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I love the kind of cold
winter leaves me with

but the coldness you shower,
it traumatizes me!

-Dolkar Lhamo
I could never tell him
how much he meant to me
Is it the words that lacked
or the rejection I feared to see...

- Dolkar Lhamo
We smiled
We cuddled
We loved

We. You and I.

-Dolkar Lhamo
and everytime
when he write
love poems...

I instantly
relate it
to me..

when his words
doesn't make
any sense,

I stuck
and wonder
for who could
that be???

-Dolkar Lhamo
love. poem. betrayal.
Your voice halos in my ear,
in my head and everywhere
with silence and that sneaky stare
you smile at me and make me aware.

Those 8 days 6 hours and two
were enough to make me feel
the concealed and the invisible
the chemistry we could be.

So I wrote this tiny poem
while you were gone,
when you weren't here
when this loner was alone.

-Dolkar Lhamo!
I want to find those
distressed in LOVE
and be able to write about them..
About the ones
who are sad in love,
depressed, hopeless,
broken, ruptured
yet in LOVE...

I want to be able
to find the similarities,
and the relatives..
of our sentiments
and our feelings
of being
the hopeless one
in love..

-Dolkar Lhamo
broken. shattered. in love.
How I wish to ask
Why are we like this|

Why didn't we?
Why can't we|
There will be
A lost Chance.

A lost You.
A lost US.

Oh' What a waste!!

-Dolkar Lhamo
My poems
are not about love,
It's about you,
only you!

- Dolkar Lhamo!

— The End —