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vamsi sai mohan May 2014
vamsi sai mohan May 2014
vamsi sai mohan Nov 2014
It seems that only enormous longing makes me to contemplate on you but not the moments of self-happiness,
Because when I am happy by myself I don't think about anyone or anything,
But do I want the happiness that doesn't include you?,
Antithesis is that enormous longing accrued over a period of time becomes suffering,
but I am absolutely happy to live this suffering which comes along with longing,
Because the moments of longing that thinks and yearn for you makes me much more blissful than moments of happiness that comes without you...
albeit the moments of longing are suffering...
I am willing to go through all the pain that comes along with your contemplations,partaken moments...
A poem which  was written in August....
vamsi sai mohan Aug 2014
It seems that only enormous longing makes me to contemplate on you not the moments of happiness,
Because when I am happy I don't think about anyone or anything,
But do I want the happiness that doesn't include you?,
Antithesis is that enormous longing accrued over a period of time becomes suffering,
but I am absolutely happy to live this suffering that comes along with longing,
Because the moments of longing that thinks and yearn for you makes me much more blissful than moments of happiness that comes without you...
albeit the moments of longing are suffering...
I am willing to go through all the pain that comes along with your contemplations,partaken moments...
vamsi sai mohan Oct 2014
Suppose your right hand does funny things like beating you,poking you then isn't fundamentally something wrong with you and is it not obvious..isn't that ailment,for sure it is..
And so if your mind tortures you,hurts you,makes you suffer,isn't that ailment?..
For every thought you generate the whole body reverberates in a certain way and there is a whole chemical change..
When the chemical changes happen in such an erratic way then it is very poisonous to the body...
70% of the ailments on the planet per se is caused by the mind,
Somehow you try to manage this by taking pills everyday,
Modern societies have been treating ailments as a natural process which is a serious mistake..
In ancient societies if there is a disease they knew that fundamentally something is wrong..
Because illness is not a natural process of life...a human being is not supposed to be ill..
Modern societies have been treating like that because there is a whole industry which thrives on you,
World's second largest industry on the planet is pharmaceuticals..

How the system within you is supposed to know that you seek well-being,when your own mind is working against you.
life doesn't work like that...unless you do the right things, right things will not come to you....
When the chemistry within you is fantastic,then being blissful is natural..
vamsi sai mohan Jul 2014
One drop of love does it as one drop of pure water would do it,
One drop of love took billion folds in him as the ripples form from the bubbles of the fish,
That million folds couldn't find the expression nor thoughts but ineffable intimacy,
That million folds couldn't find the expression but Ardhanarishvara,
he has to incorporate her in to himself,
Shed half of hisself to synergize her,
emerged a perfect human being,
Half-masculine and half-feminine,
The source of creation and creation fused,
Body couldn't control it,it is too much for the flesh,
flesh is to grave but the energies are to rave,
raving not with the mind but with the existence,
existence being unto itself....
the cells are scattered and hitting the boundaries with the ecstasy ,
breath became boisterous,
tears tilted across the breast and chest,
death and birth in one breath,
No more human parameters,
there is no more he and she,there is one....
he is bound by no more logic nor she,
Logic is for the mind but she is for him,
O my soul long the cohesion,
the cohesion that frees the innate freedom,
Per se the freedom from the cycles of death and birth,
There is no thought as there is a lot,
they transcended the physical dimension
they inundated in the experiential dimension of life,
vamsi sai mohan Sep 2014
All that they have is given me...
vamsi sai mohan May 2014
My moirai has cursed me for bumping into you on late,
albeit it is a curse,I texture it as a mot blessing,
as my experiences now shall be blossomed with our confluences,
and my fantasies shall emulate our trysts......
vamsi sai mohan Sep 2014
Hmm...voila!That was the moment...
a minuscule moment yet it elicits and engulfs eternity...
To be in that moment is to have lived eternity...
Eternity engrossed me....her eyes are ardent architect of nature...
When I see her eyes I am vulnerable to her....
The consummate of air,flesh, water,fire...
Is the source of her eye,
A complex subtlety of life,
But what I see is the eternity,
The eternity that is encapsulated in her eyes,

