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wulfhug27 Sep 2015
I love you so much but
I'm not going to change for you sweety
I'm changing for myself
I'm changing at my own pace
And for what I believe
Will be in the greatest interest
of all who I interact with too.

Darling, hush and evaluate yourself
I allow you to respond to my changing
If you cannot be patient you may leave
It's alright.
If you cannot believe
It's alright, its alright

Your loving me doesn't mean you have to stay
Your loving me doesn't mean you have to go
Your loving me. Means you love
yourself first

If you have to stay / If you have to go
To love
Yourself first
Then do so.

I have decided to take my personal journey more seriously.
Random thoughts. Not connected to anything in particular.
  Sep 2015 wulfhug27
am i ee
dear kind reader,

humor is a very personal,
a very individual thing,
i beg your pardon,
i never promised you a rose garden,

if the parlance of the street,
offends your nature so sweet,

i beg your pardon,
i never promised you a rose garden.

but this much i will confess,
funny i find much of this mess.

and i'd rather go to my grave,
with hearty laughter,
milk spilling laughter,
screaming ' yer killin' me!"
than any other way!
  Sep 2015 wulfhug27
am i ee
bathed in the cool light of the moon,
my sweet puppyhead and me,


under the full soft light, 
her ray’s illuminating the yard,
the woods.

footsteps crunch drying leaves,
fox, deer or foe?

waning canopy,
boughs lighter each day.

fall, majestic, peaceful
dying for another year.

plants and creatures, 
taking refuge in the deep dark void
of mother earth,
of mother nature.

squirreling away tidbits for a late winter snack,
coats blooming, thickening.

such delight, 
each night,
sitting outside,
my puppyhead and me.

quiet and solitary,
no humans 
annoying me.

silent and still
only nocturnal creatures
meandering about.

what magic,
what sacredness.
what mystical delight.
never apart,
only the ONE.

such silly confusion,
thinking a person,
separate and small,
quaking with fear.

the big deep dark mystery
laughing and jovial,
always here,
here for us all.

open your eyes, 
feel your nature,
always here,
never apart.

fearing death
fearing life,
what a silly way to live this

the moment you were born,
you began dying,
what a relief,
knowing the score!

relaxing into the madness,
laughing at it all,
pure and free,
forever more, 
and not……

not being,
eons of reflection,
sages and rishis
revealing the truth,
it can’t be done for you,
only you can become 
that which you are….
that which you always were.

my sweet love, my sweet life,
my puppyhead and me,
sitting here in Fall.
in Tao, in the One, her darkenss, her mystery
wulfhug27 Jul 2015
   oh sweet precious way of grace
you elude me
only because
i elude
  Jul 2015 wulfhug27
lucy winters
I enjoy distance
Long drives with no destination
Music blaring,  miles growing

I enjoy distance
Long walks to nowhere
The peace calms my restless soul

I enjoy distance
Little steps each day
Away from difficult situations

I enjoy distance
Between people and places
And me

I enjoy distance
It gives perspective

I enjoy distance
I also enjoy coming home
When distance has run its course
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