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  Jan 2016 Zina
Peter Cullen
up and down the page.
An old soul,
from a different age.
A soul,
with memories of fields.
A place.
Without a place to be.

Underneath the sky each night.
All the love
and all the fights.
Never captured by the lens.
Never needing to pretend.

The freedom, that we took for granted.
Lost, with all the hope
we planted.
In the future
and the world.....
Bring me back to 94.
Zina Jan 2016
You are the type of girls we write and sing for.
You are the type of girls whome you kiss,you feel that you still nedd more.
You are the type of girls to talk with without bore
And when you smile,I can't keep my feet in the floor.
Zina Jan 2016
I am staying ans watching the calm sea
Grey clouds and yellow tree
Thinking about how calous your heart could be
Look at my eyes ans tell me what you see
Is that happiness I am meant to be
You once told me that sadness fits me
But I have to live wild and free
I have always believed that you enjoy seeing me burning
It's raining on the sleepy city and on me
Let the pouring rain annihilate my burning soul.
Zina Jan 2016
Watching a bkank page
Wishing that I am smaller in age
To start drawing whatever I had in my mind
Without thinking about what others will say
I feel bad for those who see by their eyes but not heats
who touch but never caress
Who smell but never appreciate
Who read but never feel
Who hear but never understand
Who wants but nevee love
who buy but never give
Who work but never enjoy
Who wish but never do
Who smile but never laugh
Who fall but never stand
I hate them because they breathe but never live.
#sad # people
Zina Jan 2016
Make me feel special
Like I am your own treasure
Make me feel the pleasure
That I can find it in your broken look
oh baby, you are my favourite book
Iit is really difficult to change
And turn the page
To stand in the stage
And say 'I love you'
Zina Jan 2016
the weather is cold
and my heart is traveling abroad
watching our photos and they seemed old
what a sad night with the stars that bright
to give a gloomy light
desperate soul
and wide hole
waiting without hope
i won't give up waiting
even that i know you are not caring.

— The End —