Luan Alves
Dec 29, 2016

Dont be afraid of the leaves,
Because they fall today
From the promises she kindly keeps
Deep down in her bird limbs
Pulled apart for you
On the night of cries, hot and wet wings
In her lack of arms, metaphisical swings
The part of our hearts that forgot our first breath
In those blowing winter winds

Smile down the path
For there is no truth or doubt
Just got down the weeping Road
Walk and walk, dont shout
And you shall no longer,
With her, be without.

#love   #she   #memory   #limbs  
Erin Suurkoivu
Erin Suurkoivu
Sep 26, 2016

What are these bodies, these
limbs, giving up their sap
and heat? Who decides
who dies, who lives?

What is cut down is
cut down, and
bereft children
grow in their place.

#down   #cut   #children   #bodies   #heat   #lives   #dies   #bereft   #sap   #limbs  

It is such a funny thing
how love drifts back and forth
between tangled limbs;
    amongst a mess of sheets;
        through bruised kisses,
             and; alcohol-riddled breaths.
She rolled over
and nestled herself
in the crook of his arms.
This motion
seems to have grown
into the comfort of routine;
a rhythm
that their bodies have created,
quietly speaking the words
that were left unsaid.
"The night is young,
and endless,
and beautiful;" she murmured.

"As are you," he returned.

#love   #drunk   #alcohol   #sleep   #bed   #night   #routine   #sheets   #arms   #limbs  
Martin Narrod
Martin Narrod
Jul 18, 2016

"I think this is a poem you wrote on my phone (or it is something I wrote). I can't remember. It is from a time period when we were in the desert and both had working phones." - Sarah

Martin's musings
If you thought you had met the love of your life- what would you do? The heat is up our chills up and down, and the faces the old women make in drug-induced ticks, heavy noisome smells mixed with the best greatest sweetest smelling true love you've ever known.

And five times a day now you spend hours and hours entwined and touching and being touched by the greatest and softest skin cells your skin has ever been against

And with perfervid excitednees, a cold chest, but tepid limbs, you avoid blinking to extend the lifespans of us both.

While driving through Joshua Tree National Park I dictated these lines to my fiancée  Sarah Gray she added several lines herself, most oftenly everything after the first line of each stanza.
#love   #passion   #people   #wonder   #list   #yearn   #excitement   #chills   #limbs  

Head and Shoulders, knees and toes

That's the way the story goes

Here is something no one knows

To's important

It's the inventory song

You may think that this is wrong

Put me back where I belong

But, lepers need to do this

Count your digits 'fore you leave

It's a fact you must believe

They're not out for to deceive

They need to inventory

If they count and all is there

They face the world without a care

They lose their parts, but not their hair

Their day will be successful

Head and Shoulders, Knees and toes

That's the way the old song goes

I've got four fingers and six toes

I guess I'll put some gloves on

The inventory song is neat

It teaches them, they need two feet

Or they can't walk down the street

It really is important

Gripping things is kind of tough

When've not enough

You know your fingers' with your stuff

You'll go and find it later

So, if you think that  this is wrong

And you do not like this song

Put me back where I belong

I think this song's a service

Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes

I've a friend with half a nose

Now you know what no one knows

Inventory is required.

#funny   #song   #head   #humour   #joke   #shoulders   #inventory   #limbs   #leper   #leprosy  
Tessa Calogaras
Tessa Calogaras
Mar 3, 2016

Sometimes I think
of what a tragedy it is
for us to build towers so tall,
that we couldn’t see.
That it was not a home
but a barrier of walls.
Stacked so high with bricks.
With my weakened state and
feeble limbs
I could not crack
Nor chip away
At aggregates and paste
to see even the slightest trace
of light.

Tessa Calogaras
Copyright 2016
Jan 1, 2016

so darling, it's funny,
i just had a swedish massage and
i cannot feel my bones
but for all the wrong reasons.

#love   #lonely   #limbs  
Emily Townsend
Emily Townsend
Sep 28, 2015

A shred of gasoline spills
each time I give myself to you.
I continue to light my breaking limbs on fire
each time you glance at me.
The flames burn and lick and spread
each time we crash we disintegrate we exist no more.

#flames   #fire   #accident   #gasoline   #limbs   #table  
Rustine Hamlett
Rustine Hamlett
Aug 11, 2015

whenever I meet someone new, I inevitably check their limbs for scars.

they are almost always there, some solitary little wisps, some like a cross-hatching, a pattern, a score...

...and I find that the stories written there are irresistible, and the wounds run deeper than I can kiss.

I always fall for the broken ones, whose scars travel further than I've ever been.

August 10, 2015

I started with the last line a long time ago, and it's been flitting around in my head, with the rest of the words just out of reach. It finally made sense tonight.
#kiss   #stories   #solitary   #score   #scars   #travel   #pattern   #wisp   #limbs   #cross-hatching  
Cat Fiske
Cat Fiske
Jul 28, 2015

I watched her bleed tears,
watched the red stain her pale face like it wanted to tear away what was under her skin,
as if tears of blood were telling her you're thicker within.

but you see,
this girl she couldn't stop crying,
couldn't get it all out,
what has been done to her,
she can't even speak about.

you told her blood is thicker than water,
but she bleed the thickest red tears,
so large there like ink,
and will over write your name,

from her memory,
from her family,
from everything you have taken from her,

she won't need you gripping at her ankles,
always being the one to pull her down every time she in another fight,
no longer will will you make her feel like she's living a worthless life,

all the good memories have been bleed on,
red ink does not come out with an apology,
and it doesn't even lift the stain lightly,
when it's done to spite her,

and despite her inocents,
and despite her age,
and despite your gene pool relations,

if all the cards alligned in your favor,
you still better feel some shame.
for the way you acted on a little girl,

to touch her in places her father would never dare,
places where that same father your brother,
wouldn't dare to look at you again,

wouldn't talk to you again,
wouldn't let you near any fucking child gender aside,

if he knew the things you had done,
to his little girl,
he'd of knocked you one,

he'd of made you cry till you bleed.
but he would of made sure you wished you were dead,
before you ever really felt sorry.

but you ruined her,
and you think she should grow up about it,
move on about it,

and forgive you,
she kept silent,
every night she cried because of the things you would do,

and now when she crys,
she bleeds,
Thick tears to cover up the mess,

to try and fix all the monstrous distresses,
fixing her family to feel something right,
breaking limbs off the family tree,

as if they were yours,
and trying to live,
while everyone,

wants to fight,

idk this is like generally bought a few people I know.
#love   #hate   #tears   #cry   #bleed   #blood   #trees   #family   #rape   #limbs  
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