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Nat Lipstadt Jul 2017
market report: spinning on an axis of complexity

phrase captures and enraptures, buried deep in one of the
countless market reports that arrive every minute out of date by the time they press the end/send button but this rises
up from the forged gorge throat and all the rest falls away

spinning on an axis of complexity

sticks like Elmer's glue, white viscous, good for paper & skin,
cause you knew precision revision incision instantaneous,
they are intended for your eyes only, pasted to your eyes,
tinged tongue screaming you man, you poem
there is no
difference, for both at 1:55am 
 where time is sleep verboten,  
when words are blood platelets in a mystery entitled

spinning on an axis of complexity*

human must eat
human must work
human must love
human must sort the juggling orbs,
too much new information constant and brain incapacitated

while falling-spinning
when eyes now fully glued shut by the
complexity of clashing algorithms
writing this market report on the state of me,
the passionate impartial analyst who boldly reveals, he proclaims
he owns stock in himself and issues a
sell recommendation

the complexity-situation trending signals crash a-coming,

and at 1:59am after composing this hissy fit writ,
he downgrades the official outlook to sell and
lies down on the kitchen floor and laughs
with the angel dudes eating bagels and holding their sides,
cause they have  been running a short position up in heaven*

6/22/17 2:05am
mygreatestescape Nov 2015
You are a flaw upon geometry

You bring poetry down to its knees

Your mathematical skills lack less to none

Like a circle you're pointless

A complementary angle, like a dyslexic poet writing in verse

You make Aristotle seem unwise when you scream at our history
teacher saying Gandhi was a murderer

Its amazing because you proved it to be true

The school system hates and downgrades your genius mind

I wish I could tell you

I'm captivated in your daily hymn.
Tiffany May 2014
This must be a joke
I know you can’t be serious
You left me for her?
You must be delirious

I’ve heard of guys making downgrades
But ****, this is unreal
How did you go from me to her
Did you lose out on a deal?

I guess *** is just that powerful
To make you settle for that beast
I’m sorry I wouldn’t compromise my morals
Good luck with what you’ve leased
you slipped away from me and I couldn't control that. my whole life has been a ******* mess since and I can't seem to go back to being normal. 

But was my life before really normal?

having to deal with the lack of appreciation and the constant degrading was hurtful, but I did it because I loved you, I thought that you were going through a phase and you were just going to come out of it. 

So maybe life wasn't normal before...maybe I have to go through this now so I can have a better outcome in the future, maybe I had to deal with the downgrades so I can have a lot more upgrades.


I was sheltered all my life.
But then I went to school
I made friends who stabbed me in the back
I learned what pain was
I learned what it was to be bullied
I learned what it was to hide
I learned that when they walk by to sink into the shadows

1st grade
Laughing and joking
Playing and carefree
Friends and playdates
Sleepovers and games

2nd grade
Sitting in silence
Looking at the front board
Some friends who ignored me
Lonely and anxious

3rd grade
Hurt and alone
I don’t even remember
3rd grade was lost in my mind
No friends
And failing hard

4th grade
Feeling wrong
No real friends

5th grade
Trying to fit in
Hiding in the bathroom
Crying at recess

6th grade
Fell in love
She hated me
Was bullied more for liking someone that was not who I should like
Hid my feelings
Hid in the shadows

7th grade
A new friend
Still bullied
Still sad
Not feeling right in my body

8th grade
Cut my hair
Came out to family
Got a girlfriend
Had two amazing friends
But I was cut
I was broken

Hide in the shadows
Don’t let them see you
Don’t wear short sleeves
Pick up that pice of glass
Burry the blade in my arm
Hurry to the emergency room
Put on suicide watch

Three months later
Eat a peanut that you know your allergic to
Rushed to the emergency room again
Put on an IV for 3 days
Let out
Feeling numb
Cuts slowly grow deeper and deeper

Two months later
Not at school
Won’t answer phone
Friends worried
Still feeling empty

Goes to school
Gets put on watch from resource officer
Feels alone
Can’t breath
Panic attacks in P.E.
Catches feelings for your best friend

School gets canceled due to COVID
Fails all classes 4th quarter
Falls into deep depression
Has mantle break downs
Panic attacks daily
Family downgrades feelings

Summer of 8th grade going into highschool
Starts drinking a lot
Makes it 3 months clean
Not a day clean in August
Cuts get slowly worse, more, and deeper
Breaks up with boyfriend
School starts
Becomes your best friends boyfriend
Comes to school high or drunk
Scares girlfriend

Stressed out and alone

Waiting to see what happens the rest of the year

— The End —