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Vladimir s Krebs May 2020
every day i just am in free fall im so ******* afraid to lose it all if I reach hight the days just seem to fly by living life like everything around me is just in slow motion spark flam my heart floods valley deeper than all scares on my body there voice in my mind that tells me to never stop fighting if fall ill never stop till the world around me just disappears can you feel the energy around you the path that makes all your dreams come to life do you still believe that the world can become such delicate flowers were eventually everything around you crummbls around you you have fight every day to just survive who are you going be when the light go out are you rise or fall ill never stop running till nigh Mars ended
Vladimir s Krebs Jul 2019
My heart has carrying around the fear of seeing this world become a war zone the distance I can run will never be enough to survive the end of time. The names of loved one I lost I will carry with me forever. I am alone to survive I miss my happiness I miss my joy but I'll never stop running from the fear
Vladimir s Krebs Mar 2019
I want to spend the rest of my life dreaming deeply about you. Or i could pick my darling up in my arms just making beautiful memories togather the love we have forever has taken all the tears we cryed away forever. I dont want to close my eyes all i want to do i look deep into your eyes kiss your lips till your cheeks blush red. The love i have for you is so deep so pure flower grow and bloom when we and you pass by. All i want to do is lay my head on your chest listen to your heart sycning to the romantic beat of mine. I dont want to miss a sec of you baby i dont want to sleep bc all i want to do is lay my eyes on you deeply for the rest of my life
Vladimir s Krebs Feb 2019
In mind I feel like I have been suffocation all my demons I have trapped in my time goes love just seems to be so deeply  neglected. my many mistakes I made just seem to leave tears that can show your honesty to your heart. the music I'm listening to just seems to leave me feeling emotionally drained just like all the sadended lies you left me with. before you speak just tell me if can handle the emotional pain you cause me. if I could change my ways I would be normal just like the rest of society. everything I give to you day and night just seems like you don't care about me. all you do is stair at me like I'm blind many ways your words have. I told you again and again over and over just speak the truth bc your just hurting your self on the lies you are purseing. pretty soon you will run into your fate when all I asked is for you to tell me the truth. anything is possible. look at your self tell me who you truly see or who you truly are. love only becomes true when you just tell the truth. my heart just cryed when you have lied to me my fear is real but the music that I listen to just wraps around me injecting me with pain relief. this world is so scary when your not around me this world is so toxic society is  so dangeriously toxic everyone around me is toxic. what do we do when times runs out? where do we go where do we run. where will it be safe to play sleep or dream. I'm so tired of your dishonest lies so what me just pack up my stuff walk out the door while you sleep whatch me disappear threw thin air. I thought your voice was just lies. I'm losing my patiants  with everything you do that rips me apart.
Vladimir s Krebs Jan 2019
Alone the sadness is real when you have noone to be with abandoned by the ******* of society stealing your vary soul every glass of wine just starts to numb the pain when you know the truth new Year's eve is a joke
I'm completely wasted on 2 bottles of wine feeling like  new year's eve is such full of **** when you are completely ******* alone
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
Take me by the hand I'll show you a world you've never seen before a life of running free where our love is pure we will light the flam for our romance dont be afraid my love this world is filled with evils and darkness so take me by the hand I'll show you a world a autopia where there no darkness no evil we will run away spread our love chasing all the evils away we will change the darkness into light our love is so pure nomore bloodshed will happen anymore

I'll show you a world where there nothing but pure love that we can change the world with
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2018
Baby tell me I'm yours tell me you love me as I lay her with my head on your chest listening to your heart beating tell me I'm loved kiss me take my breath away run your hands up and down my back make me get goosebumps with your soft kisses tell me you will never let anything hurt me baby I love you you are my life my everything your my angel from above
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