Wrapped in Paleolithic reindeer
Latreece Rose
Latreece Rose
Jan 14, 2015

I wear Inuit clothing.
Wrapped in Paleolithic reindeer
I hunt mammoths and lions:
ivory a source to make art
and males with no manes to warm their heads.

I’m huntress, nothing more.
Men howl to paint me in caves
to represent the woman I am:
a bull for my head
and the edge of the rock my womanhood.

I’d rather kill with men.
I have humanly adventures with them
rather than pick berries:
I’m hungry not for fruit
but for bloody creatures to gain power.

A man gave me a flute.
It had three holes to make music
with my mouth and fingers, an instrument:
So I blew hard to call him
our spiritual connection one, him and I.

I'm a huntress, nothing more.

Paleolithic dining to old records.
Camilla Ames
Camilla Ames
Feb 20, 2013

Numb again.
Foggy head -doggy style.

Paleolithic dining to old records.
Turning, churning tables.

Through the blinds waves are crashing and the sun is shining. Glass blowing - pipe making - love creating.

Yellow bandanas and seashore marble.
Stars are aligning in their own perfect timing....

reminders of numbness thawing.

yet they paleolithic horses
Pradip Chattopadhyay

The horses feed on bat-moon meadow
their stone age stable now cobwebbed
hooves long rested from run
gone dusty by the wheels of metal
yet they paleolithic horses
graze in night’s paraffin-lit glow
smelling of stable and the wild run
and in the stillness finding
their world crumbled.

With paleolithic limits
Louis Brown
Louis Brown
May 21, 2013

I saw the sun go out
Your smile turned upside down
And cold blue eyes
Brought chilly silence
To this ice age
Where one more dinosaur
Became extinct

I've been a dinosaur
In other times
When love came by
I had a mentality
With paleolithic limits
To understand
Female mystiques

Like Paleolithic stab, you stay
Satsih Verma
Sep 17, 2016

Celebrating the summer.
Planting a wet kiss on―
the hiding moon.
Dousing the flames,
you come in crosshairs
of a mob.
You will light
your own candle now, in―
pitch-dark inside.
Impoverished. Always
poor to buy your happiness.
Like Paleolithic stab, you stay
unmoved, exposed to shadows and sun.
The water affair was kept
alive with bloody curves. No
one believes in old bones.
I will not ask you.
I will not need.

over fossils of Paleolithic sweets
Pradip Chattopadhyay

In the narrowest of lanes
I found the sweet shop.

Behind dusty crumbling glasses
dozed the old keeper
smelling of sugar, milk and sweat
over fossils of Paleolithic sweets
on a time machine from the century
he never was
to a millennium he doesn't bother about
clinging onto clay by pottery
not succumbing to synthetic
counting not on android
but accounting on parchment
with the art of finger's arithmetic
most intricately scribbled with pencil
announcing progress is a trouble
not designed for the simple
and contentment has no more nitty-gritty
than price and quantity.

Over his head
spiders worked and reworked
from the ceiling to the glass
as have been doing
since Carboniferous.

that haunts our paleolithic selves,
Robert C Howard
Robert C Howard
Oct 30, 2015

Three parts treasure hunter
to two parts scientist,
the archaeologist
with picks and brushes
sifts through shards and ruins,
echoes of ancestral time,
burning for answers:

How on earth did we manage
to carve out shelters from the crust
tilting the scales
of survival in our favor?

A cliff house here, a cathedral there
a village by the river
chronicling our escape from
the shadows of pre-recorded time.

We wonder where they all went
and why they vanished, but the real question
that haunts our paleolithic selves,
is who are we and where are we going?

October 30, 2015

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paleolithic drawings can be found
David Nelson
David Nelson
May 9, 2013

Caves of Altamira

on the northern coast of Spain
paleolithic drawings can be found
the old stone age of cavemen
in a cave high above the ground

in Mount Vispieres high above the plain
the name Altamira given for high views
that prehistoric man could paint
was such confusing news

it was assumed they were not bright
they had no artistic skills
then came that discovery
high up in those hills  

bison horse deer and boar
painted plainly on the wall
18 thousand years ago
painted oils copied in the museum hall

even the Dan wrote a tune
to praise these artists skills
they were stars before Hollywood
high on those Spanish hills

Gomer Lepoet...

I can close my eyes and feel their presence
our Paleolithic ancestors' living fossils
Pradip Chattopadhyay

Should a primitive tribe be civilized?
Are we civilized or savage?

Leave them the aborigines to their home
in peace
their abode in the depth of forest.

But where's their abode?
we cut the jungle and made road
where would their babies be born?
in the smoke of engines blaring of horns
so hard for them to birth
on the dwindling patch of their earth
our Paleolithic ancestors' living fossils
who with iron will
fought bullets with bows and arrows
now falling by the bullies of progress
begging for last living space.

Leave them the way they lived so long
unspoiled with their own education and culture
let them retain their own way of life
and not make them civilized the way we are.

Jarawas, an indigenous tribe of the Andaman Islands, India.
Their population restricted to Middle Andaman is estimated to be around 400.
Encroachment in the name of progress in their core area has made them vulnerable and endangered.
This write is based on my experience while working in the Middle Andaman.
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