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dark blue Mar 2021
kiss me
hurt me
so i can feel
and remember
what it was like to be 16
dark blue Feb 2022
how old
is too old
to be a little
i’m a grown up
that has never
grown up
i’m a 40 year old little
that stills needs
her daddy
dark blue Sep 2021
a fading dream
of a waning youth

a girl’s kiss
as wine

lay with her
and forget about time
dark blue Dec 2020
baby girl
you needing some attention
Is that why
You sat naked
On daddy’s lap
Wanting hugs
And tummy kisses

you are being naughty
you know better
than touching daddy there
look what you did
daddy has an *******

i’m going to spank you
put you in the corner
you bad bad girl

don’t start crying
or whimper
go to your room
without supper

you’re sorry
and won’t do it again
ok than, all is forgiven
give daddy a kiss

sit in my lap
lay your head on my shoulder
i’ll pet you softly
pull down your *******
and kiss you down there
Inspired after 05-09’s reading of literotica while drinking wine by the fireplace
dark blue Jun 2021
alone again
at closing
walking home
at 2 AM
on a saturday night
craving ***
******* a *****
screaming in a pillow
wanting touch
emotional connection
love and affection
dark blue Jun 2021
I have the *****
the power
make all the rules

I say what you can and can’t do
because I’m more alpha than you
dark blue Feb 2022
hold me
hold me tight
never let go
never leave me
promise me
i’ll always & forever
be your little
dark blue Jan 2022
i see it
in your eyes
ready to ignite
catch fire
in your awakening
Farm House
Ruka, Finland
Dec 2021
dark blue Mar 2022
in your arms
and snug
is the only place
i find solace
from a world
full of dangers

i feel loved
cared for
you’ll protect me
and our babies
dark blue Jan 2022
it was 12 below in Rukatunturi

you were feeding reindeers in the snow

i was drawn to you, like a magnet, not knowing why

pixie hair, porcelain skin, button nose

your doe eyes, midnight black, called, drew me in, like a siren’s

you played it cool, distant, aloof, like a filly, wary of my attention

i had no idea, i was a fly and you, a spider

more than a girl, not yet a woman, you were a precocious, streetwise

oozing ***, sensuality, craving daddy’s attention

seeking my gaze, locking eyes, so intensely, i had to look away

daring me, to kiss, your baby girl lips

wrap you up, hold you tight, in my arms, tap into your passion

you hungered to love, be loved

the eagerness of your kisses, combing the hair on my chest

pulling me down, on top, to penetrate you

christening you from a girl to a woman
dark blue Feb 2022
i miss
putting you to bed
tucking you in
under the covers
daddy stay
don’t leave
you’d say
pulling back the covers
patting the mattress
inviting me to lay
making sure
you felt loved
like a baby
dark blue Oct 2020
you’ve been bad 05-09
get my belt
so i can teach you
some manners

stand before me
turn around
lift your skirt
pull those ******* down

across my lap
your bottom in the air
your skin so white so soft
as i smack my hand
down hard
you yell in pain
and surprise
then start to cry

hush up child
get up
on your knees
look up at me
naughty girl

don’t talk back
when daddy talks
now to your room
without supper
Inspired after 05-09’s reading of literotica while drinking wine by the fireplace
dark blue Jan 2021
did you miss daddy
the hugs
the kiss
being close
being cuddled
skin to skin
the body heat
being petted
feeling pleasure
of being touched
down there.
Inspired after 05-09’s reading of literotica while drinking wine by the fireplace
dark blue May 2021
you've been bad
sweet pea
go to your room
without supper
no TV
no internet

what did you say
didn't sass back
i'm your daddy
little girl
you belong
to me
dark blue Feb 2022
cookies and cream
coloring books
blankets and stuffies

sitting on daddy’s lap
reminding him
i’m a big girl
and can be naughty
dark blue Feb 2022
does it
make you wet
getting spanked
by daddy
for being
and bratty
dark blue Feb 2021
you like it
when daddy
washes your hair
the shampoo
the water
my hands
your head
i know
you do
you lean
your head
my fingers
moaning softly
i kiss
your neck
you turn
kiss daddy
on the lips
i stand you up
in the tub
rinse you off
wrap you up
in a towel
lift you up
in my arms
put you down
on the bed
comb your hair
the knots
your hair
you are
my angel
but most of all
daddy’s little girl
Inspired after 05-09’s reading of literotica while drinking wine by the fireplace
dark blue Jul 2021
my **** is hard
inside you
as you straddle
and ride me

