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Jul 2018
I want to stay.

I want to hold you and forget it all.
It would be easier to live in the Before.
When my universe comprised of Us,
And your eyes were the only stars I knew.
When your love was my gravity,
And your arms felt like home.

But I can't because your scent is different.
It's infused with one far too sweet to be mine
And the eyes that once held my soul,
Hold flecks of someone else's.
Your lips have a new flavour,
One that I can't seem to kiss away
And the palms that learnt my form
Have someone else's pathways ingrained in their memory.

I want to stay.

But I'd rather die than kiss you
And wonder if it's her face you see behind closed lids.
If its her that you dream of.
If she is the sun that you orbit around now,
While I lay in the corner;
My love just another dying star in your sky.

I want to stay.

But I won't.
Because though leaving may break me again,
I know that staying will **** me.
Gabrielle Isa
Written by
Gabrielle Isa  18/F/Nigeria
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