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Virginia S Aug 2015
I wait all day for the sun to go down.
For its light
still breaks my heart
and shows my scars

For its light
reminds me of you, full life
reminds me of  you, leaving me behind

Then, when the night comes
I remember how lonely i am
and i cry and i cry
waiting for the moon to hide
and the sun come up...

...and everthing happens all over again
My life
Virginia S Jul 2015
I was really missing you
I'm glad you are here now
Virginia S Jul 2015
You taught me so many things,
Yet you forgot to teach me
how to live without you
I'd never learn anyway
Virginia S Jul 2015
You are always leaving me behind
and I always stay
Begging, waiting
for the day you take my hand
and ask me to walk with you
this time, by your side
  Jul 2015 Virginia S
Mark Lecuona
It was silent beauty
I never tired of it
But it did not reach for me
It gave itself to the eyes of every stranger
And though the sky held it close
It's light passed without remorse
Only to draw the water near
And because the ocean washed my feet
I was transformed against my will
And what I became was the strength of a picture frame
Because to stand beside you
Is to live with beauty I will never forget
Dedicated to Virginia S a beautiful young woman who needs to believe in herself.
  Jun 2015 Virginia S
From Jess's Lips
You are the twinkling stars
that light up
my night sky:
full of hope,

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