Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fu
Steven Covert

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck
I want you to fuck me.


today i listened to music and cried
for the first time in
a really long time
it still hurts


those words cut like knifes
I'm in pain from those sentences
you're love's just a lie
and I can't get over it

what did I just read
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Do whatever the fuck you want,
May 3

You have your hopes, dreams and desires for someone,
Locked deep within your golden heart.
Hopelessly crying for their attention,
Endless time spent imagining the perfect future,
Will not bring you any closer to what you want.

Do whatever the fuck you want,
It's not like you're gonna get out

Fuck this and fuck that,
Paul Donnell

I have to say,
Fuck this and fuck that,
Everyones a fucking rat.
Fuck you and fuck them
I dont need my fucking friends.
Fuck your love and fuck your boyfriend
I hope you two come to a tragic fucking end.
Fuck myself and fuck my feelings
Ill make it numb and get higher than the fucking ceiling.
Fuck being strong 'cause i know I'm fucking weak
everything thats wrong with me its 'cause im fucking meek.
Fuck this life and fuck the fucking world.
I'm screaming out obscenities that would make you fucking hurl.
I'm tired of this fucking anger
I'm tried of this fight.
Maybe tonights the night ill end it,
Ill say "Fuck it" and take the fucking knife.

And I'll bleed and bleed and fucking bleed till im lifeless on the floor and i'll scream and fucking scream till i cant say fuck anymore.

#fuck   #it   #everything   #all  
m is a sad little thing on the edges of fuck

cold metal found on the moon
crazy about you it tastes like never knew it would
need to eat your face
horrible indicator of fate
push down the brakes
i've found the way to break you
on the wheel of hate
dont want to know what tastes
less like crossing lines with pins
spinning dangerously
favorably rich and not needing
a break today
finding the safe way
in one place dont have to hide
so take your chances step outside
like eyes and brights a chance encounter
flavorably rich
dont need the fiber in the diet
a point of view creates more waste
be careful what you wish for
it may come to pass in the sky
take your chances step outside
your boots are taller than hell
you falsified documents
mattress found on the side of the road
you are the weeds learning to grow
favorable conditions for a way outside
you dont play games in the arcade
stark raving pale man
learns to know a day that doesnt end
forget the man in the way
you know the way to lend a hand
faithful monkey prince of the
canada manitooba qoobek
birds of paradise
not being the on
plaghty slow diebdobe
flwoibgn oskefhlv fiahekdf
wishfk ifheils ieiofhk diehfk wokddddddf
wieold wuiold oiufiekd ofheiowldkdf hwiowellllfdk whi

poetry computer suck my dick
poetry computer this is eugene from 1979
poetry computer suck my words
poetry computer the future is yours
poetry computer make it squeal like a little bitch
we don't want these original projects in the poetry computer
i am the poetry computers slave
i will be the poetry computer i can be anything
forget that i said anything about the gulls and the bees
i broke the word on playing manipulating this sick little project poetry computer
this platform is right
this platform is a sad little thing on the edges of fuck
this platform is a sad little fuck on the edges of lost words generation
i'll fuck your mouth poetry computer
i'll fuck your mouth till all you know is nut
and internet
the biggest baddest project in the hood
i hope its good
realllly good
up her in the dooh
i'm down and ready for more poetry computer
swallow girl its only nut

Mar 25

Forever beautiful until I saw you in raw sunlight
and realized you didn't shine anymore
you told me you would always love me
and ever since then I can’t believe anyone

I hate April now
it’s one of my least favorite months
and I blame you for that

One of the last times I saw you in your
beautiful tall pale freckled naked frame
you were inside of me and
you looked somewhere at my chest and
said you loved me

But you could not look into my eyes

And about ten minutes later when I was
resting my hipbones on yours
I started to cry

And instead of holding me close
and drying my eyes
you pushed me off
pulled on your pants
and left

and that was when I realized you are a
fox with a stone cold heart
incapable of caring for anyone

Much less loving them

#fuck   #you  

Your voice got louder
My words were hissed
I should've known
You would get pissed

Adrenaline balled up
In the palm of my fist
I simply can't take
Much more of this

I knew it from the start
That this wouldn't last
Now I just want out
Real fuckin' fast

You're so damn controlling
Your tight hold on the reins
I really fuckin' hate you
I feel it in my veins

Don't accuse me of shit
That I didn't do
But I don't argue anymore
You won't see my view

I broke away from your hold
You don't control me
I can do what I want
I'm finally free

#ex   #boyfriend   #fuck   #you  
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