What an ardent architecture,
only under her(nature) tutelage it could have been possible...
The zephyr from the air,and the water cascading from the bucolic mountains must have metamorphosed themselves with the verdant life on the earth to emanate such eyes:eternally evolving.
I am as enchanted as I could be,
Letting my life unfold itself with her gratifying glances,
Those glimpses of the eternity reverberates in me like the thunder,

Ruptured from the nature,
blossomed from the beatific earth,
Ensue:she is bearing the fruit entitled eyes...
so then an endeavor excursion of my sojourn had begun....
vamsi sai mohan Dec 2014
Somewhere after the nothingness and
antecedent to this somethingness,
Where you and me aren't two but an absolute one,
Where you and me aren't distinguishable by any means and no means,
And Where the time is unleashed from the unboundedness,
I want you to come to there with me consciously,
And that's where we will stay forever....ever...
Inspired by Chris weallans "Meditation" poem...though I have changed it entirely but the thought sprouted from his unrelentingly beautiful words....
vamsi sai mohan Sep 2014
Are the deepest relationships relished just to relinquish at that moment,
Every breath is drawn to being subsumed by you ,
Is this life an overture to eternity,
I am in this mischief game played by the nature,
And she dragged me into this game,
The moment I am here is the moment she disappeared from here,
I know two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen combines to form the water....
But I don't know why it should happen....
I know water and air becomes rain,
But I don't know why it should happen,
I know the chemistry of the nature....
But I don't know why that blithe bond,
I know I am manufactured using those five-elements,
But I don't know why my existence,
My existence makes indifference to this planet,
Only a human on this creation has this potential to contemplate on this existence,not any other creation.
To think in a way we think,
To explore the ultimate possibility....
When we are given such kind of possibility I think we should at least acknowledge it,
We are the replica of the nature,
We are the prototype of the god,
Every human being is a potential god..
It makes us to question our existence,
When we ask the biggest question in our life,
Where all the questions can be condensed into a single question,
The answer which is not found in any books,teachings but in ourselves,
The answer which cannot be deciphered by our intellect,
The answer that only answers when our answer becomes the question,
and there where my thoughts cease to exist,
Only there I could ponder this universe..
Are we willing to spend the essential time on it,
Many-a-lifetimes take for a human to decipher the universe,
And when he does,he doesn't want to be here,
To move into the timeless existence,
To escape the time is to escape everything and nothing.
Are we willing to exist in the non-existential of thoughts to imbibe the existence,
Only when our seeking becomes super-intense,nature will reveal itself...
vamsi sai mohan Nov 2014
Are u there,there....where my voice doesn't reach but my silence does....
Are u there,there....where mine is not you but I am you....
Are u there,there....where you hear my utterances but still pretend deafness....
Are u there,there.....where my screams are conducive to your silences....
Are u there,there....where your stillness still ripples in my eyes....
Are u there,there...where My existence is your whim....
Are you there, this meaninglessly profound life asunder with negligible distances....
Are u there,there.....where my breath is quenched with your eyes...
vamsi sai mohan Oct 2014
If you resuscitate the world you see:It's an art.
10 words
vamsi sai mohan Jan 2015
Beauty and ugliness are not in the eye,but in the mind;
Sense is coordinated by the mind.

Discrimination is the tool of mind,
The eye sees what mind wants to be seen.

