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Alifmun Dec 2023
In the shadows of understanding, hand in hand,
We traverse a landscape of knowledge, barren and bland.
Side by side, we stumble through the gloom,
In the vast expanse of silence, a shared classroom.

Through the ebb and flow of questions and doubt,
In the symphony of learning, we find our route.
A melody of curiosity, a harmony of minds,
In the unity of knowledge, true connection binds.

With every insight, a flicker of fading light,
A flicker that fades, in the encroaching night.
Through valleys of challenge, over peaks of despair,
Together we descend, trapped in the snare.

So hand in hand, we learn, we grow,
In the garden of wisdom, our seeds we sow.
A poetry of minds, a beautiful tether,
As we journey together, forever and ever
written this for an english event :3
Alifmun Feb 2023
Hello's are in order!

To my friends and lovers?
Alifmun Feb 2021
A lost man slowly wanders the sands of time,
Either past, present or future
Immortality always stays in mind
The goal of every pioneer

A deadly temptation
Fools quest
Visualize Eternals

Without ability
One’s own
Final Fatality

Always near but not within reach
So close yet so far
To future generation
After I slumber
I'm stumbling through a broad concept
Alifmun Jan 2021
Spring breeze flows as we awake,
In this cursed we slither,
Wander among untold land
So we go about unplan

Blooming flowers mark the time,
For beauty to wilt and die,
Beneath the ashes rotted, decay,
Rise again as always.

New replace the old,
To clear out rotting death,
Is there beginning in birth?
Only to be corrupt by toxic decay.

Pass down by generation,
Wheres our independence?
If fated to be carried by sheer pressure
What’s the point of rebirth?

Tainted by decay,
Our world falls apart,
Predecessor guide
Became shackles

Such is our legacy.
I want your own interpretation please
  Dec 2020 Alifmun
All I did was gaze at you
But you looked at me worried
And then you touched my face
And gently wiped the tears that had somehow managed to betray my eyes and run down my cheeks
' don't cry for me...everything is over I am in a better place' you said
And I believed you
Then you leaned down and looked at my lips
As if asking for my permission
I met you in the middle
and as if the stars colliding I felt every emotion
I felt like I was swimming in the excelsior of life and youth
We parted
And you gazed at me
And I knew right then and there
This was where I want to be forever.
The last poem from the 'Autumn' series <3
Alifmun Dec 2020
Viruses, bane of existences
Invading other lifeform,
To create environments so they can perform
Destroying everything in their path
Just to propagate and infiltrate

Viruses, destroys your systems
Using up resources
Leaving empty land and destruction

Viruses, many and a lot
Unending, Unceasing
Unstoppable ,Uncontrollable

Viruses, proud to be one
sudden inspiration hit me so we got this
Alifmun Dec 2020
Like a summer breeze time flew away
Suddenly I'm december
Staying in home felt like a blessing
But now a curse

A pandemic cursed
A panicked earth
Virus unending
Fear is spreading

We face oppression,
Suppression of all side
Surprise that we fight for
basic human right.

A year of of chaos
Unending torment
But the fruit of victory
is born from the ashes of failure

Now its time to charge
Towards the unending darkness
To light up a pathway
Towards 2021.
Kinda express my feeling of 2020. Hope 2021 be better
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