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starlit ash May 2021
a fresh waft of wind
brings warm whispered promises
of bright days to come
"just a little longer, astra, summer will come.."
starlit ash May 2021
i dream of a tall-grass valley
the gentle wind caressing my skin
the sun smiling down at me

i dream of freedom
and i can only wait
so much longer
carefree and young, away from the system..
starlit ash May 2021
i float through woven silk dreams
my eyes wet with fumbled static
falling, dripping down my cheeks.

i open my eyes to drawn stars above
the void holding me aloft in a hug
this is safe. this is home.

i look down on my tiny marble world
a swirl of blue and green, swashed with white
a tiny marble lost in something greater.

i don't want to wake up
from this honeysuckle dream
and go back down to my miserable marble.

why can't i just stay with the stars?
i don't want to remember that i am human
for in dreams i am eternal.
my darling stars, don't let me wake..
starlit ash Feb 2021
you think you're a monster
but you'll never see
your soul how it really is
it's like the sea
if you see this, midnight, yeah it's about you, you know I'm right (:
starlit ash Feb 2021
i told the stars
about my struggles
about my worries
about my thoughts

i told the stars
and they listened
and they winked
helping from afar

i told the stars
how you hurt me
and what I felt
and what I didn't

i told the stars
and they listened
when nobody else
One of my proudest works (:

— The End —