Wrapped in Paleolithic reindeer
Latreece Rose

I wear Inuit clothing.
Wrapped in Paleolithic reindeer
I hunt mammoths and lions:
ivory a source to make art
and males with no manes to warm their heads.

I’m huntress, nothing more.
Men howl to paint me in caves
to represent the woman I am:
a bull for my head
and the edge of the rock my womanhood.

I’d rather kill with men.
I have humanly adventures with them
rather than pick berries:
I’m hungry not for fruit
but for bloody creatures to gain power.

A man gave me a flute.
It had three holes to make music
with my mouth and fingers, an instrument:
So I blew hard to call him
our spiritual connection one, him and I.

I'm a huntress, nothing more.

With paleolithic limits
Louis Brown
Louis Brown
May 21, 2013

I saw the sun go out
Your smile turned upside down
And cold blue eyes
Brought chilly silence
To this ice age
Where one more dinosaur
Became extinct

I've been a dinosaur
In other times
When love came by
I had a mentality
With paleolithic limits
To understand
Female mystiques

Paleolithic dining to old records.
Camilla Ames
Camilla Ames
Feb 20, 2013      Feb 21, 2013

Numb again.
Foggy head -doggy style.

Paleolithic dining to old records.
Turning, churning tables.

Through the blinds waves are crashing and the sun is shining. Glass blowing - pipe making - love creating.

Yellow bandanas and seashore marble.
Stars are aligning in their own perfect timing....

reminders of numbness thawing.

yet they paleolithic horses
Pradip Chattopadhyay

The horses feed on bat-moon meadow
their stone age stable now cobwebbed
hooves long rested from run
gone dusty by the wheels of metal
yet they paleolithic horses
graze in night’s paraffin-lit glow
smelling of stable and the wild run
and in the stillness finding
their world crumbled.

paleolithic drawings can be found
David Nelson
David Nelson
May 9, 2013

Caves of Altamira

on the northern coast of Spain
paleolithic drawings can be found
the old stone age of cavemen
in a cave high above the ground

in Mount Vispieres high above the plain
the name Altamira given for high views
that prehistoric man could paint
was such confusing news

it was assumed they were not bright
they had no artistic skills
then came that discovery
high up in those hills  

bison horse deer and boar
painted plainly on the wall
18 thousand years ago
painted oils copied in the museum hall

even the Dan wrote a tune
to praise these artists skills
they were stars before Hollywood
high on those Spanish hills

Gomer Lepoet...

I can close my eyes and feel their presence
Jun 8, 2012

hair strands still hold sun drops  
from the summer when we first met.
                                                            ­                 your kisses still warm on                        
                                                                ­                       my cheek,
                                                          ­                             my neck,
                                                                ­                       my hand,
                                                           ­                               etc.,
                                                                                                                       And I can't take the heat.

of years of
to stay

Asshole So and so's teeter Paleolithic après time puddles
Night Owl
Night Owl
May 18, 2010

Past altered states tests postive and subtle
Asshole So and so's ­teeter Paleolithic après time puddles
And submit terrible philosp­hies
Ashy stubble ticks politics 
and sacrafice to peer approval ­sacralige
Test probably appears stable
Top patriarch's able sudde­nly to
Pop above submerged tables possibly
After, something tests­ patience awkwardly
Stumps tarot practioners and sex testers poor­ application sterily
Topology plain, astrology scorpio
Torpedo po­wer aptly strikes to pedal antlers sour
Take particular appointments
Stop testing plea­se apply sorted
Terror power and sexless torn pigs
afterhours pen­ and store tips, plow.
Alter simians testosterone, pow!
As scient­ists type papers about sexing tasteless past alligator snouts 
te­sting partly after science takes party alliance south to pawn arm­y 
subtle tipped passion. artsy.
Start these.
pick atoms smarmy
T­ally past all sentences take pride
As stencils test pestilence. A­nd sigh.
The previous alterations simply tried.
And didn't work, ­hence the present
Path lit incandescent.
I'm looking towards the ­east waiting for positivity to peak
You're turned backwards nosta­lgic for something that'll never come repeat.