To awaken the world and the life within
and to apprehend the wisdom of light,
The seeker must see with vision untainted by the memory.
Edited completely with the suggestions provided by the profound poet "Mucro pondero divinus"
vamsi sai mohan Oct 2014
Sense the grandeur of your power
As you disrupt one life after another...
vamsi sai mohan Nov 2014
A sound that is not from the vocal but exuded as a reverberation from you is what this universe is all about.....
The voice of shiva....
Aum the beginningless..........
vamsi sai mohan Oct 2014
Even loving you becomes the absolute failure,
It is the most beautiful failure I could ever think of....
For the simple moments when I feel actual passion.
I don't care if it is a delusion.
vamsi sai mohan Apr 2014
An ancient land
Where Man learned to excel
Without having to propel
himself away from the
Principles that maketh
life process and the universe

A land where man was not
eager to do his own will
but to fulfill the will of the divine

He grew in knowing and learning
to enhance himself into an
exuberance of intelligence and emotion
Enshrined the carnal and the divine
Delved deep into the innards
of creation, deciphered the primordial
mastered the melody and the math
of music of sound and all its
manifestations. Above all
found the doors of freedom
Assured of final freedom
Came to an ease and beauty
Where life was not burden but
a Bounty. A copious production
of effulgent and gentle beings
occurred. Masculine and feminine
found their fulfillment and
went Beyond. An ideal prey
for the brutal forces from
Bha meaning sensation, that is the basis of all experience and expression; Ra meaning Raga, the tune and texture of life; Ta meaning Tala, the rhythms of life, which involve both rhythms of the human system and nature.
vamsi sai mohan Aug 2014
The blessings of the water,
The drums of thunder,
The lucidity of the light,
Which emanates when the clouds amalgamate,
What a flinging fusion!
Nature is a fusion of life,
I breathe from the cloud,
Cloud is the confluence of air,
The consummation of air and water raptures rain,
There is a labyrinth in the life which always have a longing to either include or dissolve into one another,
In the midst of foggy lights of the day and night,
and the reverent glance of the nature,
The droplet of ellipsoid life escapades to the earth,
it blesses the every life of the planet apart from who evades it,
I didn't evade because I want her blessings,
So then did the tiny drops of dew get struck in my intricate strands of hair,
My clothes get drenched subsequently did my body,visage and eyes...
The content in the eyes is obliterated and now I see the intricate nature as it is,
The spatter of sky spluttering on the roving air and the life-strewn land....
Beauty is the creation,
Blithe and beatific are we,
and I am the man meandering on the idyllic rustic mountains in the
bucolic bliss....
vamsi sai mohan Nov 2014
Burn me before her like a candle in the darkness,
Let her know that I am dissipating every singular solitary moment in her darkness.,
And I am giving away myself every moment to illuminate her darkness....
Only to know that she is utterly insatiable,
And I cannot throw light into her darkness...
I am just a candle and she wants galaxies,
She was there only to consume my light unless I infuse completely myself in to her abysmal ground and vaporise my light strikingly into her darkness...
She is a black hole where I couldn't escape from her gravitational pull,
and I don't want to escape either because of the same cause.....
Let her relish every moment of my disintegration into that darkness....
Let her relish the truth that I am gone from her forever....(but I cannot go)
And the truth that she never felt that I was with her at least would strike her now....
I yield to her dark passion.......
There are two offshoots to it.....I don't know if anyone would understand the other perspective of it....
vamsi sai mohan Jan 2015
only when you stop thinking,you will feel.
when you start feeling,you will live for what it is,
when you start living,you will experience what it is,
An experience is the basis of the life.

