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Melissa S
Melissa S
Feb 2      Feb 3

I have missed me
I have missed us
Things have not been the same
Maybe someone else is using our name

Some days it feels like we are hands on a clock
just going through all the motions
Other days we are never seen at all
Maybe its just our memory that answers the call

So I miss me
I miss us
Could there be anymore space between us
We are not the same
Maybe someone else is using our name

Is there still love between us
Could things go back to what they were before
Don't we deserve love too
Or do we love ourselves more

Oh how I miss me
I miss us
When we are not the same
For so long now
Someone's been using our name

Not even sure if our heart works anymore
or if those parts have already died
Do we take a chance on love gone lost
Or just give up throw in the towel and hide

I still do miss me
As I do us
We will never be the same
We are trapped inside
Screaming out our name

This is a reworked older poem of mine....:)
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Eric Martin

Venom and lies
Lonesome lows, heavenly highs
Love based on lust
Too bad theirs no trust
This love will be my demise

I love it when your here
Really I shouldn't want you near
But I love the way you stare
And the way you pretend to care
To bad are fights are so severe

I hate how you shout
I am so full of doubt
Who are we trying to convince
Look at all the evidence
This will never work out

I should break up with you today
It's going to kill me if you get your way
But I will wait and see
If you can make it up to me
Then maybe I will let you stay

  Added by Timothy  ·  Dec 31, 2016
Christiana Hardie
Christiana Hardie
Dec 31, 2016

I've never really felt wanted.
I thought humans were just
specks of dust
floating in light;
in a sunbeam
in front of a projector.

I was dust,
no different,
but so small and insignificant,
I just
faded into the light.
I felt invisible.
Eyes cast down.
Heart heavy.
Mind drownded.
I'd never really felt wanted.
And then I met you.
You switched off the light
I'd been suspended in
I didn't float anymore-
I danced.
You looked at me in a way
no one's ever looked at dust before-
and for the first time,
I felt wanted.

I'm probably going to wake up in the morning, blanch at this awful poem I wrote, and then delete with a heavy heart that people had actually read it... but oh well.
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Mike Hauser
Mike Hauser
Jun 9, 2016

If I could just take back that moment
How many drift into that thought
Then I wouldn't be without
That which I have lost

Turn back the tick of time
Spin left heavy the hour hand
Then what I lost would still be mine
Stopping mid pour, time's grain of sand

If I could you know I would
But alas I can't
And with that said I know it's best
To leave it in God's hands

I can't get the tragedy of my friend losing her 10 year old nephew in that horrible accident while on a missions trip in Mexico out of my heart and mind. The family while heartbroken is handling it well with Jesus Christ as their foundation. When your world crumbles the strength of the Lord will keep it steady.
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Aug 24, 2015      Aug 25, 2015

Let us help do what we can for animals everywhere
The rest of the world can be animal abusive
But that doesn't mean we have to
We can help do as much as possible
To stop animal abuse
Or we can just go our way
And do nothing whatsoever
Stand up for what's right


Sorry if this steps on anyone's toes,
But I believe that we should do what we can
To help stop animal abuse...
And I am trying to think of what I can do to stop it...
Another thing I don't like is how you have to be rich nowadays
Just to ensure your pet can live longer...
And that is partly why so many animals have to be put to sleep
I know, because it's happened to me and my family
But I intend to do something about it
And I encourage you all to the same...
It doesn't even have to be something big...
Thanks for taking the time to read this...
And sorry if I sound rude here...
I certainly wasn't trying to be...
And thank you for your time!!
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Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
May 30, 2014

I saw a brinjal...
I saw a brinjal...
I saw it on the roadway...
Yes it caught my eye,
As I walked on by...
There must be a vendor...
With a desperation on his face...
Who thought I should eat you...
And he fumbled you on the roadway...

You're nutritional!
You're nutritional!!
You're nutritional!!!
It's true!

There must be a vendor,
With a smile on his face,
When he thought I would buy you,
But it's time to face the truth...
I'll never ingest you...

My funnier version of the James Blunt song called "You're Beautiful"


My HP Poem #635
©Atul Kaushal
#funny   #beautiful   #james   #really   #youre   #parody   #blunt  
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Jan 28, 2014

When we feel sorrow,        
When we've gone through unbearable pains,
When we're already on the verge of giving up,
When our hope was lost,
Always try to remember
The very reason why we struggled;
Our purpose and our dreams;
That would give us the strength
We need to carry on and still pursue.
These challenges and hardships will soon pass;
We must not see them as hindrances  
But rather tools to make us stronger
And to bring the best out of us.

Always look at the positive side of things and always hope for the best :)
Challenges are set before us to make a better person out of us and not to break us. ^_^
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The Nicholo
The Nicholo
Oct 28, 2013

Your presence engulf my existence
A fragile instrument I cannot touch

Grasping for air with this essence
The nearness of you makes me want you much

Loving you is bittersweet symphony
Trap in a lifeless agony

I tried to hold on for what it's worth
But then it hit me, oh help me clarity

Adrift in this feckless fray
I have lost you once, strayed the second time

Wanting for you is a curse I have to pay

  Added by Atul Kaushal  ·  Sep 21, 2013
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Sep 19, 2013      Sep 20, 2013

I'm not in love,
It's just this feeling I'm getting.

She's not in love,
It's just that feeling she's getting.

We're not in love,
It's just love has found its abode in us.

My HP Poem #428
©Atul Kaushal
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