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vamsi sai mohan Feb 2015
I am the food but not mere taste,
I am the air but not mere breathe,
I am the odour but not mere smell,
I am the feeling but not mere touch,
I am the love but not mere emotion,
I am the destroyer of time but not mere time,
I am non-consequential but not unattainable,
light is just a happening of me but I am not the light,
I am darkness.
I am all-pervaded but utter stillness,
I am playful but utterly serious,
I am in absolute sleep or in utter wakefulness,
Universe is just a happening of me and I am nothingness.
That which is not..
vamsi sai mohan Feb 2015
What good is a star that burns in the space before your galactic eyes that ignited the space in my heart.
It has been on fire since then and now the conflagration is spread to my whole body and I am eternally raging with fire.
Had you ever rest your head on my spine,you would have listened to the conch shell of my heart...that slowly whispers my love in the form of reverberations...

I was thinking how could I possibly tell you how much you mean to me..
These words that I utter can only give you the faint idea of how much I love you,because the love that exudes from me cannot be compressed into words nor be distilled into actions nor be quenched with just kisses...
vamsi sai mohan Feb 2015
,I wonder what would be the next thing in the scale of evolution..what if one day everyone on the planet perceives what is done to them and what they are allowed to do and if they know that we are being operated by the mechanism of the default choice's of nature and now they want to take it over..and every one turn inward right now and not open their eyes for millennia until they attain moksha....even if it is remotely possible I love the idea of fooling the nature but again I don't think we are fooling her after all we are capable of making a choice because we have been provided that choice,so all we are doing that we are acknowledging the potentiality given to us and we are exercising the opportunity that nature has given to us...but again we are in her creation and we are a part of her intelligence so it is impossible to fool something in which we are a part of,we can never transcend the intelligence in which we are a part of...because you can be never something other than which you can be as we are in the realm of someone's creation..I think evolution is all about choices:The first scale of evolution had limited choices but this scale of evolution has unlimited choices..A human being can choose everything from birth to death once you are born..that which has happened before we were born perhaps is irrelevant ...and all this time we live as a human we are governed by the laws of the nature every moment and even if you transcend time,you can be the creator but then again you will do the best things possible and then again we are living in the best things possible..I wonder what is to be a creator,I mean a real creator Where you play with the elements and create a life out of is a really interesting thing that once we transcend time we are capable of creating life itself without any this kind of brings me to a question what good is a choice when we don't realise even that we are being given...we are being crushed by the default choice...we are lost in the basic rudiment choice made by the is may be because there are so many factors that govern these...but however we think we are being forced but I think we are being crushed by the default choice..the choice made by the creation...but if you take over and you choose then life will be your own design in her can create your own blue print...but however the blue print is made out of the creator governed laws..
  Jan 2015 vamsi sai mohan
Sunlight rushed on your talons
as receding seawater...
the sand quickened black...
fine tuning stars.
scream vowed to silence,
~High on Light~
your crazy outburst of flight.
Weighing on air--
blank with groundless view...
Solitary to the degree of
divine feedback...
moment to motion....
motion to moment,
perfectly still and air born.
A pounding and liberating
heart thousands of
feet above...
for below.
Feathers refined by fires
too dear to see...
more akin to what experience
Knows of itself.
Entire languages contained
in mere words...
that seem to be unsaid
in the saying.
You're the White bedside
vigil of life to death.
The Narrow Way
narrowed to nonentity...
till nothing was in vain,
and such became Suchness.
Love's love of being gave
your being...
as simply and fully.
Ashes to ashes, you fell
from a wayward sky...
a wiry Cruciform trembled
beside you as if on a
projection screen.
Perhaps to symbolize
you could go on forever flying...
or close your eyes and go on
forever in the here and now.
You are the stuff of dreams...
as I Am...
I don't know what else to call
you, but Eagle-man...
may you sleep deeper
than sleep
upon a purple

*Based on a being I saw in a dream years ago...I tried to
put the being's essence into words.
The third power of the Sphinx
is Courage.

"Herein lies the great mystery of the empty throne." ∆
Giddy in the throes of realization,
        the Arbiter, imbued with needful action,
        takes a great, daring leap across the chasm
                into the implications of knowledge:
                This is It - the Puzzle that Fascinates Itself.
"You awoke in the Kingdom with eyes closed. In the beginning was the Trapezoid called Control." ∆

Borne by an umbilical Breath
to a lens too small to see Itself,
Buoyed by the lapping waves,
Reason wrought a waking sleep
of hallucinations, a sea of dreams
and possibilities to become;

        Memories too large
        to conceive by aught
        but the perennial story
        that swallows the narrator:

                "I see their entire lives in an instant,
                being devoured and loving and living
                in a world that does not realize
                it is already over."

Courage is the Bearer of Truth.
Headlong into the open maw
heaves the gleeful Fool
and his glad Word.

        "The excess of Meaning must be wrought on the Page,
        on worlds of our own imagining." ∞

To Dare is to risk:
consequence the reward
fraught with baited hooks
to tether the Arbiter to Time.

The web of attachment
sprawls, an expansive net.

                "The web is infinite -
                those caught in it are beyond Number."

                        Yet the spider is never
                        ensnared by its Art:
                        a master of the net,
                        a climber of the Tree.

                At the summit of its dizzying heights,
                the depth of the Fall overwhelms.
                        Responsibility follows.

                "Thou art That which resolves the frustum."

Escaper of the Labyrinth,
Master of the Maze,
no longer merely Thou:
Dilation devours the Iris.

        "What speaks through You has Ordained it
        from the Beginning of Time,
        and only in harnessing it
        will you learn to devour your self

        "Then will you know me
        as the eye that never shuts,
        the eye that blinds."

The way
is through.
Intent, consequence, sorrow, realization, repeat. To the fly, the web is self-perpetuating.

Legend (links @ HelloPoetry):
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∞ - I am versed in the deeper color (
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vamsi sai mohan Jan 2015
only when you stop thinking,you will feel.
when you start feeling,you will live for what it is,
when you start living,you will experience what it is,
An experience is the basis of the life.

An experience has to stimulate a thought,
but it should not be the other way around.
If you don't experience the life as it is then You will experience the treachery of your own words....and actions..
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