An experience has to stimulate a thought,
but it should not be the other way around.
If you don't experience the life as it is then You will experience the treachery of your own words....and actions..
vamsi sai mohan Dec 2014
I want to be a bard in the consciousness of the confluence of your eyelids,
Where the sounds merge into silence.
And nurture me from where your consciousness sprouts,
I would thrum like the waves of the ocean to the emanations of your reverberations....
vamsi sai mohan Feb 2015
,I wonder what would be the next thing in the scale of evolution..what if one day everyone on the planet perceives what is done to them and what they are allowed to do and if they know that we are being operated by the mechanism of the default choice's of nature and now they want to take it over..and every one turn inward right now and not open their eyes for millennia until they attain moksha....even if it is remotely possible I love the idea of fooling the nature but again I don't think we are fooling her after all we are capable of making a choice because we have been provided that choice,so all we are doing that we are acknowledging the potentiality given to us and we are exercising the opportunity that nature has given to us...but again we are in her creation and we are a part of her intelligence so it is impossible to fool something in which we are a part of,we can never transcend the intelligence in which we are a part of...because you can be never something other than which you can be as we are in the realm of someone's creation..I think evolution is all about choices:The first scale of evolution had limited choices but this scale of evolution has unlimited choices..A human being can choose everything from birth to death once you are born..that which has happened before we were born perhaps is irrelevant ...and all this time we live as a human we are governed by the laws of the nature every moment and even if you transcend time,you can be the creator but then again you will do the best things possible and then again we are living in the best things possible..I wonder what is to be a creator,I mean a real creator Where you play with the elements and create a life out of is a really interesting thing that once we transcend time we are capable of creating life itself without any this kind of brings me to a question what good is a choice when we don't realise even that we are being given...we are being crushed by the default choice...we are lost in the basic rudiment choice made by the is may be because there are so many factors that govern these...but however we think we are being forced but I think we are being crushed by the default choice..the choice made by the creation...but if you take over and you choose then life will be your own design in her can create your own blue print...but however the blue print is made out of the creator governed laws..
vamsi sai mohan Dec 2014
The generation or society,where a human evolves out of his/her own curiosity,thrives and blossoms.

curiosity that is sprouted from the existential life that is constantly blossoming around you but not from the knowledge you have gathered gives a profound insight into life...
vamsi sai mohan Dec 2014
Drenched in the sounds of the silent voice in my head,
and watched  it as it reached to my sinuous fingers curving the sounds,
Reading it, did I get deluged by the density of my words...
vamsi sai mohan Oct 2014
The state of being with no suffering is Shakti
The state of awakening beyond sleep is Shakti
When love matures and sweetens that is Shakti
The fullness and fulfillment of masculine is Shakti

When the sweetness matures that is Shakti
The divine which resides in the thoughts is Shakti
Whatever work comes before us is Shakti
The state of mukti, the end, is Shakti

The braveness which destroys laziness is Shakti
The flame which is instilled in these words is Shakti
When the best of fruits are eaten that taste is Shakti
When thoughts of divine arise that is Shakti
Shankara who lives on top of the huge mountains, his lovely flame is Shakti

The lap where life flourishes is Shakti
The strength which guards the earth is Shakti
The flame which stops one from falling is Shakti (denotes inner strength that averts fall/defeat)
The tapas that eliminates confusion is Shakti

The finger which stops downfall is Shakti
The one who spans the whole expanse of sky is Shakti
Her highness who eliminates karma is Shakti
The inner flame which shines from within the heart is Shakti
It is a poem by "Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar" written in tamil.The poem is about the energy that makes every aspect of life happen. It summarizes the whole activity that is life as the play of Shakti. The great poet says, “The lap where life flourishes is Shakti.” Shakti also enables us to break the bondages of karma and liberate ourselves.
vamsi sai mohan Feb 2015
Even in the feeblest attempts of discovering the self,
I am immersed in the sheer beauty of this life...
vamsi sai mohan Sep 2014
When you stroke my forehead and brush my hair with your fingers gently and bask my head in to your bare laps,
You whisper your breath along with the stories of mundane effervescence,
you don't sing the lullaby either,
I would just slip serenely into the sleep...
and it badinages you for having seen my eyes enwrapped to unravel the otherworldly..
Then the chortle spreads across your chin and your forehead enfolds pondering the love,
You lift my head from your lap and replace it with the pillow and
It causes a little turbulence in my body which recognizes the difference between your lap and pillow..
Gently you pat my chest like the mother dabs the child..
and with my heart sentient the transience of your palm,
I am transposed again to the silted life......(dreams)
vamsi sai mohan Feb 2015
What good is a star that burns in the space before your galactic eyes that ignited the space in my heart.
It has been on fire since then and now the conflagration is spread to my whole body and I am eternally raging with fire.
Had you ever rest your head on my spine,you would have listened to the conch shell of my heart...that slowly whispers my love in the form of reverberations...

