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Arfah Afaqi Zia Jun 2019
Parched lips sip at the rejoice of true love
Sheltering unto the embarks of greatness;
A beautiful journey- oblivious to heartbreak.
Intrigued by gleamy eyes, wet from crying-
Tears for hoax love,
The heart shatters at the sight of each tear drop
One kiss my dear and all pain shall go away.
There was something about the way he smiled
The way his body flexed with each move,
O how divine!
But it wasn't just his body i liked, it was his soul
Or atleast that's what i thought too.
Took me long to know of his deceitful facade;
And his false love
He was not what he claimed to be
He was but a monster in disguise, a true depiction of what we call a casanova.
Arfah Afaqi Zia Jan 2019
I let go of my demons.
For a while now, i feel free and safe
I am more than who i was before
Yet there's this urge for wanting more
To explore who I am
I feel the need to find out who i am?
Why does my heart want more when i have enough?
Its not lust, it's not greed
Its something that's more darker than before-
I'm insatiable.
Its a series poem

Part- 1
Arfah Afaqi Zia Sep 2018
I vehemently try to trace the lost pieces of my heart
The ones shambled and hidden behind all the exterior
One's not accepted in the eyes of our society
These pieces, that awoke my soul and once made me who i am
Now insignificantly veiled, as if they were garbage
I try to find my insignia
One that differentiates me from the rest
My ambiguities, my hopelessness might as well be the root of all this lurking
Putting an end to my peace
And the constant rage n war that i so got caught up in
This could be my way to cope through this ghastly phase
All this vandalism and all these changes must stop
For i am the maker of my persona and i am the destructor of myself
I must rise, for its my time to ignite and shine
To once again show the world my true colors
I must embrace it all
Be it deadly, be it ugly
Yet, that's who I am, me!
Arfah Afaqi Zia Sep 2018
I hear voices in my head
So real, as if someone's calling out my name
They are so loud and so clear
That at times when i want to shut away from the world
They petrify me and i fail to procure peace
When i lay down, wanting to sleep
My head explodes like a volcano
And once again, someone's voice erupts-
Calling out my name
It makes me feel so different and strange
I can't begin to explain how irritating it is at times
That i feel the urge to shoot myself
I want it to end
But for some reason they keep getting louder and louder when i try to resist them
I hesitate to carry on my day for this very reason
And let these voices flood in and slowly take me with them, piece by piece- till the day I'm gone!
Arfah Afaqi Zia Sep 2018
I broke and i shattered
I fell and lost my way
I reviewed my mistakes
Couldn't find none, so fell even deeper in ache
I saw that spark in us
But maybe it wasn't meant to stay
Or maybe we weren't supposed to end it all this way
I was trapped in the darkside
Death enveloped me, despair came rushing my way
I deserved your loyalty, but love it wasn't you who was loyal
It was the pain, that everlasting pain that stayed and destroyed me throughout these days
I saw a glint in your smile
It made my whole life so eternal
But on reaching this stage of my life
I learned no one remains forever
Everyone either leaves or changes
I confess, i fell in abyss
I am depressed and there are days when i can't bear it
But my love, our past keeps me going
It will always push me
And because of one mistake of falling in love with you
Today I stand straight
Half of my body limp, scarred and wounded
But i learned so much more from our experience
That i came out strong, regardless of what others say
I actually feel weighed but sorry for you
Because you lost a part of me that i couldn't give to anyone but you
That part of me so resilient, so loving and so extraordinary that no one else may ever be able to give away.
Arfah Afaqi Zia Aug 2018
I soar freely in midair
I drift the blue sky with the sun blazing
And go where the route takes me,

My destination comes at halt
Where the sea and the horizon meet
And aloof, I absorb the energy from the breeze, relieved.
Arfah Afaqi Zia Aug 2018
They said the stars are the limit,
But it takes more than minimal to achieve,
That's when I struggled and put in a strenuous amount of effort to mold myself,
I blended amidst the mass, trying hard to be recognised,
Had i known earlier the difficulties that were likely to arise;
The challenges of maintaining an image,
The rumors and the lies that break you,
And the harshness of society and its demands that shatters you-
If only i knew, i wouldn't have taken down this road of turmoil and pretence.
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