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Ziya mansoor May 2019
Everyone goes through this part ,
as a begginer
everyone was a begginer to this world
everyone was a begginer to the words
everyone was a begginer to someone's heart
it's not bad to be at a place of begginer
anyways a advanced one was once a begginer
      Keep smiling :)
Ziya mansoor May 2019
Everthing changed ,
everything stopped
to the end of the day
Brought the end of the way
BUT dreams to see
And like in the middle of the sea
I see some changes
to the greatest dreams
nothing is to end
nothing to fear
just go ahead
giving a shake to your head :)
Ziya mansoor May 2019
He is the one
the only one
the great
I see many things in his life
to admire about
the problems he faced
to the level he raised
his shadoa had even got great
such a game player he is ! That's great
I am a truly messi fan
Ziya mansoor May 2019
No one there for it
to see in to my dream
my ideas are sleeping
no one to lighten the dark ,
to lighten the small light
under the black cloud
waiting for a bright light
to light on me , on my dreams
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Ziya mansoor Mar 2019
You was made from sand &you will be buried in sand ,
You would be taken care by yoir parents and then,
You would take care of them
You will crawl to take footsteps , then you would back to it with a stick ,
You would be innocent by birth and also by the endless sleep
Your life goes as a CYCLE
enjoy the time between this
Because you have a little time to be back to birth :)
Ziya mansoor Mar 2019
The bright noon had come,
As a shine in the world
The sun is blazing with fire
With heat,
People bustling works,
Animals in shelters
But poor birds ,
They are sad,
They don't have their green shelters
No trees to sit and sing ,
But instead big skycrapers and buildings
No juicy fruits instead the dried once,
No forests, no friends
and we are the VICTIM,
for their LONELINESS
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