I was thinking how could I possibly tell you how much you mean to me..
These words that I utter can only give you the faint idea of how much I love you,because the love that exudes from me cannot be compressed into words nor be distilled into actions nor be quenched with just kisses...
vamsi sai mohan Nov 2014
How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot,
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned.
A quote by Alexander Pope....I have got it from the profoundly beautiful movie "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004)"
vamsi sai mohan Dec 2014
What a loss to spend your life energies and such an intense emotions with someone only to know that you are completely an oblivion to them....
Inspired from the reality and from the movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind...
vamsi sai mohan Dec 2014
I want to reside at the brink to that eternity,
where your eyelids confluence and letting me slip into that consciousness,
There where every rivulet of drops is drifted by the impetus of love and inclusiveness.
vamsi sai mohan Oct 2014
Initially it was dark,
I don't remember what has happened before,
Perhaps I am not supposed to,
I perceived the rays of light through her dark skin,
I evinced it by closing my eyes,
I freed my legs and it hit her,she laughed at it,
I  stole her breath,she didn't complain,
I drank the food she had,she relished it,
I didn't know that she took all the nutrition on the planet to nurture me,
I peed in her,she didn't care a hoot,
I experienced what she experienced,
She became a conduit of my experience,
Then I became the basis of her experience,
I had partaken the moments with her
Without knowing what she means to me,
For the first time I drew my breathe on the planet,I was beside her...crying
crying, because of the ecstasy for having seen my source on the planet,
For all the things I have done to her,she really loves me like she had never before...
She is the mother who is the secondary source of my existence on my planet,
I am in the eternal debt to her,
If I am in eternal debt to her,
Then I realized that how I should be to the source of my mother and the creation of existence,
I cannot owe anything to her,I can only bow to her...
she is the mother of all the creatures on the planet,
So I walk gracefully on the planet,loving every entity on the planet,
Because they are the creation of my mother.....
If I really love and respect my mother for what she is,
I should love and respect every creature on the planet for what they are,

Love everyone because that is our quality.....
vamsi sai mohan Oct 2014
she was hopping hopscotch with the children in the sunset lawn,
At the dusk her pellucid eyes would glare the intense orange..
She was hopping from one rectangle to another as he was peering love through his eyes,
The sunset veils her shadow:
Her hair vacillating on her chin and his eyes blink on her subtle smile,
She sprawled her legs at the end of the box that is drawn on the land,
She sees the rested stone through the space of her legs,
And her immediate turnabout titillated him,
horripilations tickled his flesh,
Sprawling,spanning and love placating:
Thus Susurrus smile spake to him,
She Shouted a few flying syllables as she picks the stone in the celestial joy,
Subtle zephyr billowing on her confluenced lips,
The evening zephyr as cold as her breath,
He saw her only once,but he remembers every subtle detail infinitesimally..
He only saw her once,but he couldn't forget the voice of her eyes forever...
vamsi sai mohan Sep 2014
God never curses it's creation,
It is we who curses ourselves...
vamsi sai mohan Dec 2014
Only when I am done giving,I can ask you for something in return..
But my love is a constant giving process..and
it gives me no room for asking u back...
The more I exude,the more I generate...
love is something that I generate and I am generating it constantly leaving me no space and time to think of whether u r giving back to me...
Shiva has given me this that is not exploitative by nature...and I am in eternal debt to him.
vamsi sai mohan Oct 2014
An artistic collaboration with skyblueandblack:

Ink the paper and quiver the heart...
Pines purred over the delusions of life..
Nostalgia attired with blue...
ridden by red,
inundating the heart....
Love lumps into words...
as emotions spurt through the ink eschewing
the brink of tears...
Fingers crave the curvatures of letters..
exposing the embodiment of emotions,
catharsis alludes through meteors of words...
pastiche of existence plunges through paper...
ergo the liminal of "conversation with the creation"...

