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Angelica Liu Dec 2019
Silent music
Fizzy sparkles
buds of kisses
ready to burst
I could feel my body
as bent as a bow
and as stretched as a string
melodies flew out
as natural as milk and honey
To an unstoppable rhythm
we slowly rocked...
the rhythm of love.
When I am in love, my body feels a natural and compelling rhythm(sweet and slow) to which I can't help rocking... Have you ever had that feeling?
Angelica Liu Dec 2019
A man is waiting
at the entrance of a metro station.
He holds an umbrella in his hand
like a knight holding a sword.  
Every few minutes
the ground vibrates beneath his feet
faint subterranean rumblings
as if the whole station is breathing.
Its blood vessels are deeply buried.
With every contraction of a strong heart
the black blood is pumped out
and diffused to the expanse of a giant body
like a dark flower slowly spreading its petals.
The man counts the breaths of the metro station.
He holds his umbrella as if a sword of glory
a knight ready to fight for his queen.
Then another tide of faces floats out
against thousands of ravaged petals.
A fresh smile blooms for him like a morning daisy
a svelte flame dances closer in his eyes.
The man waits for his love to walk into his arms.
He holds his umbrella in hand
like a knight clutching a bouquet of red roses.
love can transform a mundane place into a  fairy tale setting
Angelica Liu Dec 2019
I know life has ups and downs,
Swings from high to low,
I feel stuck in limbo
Hung in midair like a pendulum
That has lost its momentum
Struggling against a dark desire
To crash to the ground.

Swarms of annoying thoughts
Hum around and around
Like flies you can’t wave off

Make me feel like ****
Angelica Liu Nov 2019
Twilight and rains followed us here
Daylight and city were left behind
The ancient temple lies in its lonely solemnity
Intruders, we had met the end of our world
Here the opposites meet
The day was meeting the night
The summer was meeting the autumn
The civilized was meeting the primitive
The man was meeting the woman
No one can truly understand happiness
Without having reached here
When opposites finally meet
When two realities mingle one with another
Boundaries give way to freedom
The present flows into the future
While the old temple remains timeless.
Angelica Liu Nov 2019
A little loneliness    
that is all I want  
But the world is an old TV
it can't be turned off    
pictures fuzzing  
sounds humming    
emotions being tossed about    
Just now I was hit by  
a huge yellow ball of anxiety    
followed by a yell:  
"Come on, throw it back! Be a part!"  
But I didn't want to be a part  
so I did nothing but let it go...  
A little loneliness    
That is all I need    
before I jump into the next moment
conflicts between outside and inside. Sometimes I hope the outer life is a TV set and there is a button to shut it off.

— The End —