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staring out a window
i suddenly saw
the tress green again
and the songbirds around
the warmth of the sunlight
the kids wearing shorts

right here from the window
i finally saw
something other than sadness
other than flaw
something other than darkness
consuming my thoughts

outside of that window
the world still turned
people still smiled
and my friends still laughed
and the only reason
i wasn't outside that window with them

is because i never looked up.
i just had an epiphany in english class
  Mar 4 starlit ash
Self love will always be
And will always be a struggle
It's the constant acceptance
Of you lacking, of your own flaws
It's the dissonance between
Settling for what's in store or
Trying to see what's for more

Self love is about
Answering the screams you hear
Inside your head once everything
Has settled and calmed

Self love is about
Addressing your fears, of what is
Keeping you awake at night

Self love is about
Letting your tears fall, letting your
Emotions take over every while
For self love is not about sparkles
For it is dark, painful, and tiring

It's hard, isn't it
starlit ash Feb 25
you think you're a monster
but you'll never see
your soul how it really is
it's like the sea
if you see this, midnight, yeah it's about you, you know I'm right (:
starlit ash Feb 24
i told the stars
about my struggles
about my worries
about my thoughts

i told the stars
and they listened
and they winked
helping from afar

i told the stars
how you hurt me
and what I felt
and what I didn't

i told the stars
and they listened
when nobody else
One of my proudest works (:

— The End —