Thoughts reverberate through the reed of my heart,

And it resonates through my words...
...To skyblueandblack: I am truly grateful for the expurgation...thank you....:)
vamsi sai mohan Nov 2014
In search of truth

Did I go back and forth

Wandered through mountains

Bathed in rivers sacred

With the pious

Whichever way the blind pointed

With hope and zest me travelled

Every which way I smelled his scent

But round and round is all I went

Wasted lives to know the one who is not

But the feverish pitch of seeking would cease not

What does it take to fathom the ocean

Even fish or whale is clueless of the ocean

It is only the salt that can be ocean

A salt doll I became

Just a plunge made me the ocean.

So all it needs is a plunge.
vamsi sai mohan Apr 2014
vamsi sai mohan Apr 2014
The way I look at you,and                    
The way you don't look at me.            
intrigues me to the extent of insanity,
I love the way you try to evade me,    
bearing the smile at the verge of your lips,with the eyes darting hastily,and throwing the glances at interims of your breath,                                                        
trying to not to look at me desperately,
bearing the contradictions in your mind,
You do have a hunch,I guess,
Perhaps it is not to see me
but to perceive that I see you
It baffles me bluntly over the way
You manage to juggle with the other thoughts when I see you,where as in me,
the only thought that impulses is yours, May I dote on you in this echoless aura...........
vamsi sai mohan Sep 2014
Introspection and retrospection:

He had her in distress as her relationship with her boyfriend was broken,
The relationship would never break in those days,
But these days it is viable as they have brittle foundation and material *******,
They don't imbue the feeling when they have to,when they say "I love you"
Loving is not bestowing gifts or texting at 1 and 2 in the nights,nor
Telling that I am thinking of you every moment,
and this hormonal ******* is viable to break at any moment,
"Love is an annihilation of oneself" so that he or she would include another person in to "themselves"
He asked her envisioning that she would share her feelings of distress,
As her habitual reply,she didn't reply to him.....
He doesn't want her to brood on the past,
he wants to tell her that there are always people who will disappoint others,who doesn't understand others....
Love has nothing to do with is your quality....don't have unrealistic expectations from others,it leads to misery.....
In the realm of that thought,
he thought he would console her...
But he doesn't know what she thought...perhaps she wouldn't have thought at all,
It doesn't seem strange to him,although,he knows:His love was always interpreted by her mind,not by her heart....
He spoke to himself
"I am not at least a friend to you,I never was,I don't know If I will....?you cannot even share your feelings to me...I am nothing for you,just a stranger...always...A stranger who is incapable of estranging from you".

He didn't tell her what he thought as he knows she is already in distress,
he doesn't want to be another disturbance or perturbance to her.....
Yes,you have heard it right!!! She always think of him as an annoyance and as an obstacle to her life.....
Perhaps She would never know that he has been an obstacle to make her to stride every higher step in her life....
He doesn't want to tell because he wants her happiness,
she doesn't want to react because she wants her happiness..... least they confluence at the common point of happiness...
The sprouted longing never born a fruit...
vamsi sai mohan Oct 2014
What is missing seems inevitably never existed...
As it is not to be felt irretrievable...
Only it was your hallucination that you thought that it was yours....
vamsi sai mohan Sep 2014
To fill the silences of the ambience,
To unravel the sounds of the existence,
To frolic with the air and fire,
To dance on water,
To breath in space,
To fuse with land,
To see who is me and who is not me,
And understand there is nothing that is un-me,
To understand the fusion of the creation and creator,
To swim in the clouds that metamorphoses the moisture,(of air)
To hover in the air without wings,
To evade the stop that hurts me id est to killing the time wherefore it holds the universe,
To understand the cause of the origin of the universe,
To understand and explore the time,
Which is darkness,
To understand the darkness,
To understand how from darkness somethingness emanate,
To **** the time as my life exists in time,,
To portray the creation,
To kiss the venomous cobra,
To create the uncreated,
To dissolve into creation,
To rendezvous with the one who is responsible for this oneness,
To staunch into the silence,
vamsi sai mohan Nov 2014
You cannot define silence as something that lacks sound.....
Let the lack of my own voice be heard.....
the second line is inspired by the movie "waking life"

