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May 30, 2014

I saw a brinjal...
I saw a brinjal...
I saw it on the roadway...
Yes it caught my eye,
As I walked on by...
There must be a vendor...
With a desperation on his face...
Who thought I should eat you...
And he fumbled you on the roadway...

You're nutritional!
You're nutritional!!
You're nutritional!!!
It's true!

There must be a vendor,
With a smile on his face,
When he thought I would buy you,
But it's time to face the truth...
I'll never ingest you...

My funnier version of the James Blunt song called "You're Beautiful"


My HP Poem #635
©Atul Kaushal
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Jan 28, 2014

When we feel sorrow,        
When we've gone through unbearable pains,
When we're already on the verge of giving up,
When our hope was lost,
Always try to remember
The very reason why we struggled;
Our purpose and our dreams;
That would give us the strength
We need to carry on and still pursue.
These challenges and hardships will soon pass;
We must not see them as hindrances  
But rather tools to make us stronger
And to bring the best out of us.

Always look at the positive side of things and always hope for the best :)
Challenges are set before us to make a better person out of us and not to break us. ^_^
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The Nicholo
The Nicholo
Oct 28, 2013

Your presence engulf my existence
A fragile instrument I cannot touch

Grasping for air with this essence
The nearness of you makes me want you much

Loving you is bittersweet symphony
Trap in a lifeless agony

I tried to hold on for what it's worth
But then it hit me, oh help me clarity

Adrift in this feckless fray
I have lost you once, strayed the second time

Wanting for you is a curse I have to pay

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Sep 19, 2013      Sep 20, 2013

I'm not in love,
It's just this feeling I'm getting.

She's not in love,
It's just that feeling she's getting.

We're not in love,
It's just love has found its abode in us.

My HP Poem #428
©Atul Kaushal
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Sep 17, 2013      Sep 17, 2013

Mister Sun was out
Lady Wind did whisper
Baby Clouds did not pout
Birds chirped for a listener

And now the seasons change

Through the tall grass
The autumn breeze blows
A warmth the air lacks
As summer does go

And now the seasons change

Winter comes with clouds
Heavily they sure will weigh,
Over the city over the town
Loom those clouds of gray

And now the seasons change

Back to the beginning
We return from where we came
Everything must start over
So it can continue the same

And again the seasons change

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Aug 23, 2013      Aug 24, 2013

Hypnotized by you,
I am drowning,
Day by day.

In the emotion,
Of your love,

I'm drowning wilfully,
Really not to be save,
Listen when I say.

Effortlessly I let my body sink,
Not struggling at all to escape,
I only fear distance from you.

Not the physical distance,
But the distance of hearts,
A distance of heartbreaks.

You say similar things,
Claiming I stole your heart,
An eternal truth this we share.

Dreaming on & on,
We even struggle often,
Our struggle goes on & on.

Looking into these calm dark eyes,
On your face full of beauty & truth,
I gain an escape from worldly lies.

You claim I jinxed you the first time,
So true- weren't we bound to meet,
It's just Time choreographed this.

I can't easily refute the blame,
After all I am an equal partner,
In this lyrical life & this game.

So I bear morally equal liability,
As we observe our love garner,
After all I am older than you.

We can't give into these tough times,
Not now, today, tomorrow nor ever,
For our relationship is a challenge.

A challenge for changing our world it is,
A bright change for a brighter future,
A betterment of your & my lives.

I know you're with me in life,
I know you're surely lighter,
I know you're much young.

Younger than my experience,
Younger than my sad lifespan,
Younger than my reborn avatar.

Happier than my own best happy,
Happier than my ever-so-pale face,
Happier than my knowledge can be.

A post-poem note:

Along the way I sprint hypnotized,
Along the Angel imparting me strength,
Along you my Angel - not alone as I had been.

^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

My first 17-paragraph poem. I guess I'll call it a Decaseptolet poem.

I invented my first distinct style.

My HP Poem #406
©Atul Kaushal
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Aug 18, 2013      Aug 18, 2013

All love of mine
Sing and dance
Want to romance
Only with you!

All love of mine
Smile and say
Just want to stay
Only With you!

All love of mine
Touch and feel
Want to peal
Only with you!

All love of mine
Knock and click
Want to stick
Only with you!

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Jul 27, 2013      Jul 28, 2013

This poem is a toast to our love, to pure love.
Let peace, purity & contentment prevail
everywhere evenly dispelling hatred.

There's a hint of you,
In everything I do...!
There's a hint of you,
In everything I do...!

Whether it's writing poems,
Whether it's riding horses,
Whether it's reading books,
Or it's roaming nooks...

There's a hint of you,
In everything I do...!
There's a hint of you,
In everything I do...!

Whether it's blooming flowers,
Whether it's raining droplets,
Whether it's crooning lullabies,
Or it's draining tensions...

There's a hint of you,
In everything I do...!
There's a hint of you,
In everything I do...!

My HP Poem #382
©Atul Kaushal
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Adreishka Liz
Adreishka Liz
May 31, 2013

I remember the day we met.
I walked into your class with a frown on my face.
I looked up and saw you.
I felt a shiver inside.
I walked up to your desk and said hi to my friends.
You smiled at me and I smiled back.
I took your folder that had its drawings on it.
I asked who drew them.
You said you did.
I complimented your work.
You said thanks.
You asked my name and I told you.
You kept trying to pronouce it correctly.
Finally you got it.
I asked for your name and you gave it to me.
I liked your name.
It seemed to fit perfectly.
The bell rang and we stared at each other.
After about two minutes I said bye.
You waved me off.
I was late to class.
But I didn't care.
I fell in love that day...

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