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Dec 2019
A man is waiting
at the entrance of a metro station.
He holds an umbrella in his hand
like a knight holding a sword.  
Every few minutes
the ground vibrates beneath his feet
faint subterranean rumblings
as if the whole station is breathing.
Its blood vessels are deeply buried.
With every contraction of a strong heart
the black blood is pumped out
and diffused to the expanse of a giant body
like a dark flower slowly spreading its petals.
The man counts the breaths of the metro station.
He holds his umbrella as if a sword of glory
a knight ready to fight for his queen.
Then another tide of faces floats out
against thousands of ravaged petals.
A fresh smile blooms for him like a morning daisy
a svelte flame dances closer in his eyes.
The man waits for his love to walk into his arms.
He holds his umbrella in hand
like a knight clutching a bouquet of red roses.
love can transform a mundane place into a  fairy tale setting
Written by
Angelica Liu
     Carlo C Gomez and BR Dragos
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