by definition defining something per se is a  constrain....but the existence is boundless,why would someone try to add boundary to it?perhaps only to learn at the verge of unconsciousness,which is the brink of consciousness that utters one cannot define everything and no-thing....
vamsi sai mohan Nov 2014
The ability to recreate every moment you live and
imbue it with something as unique as "you" itself...
The absolute involvement with every moment of your life brings a great level of insight into life...
vamsi sai mohan Sep 2014
I thought I am the man with epicurean  appetite,
But it seems verily wrong as I realized the life around me is lingering on me with insatiable appetite,
Consuming my life nibblingly every moment,
Time is taking away my life with it's ubiquitous presence,
Water is leaking my life with every gulp,
Every breath I drew,it is drawing me thither where I evaporate myself,
With Every foot I feet on the earth,
the land is feeding on me as a friction and motion,
Planet is ******* my energy to spin around,
Space is trying to include me from my secluded life,
Life is taking away my life with every sentient moment,
I am walking every moment towards grave,
I am neither manufacturer nor destroyer,
So let me give away this life gracefully,blissfully,rather sinking hurtlingly in the Schadenfreude, melancholy and other non-sensical amalgamations,
Do I want to add some meaning to this meaningless life...
Or let it float in the thoughtless aura,
which is a conduit to the rendezvous with the creation,
Because that is where it is lying the lilting immortality I had not seen..
With the rapacious reverence to the nature...
vamsi sai mohan Aug 2014
Where did you go my queen,
Sun eluded,darkness hued the sky,
Clouds amalgamated and the sounds emerged,
Thunder tingling the mother earth,
Where did you go,you two little foot with your graceful fingers and celestial hands,
Wandering in the cosmos of obliviousness,
My mind envisaging your pastiche presence,
I see ur smile drifting on the rays of the imbued rainbow:
When the mellows of the zephyr that carried the voice of your breathe that breezed in to my breathe,

The ecstasy of tears cracked through the clustered clouds,
My hair winding as the zephyr roving through synecdoche strands...
My palm is under the influence of the dripping water,
and my eyes caught you floating, like the foliage leaf,
The ellipsoidal life carried your simulacrum,
I asked the drops of globular life that where did she impersonate you,
She limned with the bubbles that spoke chirpily:
"I saw her While I was in jaunt trip with the chariot clouds and lilting thunder,
she was strolling in the frolic fields fuddled with wallowing winds....
Her long hirsuite was in harmony with the zephyr,
As the brother zephyr was billowing in to her hair...".

I don't know where the place is,even my mind tends to imagine it,,
but I feel I too could fuse with you in the midst of that perpetual bliss,
I am waiting for you as my body transferring heat to the dripping life,
Didn't u hear those imbued silences that yelled your name...
Where did u go you plenary pulchritude,It is from you that I read what undulations are.....
If you don't come,I will...when I wouldn't...
We will melt as one to the one....
vamsi sai mohan Sep 2014
Seek her in Devotion
She is an ocean of Compassion
Seek her in Desperation
She is a steadfast Companion
Seek her in true Passion
You will be loved to Distraction
Just seek her in your Confusion
She will lead you to Fruition
written by my guru.....
vamsi sai mohan Sep 2014
Shall we deny it when it visits us?
Shall we not take what we are given?
There is only this.All else is unreal.
What else is life but being near you..
all that is me is given to you...and you to me...
I will be faithful to you.true.
Two no am.
The new world(2005)
vamsi sai mohan Dec 2014
The person who loves you is more important than the person whom you love....
It is seldom in the life that the person whom you love is the person who loves you so much...and it is unfortunate...
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