinking of you

But he isn’t

And that's why you’re here

In the 2am time-frame

The thoughts seem simple enough

But you overthink until it feels like the pits of hell

The hell he left you to burn in

While he sleeps sound-fully with the girl you would **** to be


— The End —