Jun 19, 2014


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fu
Steven Covert
Steven Covert
Sep 20, 2014

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck
I want you to fuck me.

Addison René
Addison René
Jul 17, 2014

today i listened to music and cried
for the first time in
a really long time
it still hurts

Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole
Dec 10, 2014

I scream until my throat aches and ignites.
I scream until my face flushes.
I've been screaming all day,
But nobody has heard me.

Jan 15

i wish i had a heart of steel-
made as a source of shield;
wishing i could take care
for my own self defense.

#depressed   #fuck  
Jun 5, 2014

those words cut like knifes
I'm in pain from those sentences
you're love's just a lie
and I can't get over it

what did I just read
#love   #hurt   #fuck   #knifes  
*Fuck* your happiness,
Nov 16, 2014

Fuck your happiness,
your carefree smiles and laughter.
Fuck your friendship,
your trust and your loyalty.
Fuck your love,
your passion and your kisses.
Fuck your success,
your pride and your achievements.

Fuck you and the things that light up your world,
and fuck you if you think I'm selfish for thinking
fuck you
but you can fuck off if you think that jealousy is unreasonable,
when you have everything and I have
fuck all.

Explicit cause of bad language
fuck everyone for being okay and fuck myself for not
Do whatever the fuck you want,
May 3, 2014

You have your hopes, dreams and desires for someone,
Locked deep within your golden heart.
Hopelessly crying for their attention,
Endless time spent imagining the perfect future,
Will not bring you any closer to what you want.

Do whatever the fuck you want,
It's not like you're gonna get out


Across the ocean, you meant nothing to me.
You were a destination, a photograph, a wish.
You plagued my winter woes with your heatwaves,
jumping into creeks in your underwear while I wrapped myself in another blanket, cold Canadian ice princess.
You slept under stars in close contact with beautiful nature, beautiful life, beautiful people, while I stared at them, upside down, from my window.
And then the big dipper dumped you into my lap, head on my chest so you could feel my heart beat and I could tangle my fingers in your hair.
Photographs aren't supposed to come to life.
Beautiful smiles and messy blonde hair are for fantasies and dreaming and rainy days, and not for my bed or my guitar or my lips
But there you were.

For two weeks I thought and rethought and plagued my heart with goodbye is coming. He will fly away from me. We are not birds meant to be caged
We are wanderers, nomads, free-spirits who need no tying down or tying knots,
And I want to tie myself to your bed post with barbed wire because it hurts that much to leave you anyway.
But you leave me.

And there you weren't.

There you weren't as I made up my mind that it's okay to love a nomad, as long as you're one too.
And it's okay to love a bird of flight, just build yourself some wings and follow
But I was mistaken, I was wrong and I was three steps behind you.
Because when you said "I'll see you later" you didn't mean later
You meant get out.
And I still don't know if you're scared or if you just don't want me,
You don't fucking want me.

High as the plane that brought you here to leave me, I stand lace clad, smoke screened and alone.
High enough to feel my lungs contracting with each breath that made my tongue taste less and less like yours,
High enough to feel my knees click where you held them once,
One time,
Because that was all it took.
I couldn't get high enough to stop retracing the lines that your fingers made up and down my sides as you felt the curve of my body for the first time.
My limbs were barren, cold, antarctic as you left them when you took your warm, summer hand away.

So I turned the shower up all the way, until it burned enough to feel like I was boiling my skin, baptizing your sinful touch off of my innocent body.
I burned my arms and legs until they cracked.
They cracked from dryness, even after I wet them with my tears,
And my first,
tenth glass of wine.
And I threw the bottle against my bedroom door.
Watched it smash,
Wished it was me.
I'll clean it up later.

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