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Alifmun Jul 2020
A deadly waltz
between two sides
warm and soft
cold and hard
to achieve
internal peace
tearing itself
dependent on how you understand it
Alifmun Jan 2020
We open our eyes,
But could not see,
The sea of sins,
The plague humanity,

We open our mouth,
But never speak,
Our evil smile,
Our sins within,

We listen,
But never hear,
The scream of anguish,
The cry of fear,

Strings attached,
Actions observe,
Speech detach,
Hearing filtered,

Is freedom truly ours?
If freedom strip of power?
Always within view,
But never within reach.
Alifmun Jul 2019
The worst enemy
Is the one
From the
Alifmun Jul 2019
I saw a person
Said to him "eww"
Nobody likes you
You shouldn't exist
You antisocial freak
Try having some friends
I punch him
Only to see
Broken mirrors
Loath to self loath
Alifmun Jul 2019
Who am I?
I don't know
A concoction of
Different races
And language
A Frankenstein of
Word and cultures
Ignored and despise
By pure blooded
This poem is written from my personal perspective. Mixed blood always got treated differently
Alifmun Jul 2019
Emotion brew within
A concoction of colours
Swirling like a vortex
A blend of emotions
Ready to burst and
Bring damnation
Only to be
Drown out
By crimson tears
Flowing down
My wrist
What happen to your emotions?
A.N : I'm not good at making titles
Alifmun Jul 2019
he came to me
with a crooked smile
I let him in
and smile with him
now i'm searching
someone who will
smile with me
My first poem go easy on me

— The End —