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Andrea Jul 2
Life without the stains turn one pristine
yet I’d rather the comfort of dirt
than the blankness of clean
***** and stained it may be,
it has given me great memories.
Memories that may soon turn to ashes
as I burn the bridges and every
opportunity to your memory
Andrea Oct 2021
Can we go back?
To the butterflies and shy touches
To the drunk nights and soft kisses
To when you looked at me with stars
Instead of the darkness that clouds your eyes

Can we?
I wanna go back and feel the warmth of your hand in mine
while we walk in the cold of july
When you held me close and smiled

Now all that's left is the memory of bliss
As your distance grows while seated beside me
Laughter turns to uncomfortable silence that slowly engulfs my memory

You were gone before I knew it,
but can we?
Go back to the past
where I know you loved me.
Andrea Jun 2021
We could’ve lived happily
but the after never followed
I thought we’d have eternity
but with it came the hollow

Your soft touch and warm hands
Sheltered me from the cold hold of my soul
But my darkness crept in
and swallowed us both whole

I wish I had more time
to savor the moments
of when you and I loved one another
and that had no consequences

But hope is cruel as it shattered me to pieces
my death was your bliss that left me defenseless
Decaying feelings being left to waste
There was nothing to salvage, not even your embrace
Andrea Jun 2021
Entwined in Nature
Soulmates to the touch
But hearts shatter
Drunk in love from the lust

Empty within
With nothing to offer
My body is yours
A shell solely for cover

Tethered till the end
Happiness a facade
All we do is bide the time
waiting for the end of the race
dying love letting go sadness despair
Andrea Jun 2021
I cannot write
nor can I speak
My thoughts are empty
My feelings are weak

I’m but a void
that **** everything but time
Time still moves too fast
Too quick to fall in line

I’d want forever
but age won’t permit
So I’ll settle for eve
on nights that I submit

I long for the scythe
to take what was never mine
under the dark hood I loom
begging for it take the borrowed time
Andrea Dec 2020
The moon and the stars
Stare at our figures
As we walk away.

Every Conversation, every scenario
Replaying before their eyes
As our love fades

Goodbyes were always
Meant to happen
But I love you and that will never change
Andrea Dec 2020
Hush little baby you're only a child
You don't know how the world works
Sit down, let the adults talk, it'll only take a while

Hush little baby, don't talk like that
The spite from your mouth
Become forgotten artifacts

Hush little baby you're only 22,
You can vote, drink, work
But you can't talk to us too

Hush little baby you're
Our child, we love you enough
To **** you inside
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