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tears flow down, forming streams of agony
suppressed anger, turned to broken cries
light a cigarette, inhale the nicotine
blow the smoke, release the wrath

dying a little everyday, succumbing to the pain
time becomes shorter, life becomes duller
shrieks of disarray, no empathy is shown
lungs burned out, I recind
if i quit, know it was for the best.
starless sky, pitch black night
on my back I lie, looking for a twinkling light
cold february breeze, thoughts running blatantly
this moment I want to freeze, running aloof acting galantly

I hope to make it by tomorrow, and live to see the light
I don’t want to cause pain and sorrow, because this is my own fight
tread this journey I will do, to unshackle chains and reach new summits
you have your battles to face too, the endpoint we must focus on and never lose sight
Jesse Buenavides Sep 2018
To the man in my life:

Like shards of broken glass scattered across the tiled floor – I feel shattered
A surge of emotions came rushing in my mind, I slowly drowned in the whirpool that is my sickening ideas
I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel and hopelessness cloud my thoughts
Then suddenly a tiny pop signifying the salvation of a broken and fickle boy came
A television of black and white has suddenly been given life
The sound of static has been replaced by the sound of hope
Thank you to all the Gods of all the heavens
Ever grateful I am for the man of my dreams that he came – he came to the rescue of my lonely self
If ever this was a dream then I'd rather sleep my eternal rest
To the man of my life
Jesse Buenavides Sep 2018
Mga mata ma'y mangalawang
Pag-agos ng mga luha'y patuloy pa rin
Hindi man mapunan ang mga patlang
Ikaw pa rin ay susuyuin

Nawarak na at nawasak
Ako pa rin ay mangangarap
Sansinukob ay lilibutin kahit gaano kalawak
Lamig ngayo'y nadarama, sapagka't wala ang iyong yakap
To the time before he arrived
Jesse Buenavides Oct 2017
Jesse Buenavides Oct 2017
as I lie awake staring at the ceiling
I see the fluorescent light bulb flickering
for how long it will remain bright is uncertain
the cold breeze pans my vision to the curtain
now I see the moon brightly shining
looking back at the tiny fluorescent light, I kept comparing
why can't I see the moon when there is rain
but when skies cry this light bulb is here to remain
then a quick flash kept my ears ringing
I've answered my questions without even knowing
the moon leaves me everyday
but even if I **** it, the tiny fluorescent lightbulb will stay
For the feelings I've left in the past
Jesse Buenavides Oct 2017
walang ibang alam kundi ika'y mahalin;
wala na iban nga nabal-an kundi
san-o ako mahalin

— The End —