i need more
to go over
the edge

slap my face
i want to feel
your anger

call me names
mean it
when you call me
dark blue Jun 2021
touch me
caress me



show me
how much

you love
dark blue Dec 2020
i want to feel it
the pain
the hurt
make me beg
and surrender
play with me
light my fire
stoke the desire
i’ll lose control
burn in lust
at your touch
get me wet
release me
from the puritanical
ecclesiastical shame
raise your voice
humiliate me
it turns me on
tell me sternly
i’ve been naughty
absolve me
of my carnal sins
dark blue Oct 2020
no safe word
or fail safe
just trust
love and lust
and chained
you love to obey
on your knees
crawl to me
i'll unleash you
Inspired after 05-09’s reading of literotica while drinking wine by the fireplace
dark blue Aug 2021
you are the cheese
in the trap
all hips and hair

doe eyes
how can i resist
when you look at me so

i gave you my heart
you took my soul
i ate the cheese
you snapped the trap
dark blue Jul 2021
bit my lips
my flesh
my fresh blood

choke me
like you mean it
to and pass the point
where i panic
claw and scratch
cry to exists
dark blue Oct 2021
i am ashamed of you
first day
as a freshman
and already
in trouble

i see
that over the summer
you bloomed
acquired the body
of a woman

full lips
round hips

i will not permit
such behavior

from a good
christian girl

the football team
that you’re

the hottest
most beautiful
girl in school

but are
and an insatiable
one of many ****** fantasies i ******* to
dark blue Jul 2021
it was a bad dream
snuggle against daddy
he’ll protect you

lay your head
on his shoulder
close your eyes
fall asleep
daddy is here
dark blue Mar 2022
dreaming of home
a sky
full of stars
for all the blind
to see
the moon
no shadows
as shattered hearts
wither and die  
for redemption
from a devil’s
for solace
where there is
no humanity
dark blue Jul 2021
*** for me
baby girl

with pleasure

your nails

my chest

make it

your love

for me
in blood
dark blue Oct 2021
take off your leggings
spaghetti top
get naked with me

i want
to be inside you
connect emotionally
build intimacy
through our bodies

slide slowly
penetrate you
the pleasure
and welcoming warmth

feeling your body
then relaxing
hearing you moan
pulling me near

you are right as rain
I am meant to be here
deep inside you
******* together
dark blue Dec 2020
did i hurt you
does it sting
did you like it
turn you on
make you wet
wanting more
whimper yes
who is master
i am of course
Inspired after 05-09’s reading of literotica while drinking wine by the fireplace
dark blue Mar 2021
sweetie, what’s a matter
you’re afraid
of the lightning & thunder

sweetie, of course
you can sleep with daddy
crawl into bed
snuggle up, next to me
i’ll protect, keep you safe

sweetie, you are naked
where are your PJs
what, you want to cuddle
spoon, skin to skin
daddy’s arms tight around you

sweetie, go to sleep
daddy is tired
what, you can’t sleep
you want daddy to pet you
till you fall asleep

sweetie, stop wiggling
daddy can’t sleep
or worst, will get an *******
bad girl, see what happened

sweetie, settle down
what, you are *****
need daddy inside you

sweetie, my little angel
kiss daddy
as i make love to you
Inspired after 05-09’s reading of literotica while drinking wine by the fireplace
dark blue Sep 2021
wild eyes disheveled hair
a hothouse of repressed emotions
your mind whirls with anxieties
of a good girl
gone bad
due to a cauldron
boiling between your legs
you try in vain
to dull the pain
sleeping with men
being used
then cast aside
reopening the wound
of daddy issues
dark blue May 2021
sweet pea
i'm so proud of you
so pretty
and obedient
now take off your *******
stand naked
in front of me
don't be shy
look into my eyes
who you belong too
that's right
who loves you
dark blue Mar 2021
awh, Little, you’re so sweet
waiting for daddy by the door
lavishing him with love and kisses

awh, Little, you’re so sweet
you want to play
daddy will
after he sits on the couch
and rests for a bit

awh, Little, you’re so sweet
turning on Disney
getting me sweet tea
and a plate of cookies

awh, Little, you’re so sweet
covering me with a blankie
cuddling up with daddy
and watching tv

