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Zach Schuller Jun 2019
the stove stopped turning on
it always acts up but after a few
swift blows from my swift blow maker
some well placed percussive maintenance
heat flows like normal. now however
my repeated beatings only anger the thing
each shuddering creak of the underlying
machinations i google
why won't my oven work
but they want me to be specific How
when all i really know is That.

each comment on related issues calling for replacement
that won't do they reply; can you even get a new oven?
Zach Schuller Jun 2019
dragging your claws
along the skin
of one who has
(long before this)
done the same
to her and him,
that and those.
trying to bring to the surface
what lies buried
(far below)

what you know about time
that sees under your you
to take what lies low
  Apr 2016 Zach Schuller
just because you haven't fully bloomed
doesn't mean you're not worthy
of being picked


— The End —