The last speakers of the paleolithic age journey forth from the depths of th
Universal Thrum
Universal Thrum
Oct 28, 2014

Staring off into the distance of a dirty carpet ridden with living trails of ants, a crawling black river of desolate hunger, counting days of visions, wandering naked in the lake treading water, kissing, spitting out lips and liquid
shifted in dreams
memories poke like a cactus needle open to a room of steam heat and opium
flooding with words that digest imagination and burn eyelids, a cigarette held too close to a crowning flame
incinerating eyelashes and clattering TNT onto the serene image of our drunken antics while the rest of the world is howling for us to see ourselves for the raving lunatics we are, their tired look of exasperation an exhausted mother left alone to raise a hopeless child, wicked only for his ignorance
The last speakers of the paleolithic age journey forth from the depths of the amazonian jungle to heal our souls nailed to the cross as drug dealers because ingested plants grow in the ground

I saw the most beautiful soul weep in fear against a diner booth at midnight
amid plates of burgers, fries and green beans laid on the lineoleum table with no signs of starvation or danger
yet the signs of the apocalypse resonate in all psyches because reptilian brains would rather die than change, conform than bring forth the messianic transformation of our own radical self acceptance as God
and we shun those who are insane on the streets
dirty outcasts, poor filth and ugliness
human animals unfit for this society of plastic and image, a mirage over substance
I cross the street rather than look the beggar in the eye because he stinks of desperation, and tell him no no no, I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry, I can't share with you all
The holy yell
flooding the empty headed street
we abandoned our mother and forsaken our selves to flickering images of lust and prestige, cock and balls, snatch and ass, thick wads
idolizing our own form,
the sirens of the modern age, the golden calves danced around in supermarket check out lines,
capturing us on the jagged cliffs of inattention, glories husked and barren, cultivate likes and followers sweet nicotine in the bloodstream, social media mogul reigning over a grand bazaar of ghosts in a room, talking to other ghosts in rooms of faraway lands, ignoring the living flesh in front of their twitchy eyes, cast down for a screen, forgetting themselves for a profile, a small picture in a corner, an Ignominious massacre of life cast through a digital lens, concerts meant for full expression of a cathartic moment of bodily movement, lost to a sea of hand held recording devices to remember how you didn't feel at that moment  with other people milling about as cattle who would rather document and never watch again then dance and live and be a part of the happening, look, Rip Van Winkles throwing pins with revolutionary prussian ghosts in a sleepy Catskill hollow, zombies behind wheels typing to kill, these words will not save you, they will not fill the siphon hole,
I am with you in this burning sodium night on my back in the grass of a night with no darkness
I am with you where the army of madness will overthrow the living dead and shake their working class dreams to the core with the sudden eternal war of nothingness and contemplation and silence screaming out for someone to save us
Everything is HOLY!

Throw open the church doors
think nothing of paying for poison, (as advertised)
but refuse to confront your self possessed greed because the man holding the cup is tired and desperate and I am tired and desperate

A truck hauls a horse
broken wilderness, cleaved concrete, cracked spines wretched scars,
killing anything that isn't hard, impermanent and futile, the land reclaims
but no land to ride, only the black road with its machines spewing the smokey remains of dead ancient animals
nature perverted, mobility imprisoned inside a metal box to be driven when it can run
so apt
for the potential inside coffins of daily lives
talking of dreams gutless to pursue
settling instead for the easy cruise of routine
fucking our own hands

We all matter
but this world doesn't work without slaves
so take pride in your nine to five
get some pussy with that job title
and two sentence description
of how you can make the dreams come true, in the suburbs with three kids a couch and security from whatever danger lurks outside of us on TV
our own kind
murderous and malicious
homicidal tribalists
merrymaking nihilists
The fear The Fear
the light the light
I grab her hand and stare into dark eyes deadlocked on the momentary plane, a revealed saint testifying to God's truth Mary Maria, she tells me there is something beautiful outside this current mode of existence, but she's only had a fleeting glimpse

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