awh, Little, you’re so sweet
i am so lucky
to have you
Inspired after 05-09’s reading of literotica while drinking wine by the fireplace
dark blue Feb 2021
hold me tight
in your arms
let me cry
reassure me
will be alright
remind me
i’m the center
of your life
a porcelain princess
on a golden pedestal
kiss me
tell me
you’ll love me
Inspired after 05-09’s reading of literotica while drinking wine by the fireplace
dark blue Jun 2021
baby girl
what did daddy say
no walking around naked
after your bath

no sweetie
you can’t sit
in daddy’s lap
you’re still soapy
and wet

get a towel
daddy will dry you off
brush your hair
rub you down
with lotion

i'll dress you
in your nightgown
put your arms
in the air
there you go
my little angel

into daddy's arms
you go
i'll carry you
to bed
tuck you in
read a story
kiss you
once asleep

baby girl
center of my world
i love you
as only a daddy can
dark blue Feb 2022
will you shampoo
gently massage
rinse with water
wrap it in a towel
blow dry, brush and tie it
in a ponytail

i like when you fuss, dote
pay attention
call me princess
kiss my feet
make me giggle
call me silly

it’s a secret
don’t tell mommy
i like
all the daddy things
you do
dark blue Mar 2021
“daddy, why do you love me.”

i love
how you make me feel
bring out
the daddy in me
to provide
give you everything

you’re so small
you are
his little
his baby girl
his kitten

daddy’s heart
when you hug
seek his love
and attention

sit in his lap
wrap your arms
around his neck
you are daddy’s
little girl


“husband, why do you love me.”

i love you as
a friend
a partner,
but most of all
as a soul mate
you’ve made me better
given me
a sense of purpose
grounded me
held my hand
opened my heart
allowed me
to express
share my
innermost feelings
shed tears
and not judged me


“that, my wife & little is why i love you so”
Inspired after 05-09’s reading of literotica while drinking wine by the fireplace
dark blue May 2021
how sensual
and ******
you dance
slow soft fluid
like python
wrapping around its prey
dark blue Oct 2021
your body is ripe
juicy delicious
life a fruit
in morning dew
to kiss
bite into
and savor
dark blue Nov 2023
on your knees
you weak pathetic worm
you disgust me
always thinking with your ****
beg and whimper
like a puppy
knowing you’ll be refused
dark blue Jan 2022
I am the alpha
the dominate
in this relationship
get on your knees
worship me
my *****
kiss my ***
**** my toes
beta boy
dark blue Apr 2022
i like it
when you fall asleep
in my arms
while watching tv
your breathing slow
getting shallow
your body relaxing
as you shuffle
and mumble
“baby, don’t go”
dark blue Sep 2021
you put yourself on display
show too much skin
leaving little
to the imagination

like a piece of meat
in a butcher’s case
come and get me

everything about you
is fake
the lips **** and hips
contact lenses
hair extensions
collagen injections

you’re all about
the presentation
the pretty wrapping
superficial and hollow

you play
hard to get
guys chase
in the end
get their prey

you give it away
cheapen it
all the guys know
you're easy
to lay

when the novelty wears off
there is nothing left
no reason to stay
you’re the latest
in a string
of conquests
dark blue Mar 2022
i want you

inside me
on top of me

******* me

choking me
as i struggle

for breath
on the edge

of life
and death
dark blue May 2021
every inch of you
dark blue Aug 2021
**** me
remind me
who is the master
who is the slave

make me beg
scream spasm
writhe with pleasure
dark blue Oct 2020
whipped cream on your skin
blood and sweat from ecstasy
pulled *******
crop welts on your *****
overly sweet
like too much honey
why do you beg
what did you say
how come you cry
whisper in my ear
predator or prey
*** is power
play with me
strike a match
set me on fire
Fleur du Mal.
Inspired after 05-09’s reading of literotica while drinking wine by the fireplace
dark blue Jun 2021
baby girl
forbidden fruit
my lust burns
like hell’s fire
**** daddy
into ecstasy
dark blue Sep 2021
you tap
into my sickness
turning me on
to the nth degree
pure heroine
main lined
into an artery

i know it
i feel it
how wrong it is
how bad
you are for me

i’ve tried
to stop
this vicious
of self

kiss or ****
**** or fight
which one
will it be
dark blue Jul 2021
little angel
gift from God
center of my world

little princess
on a porcelain pedestal
cherished deeply

i love you
as only a daddy can
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