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AD Mullin Jan 2018
There was a big boom once

Population dynamics are intrin-
sic functions of gumption
and big booms echo in eternity.

Looking at the industrial revolution
through infrared filters
to parameterize the haze of our lives using

a kaleidoscope landmarking
technique andor technology
where the function of plutocracy

and it takes shape

resonates on post-reformations
and pre-modernisms
How do you like them schizms?

Living the religion of
capital ~ ism
and paying homage on prayer mats of

blood ~ sweat ~ and 1, 2 many beers
through our blue collar dollars and
masonry jars and crossroads guitars

between the bars

of our own creation.
Now moving toward remediation
and un-plebiation.

I cried vermouth and reconciliation while
they expunged truth and trylobytes.
The inevitability always bubbles up.

And in the trailer park of our lord: 2017
Ricky and Julian and Bubbles
pay homage to a great poet lost: Mr. Lahey.

of our own creation.

Thus we toast to: Truth and Reconciliation
"Birds of a shitfeather flock together" ~ Mr. Lahey ~

— The End —