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When I awake my body, I appreciate Gods creation
Adam was right to call her Woman
The sweetest rib that causes happiness
Many search for Angels in heaven
For you’re present as an answer to a beauty question
Beautiful like the word Alleluia
The perfect melody without stanzas
How I enjoy to read the pages of your lips
And revise them time and again like a dictionary
You give inspiration like the psalms of the bible
My personal heart physician
You were mo
The one whom I never loved at first
one that I never had an idea of
one outstanding in beauty
And her knowledge spoke.

The disappointment that caused you a smile
The coin paid to save my poverty
And the pain that took away my joy
one I have to bare at times
An achievement never dreamt of
Lovely colour that stretches beauty
Dark-brown like soaked chocolate
The well shaped head hairs
Cutting across sizes undefined
He stood with astonishing looks
Left many ladies with crippled thoughts
Each with a temptation to make a move
But his quiet simplicity blows them aside.

His body streamlined with hairs running like feathers
Built special for one though admired by thousands
His vulnerable to many eyes
Admirable in all, a token won by favour
Lucky is the buyer who wins a dream effortlessly
I waited anxiously
For she was to come
And her promise stood.

I was in times of worry
Thinking in bits
Wondering only and only
If she didn't change her mind
I will await
She isn't my sweetheart
But she lives as a favorite
Once in a while its good to make a memory
make love wildly and climb walls
stain the clothes but not breaking a leg
How you attach yourself to them
A diversity challenge in motion

How will she know if you never said how you love her
Do that special thing to last
Abunch of calls, wrapped kisses,
massive massages.
Bite a little flesh and make a mark,
Fire memories to last even after
The journey together
The streetlight on the corner of
8th and Harriet talks in Morse code
every Sunday night at half past eight.

Maybe it’s asking to be saved
from the blistering cold. Maybe
it has feelings for the moon

and only wants to be noticed.
It must get lonely working
the same corner for years

and nobody bothers to return thanks.
My guess is it’s trying to communicate
with fellow streetlights

and plan an attack like the Ents
did before they went to
war on Isengard.

But then again, only in my mind
I make perfect sense. After all,
it is just a malfunctioning street light.
 Jan 2015 Katlego Tladi
Caution you speak, I'm so sure of myself.

Low line cinema in my house.
Raiding my brain and running late for a train that doesn't even exist.
You can touch so much yet feel so little.  
It's things like this, unspoken words.
The ground beneath my feet shrinks every time we meet.
Sooner or later Imma lose it all and finally fall.
Right left up into your arm chair,
Sitting cozy with my tea.
Sort through memories and open safes with my code only in my head can you think the way I think.

In misty visions the wizard casts his spells.

In daily shadows you stay until the night time hides your evil eye.
I look into myself and see only an accumulation
of lost objects
Piles of beautiful, forgotten documents
but loved for what they are
I am the words on a tea-stained music sheet
that mean nothing
and yet
you turn them over eternally in your mind
because there's something about that
sequence of syllables
that makes them
Look at my shelves and see my soul
Repeat my words and learn my essence,
Home is knowing who you are.
BEND low again, night of summer stars.
So near you are, sky of summer stars,
So near, a long arm man can pick off stars,
Pick off what he wants in the sky bowl,
So near you are, summer stars,
So near, strumming, strumming,
  So lazy and hum-strumming.
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