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Dec 2022 · 226
woman child
dark blue Dec 2022
you were
a girlfriend
a lover
a woman
the perfect couple
to the outside world

but in my arms
you were a child
anxious fearful
of being alone
for even a moment

i held
in your ear
that I loved you
like a man loves a woman
like a father loves a child
Nov 2022 · 48
love sex and tears
dark blue Nov 2022
triggered by the pain
lost in addiction
endless tears
and shame
so as not to feel
to numb
the loneliness
and fear
Nov 2022 · 57
no wifing up a party girl
dark blue Nov 2022
it ended so fast
saturday morning
sitting on the couch
while drinking coffee

you wanted kids
your biological clock ticking
to get married
no planning
no prenup
gave me an ultimatum

we had fun
you were a great girlfriend
the quintessential party girl
you’d be a bad wife
a horrible mother

i said it’s over
said goodbye
got up
walked away
avoid a disaster
Oct 2022 · 240
lost days
dark blue Oct 2022
you're a woman now
now longer a child
but in my eyes
you are still
my little girl
in her pink
princess gown

i miss
the intimacy
of when you were little
cuddling with daddy
under the blankets
watching sesame street
and eating
peanut butter
and jelly sandwiches
Apr 2022 · 147
don’t go
dark blue Apr 2022
i like it
when you fall asleep
in my arms
while watching tv
your breathing slow
getting shallow
your body relaxing
as you shuffle
and mumble
“baby, don’t go”
Apr 2022 · 122
promiscuous whore
dark blue Apr 2022
chasing a fairy tale
flitting between lovers
in fear of abandonment
good girl bad boy
promiscuous *****
re-enacting traumas
suffered in childhood
emotional scars
deep wounds
and daddy issues
an endless procession
of honeymoons and nightmares
crying all night
binge and purge
*** drugs and alcohol
suicidal idealation
hoping the next one
is the right one
Mar 2022 · 128
dark blue Mar 2022
in your arms
and snug
is the only place
i find solace
from a world
full of dangers

i feel loved
cared for
you’ll protect me
and our babies
Mar 2022 · 2.1k
dark blue Mar 2022
i want you

inside me
on top of me

******* me

choking me
as i struggle

for breath
on the edge

of life
and death
Mar 2022 · 102
lonely is the night v2
dark blue Mar 2022
is the night
for a poet
writing of
love and
a pandemic
Mar 2022 · 225
dark blue Mar 2022
day & night
hidden truths
from the blacken depths
of our twisted minds
Mar 2022 · 297
poets & ingenues
dark blue Mar 2022
technicolor psychedelic lost realities
kissing cats then and now stupid fantasties
hallucinating white and black invisible fairies
inspiration perspiration a little mushroom tea
falling listening monochromic shades or hues
mind bending red green jaded poets and ingenues
Mar 2022 · 77
lonely is the night
dark blue Mar 2022
is the night
for a poet
writing of
but never being
Mar 2022 · 141
neurotic tendencies
dark blue Mar 2022
your morality
judging me
while ignoring
your own
neurotic tendencies

your ego
and shattering
in the face
of reality
Mar 2022 · 76
dark blue Mar 2022
dreaming of home
a sky
full of stars
for all the blind
to see
the moon
no shadows
as shattered hearts
wither and die  
for redemption
from a devil’s
for solace
where there is
no humanity
Mar 2022 · 529
wolf’s prey
dark blue Mar 2022
thoughts racing
heart beating
out of control
like a filly
you're wolf’s prey
wanting a man
to protect
reign you in
anchor your mind
soothe your soul

sssh, baby girl
daddy’s here
to take all your fears away
Mar 2022 · 257
my Galatea
dark blue Mar 2022
chasing a fantasy
of an ideal
never to be seen
in this world
existing only
in my mind
with pen and paper
and tears and liquor
Mar 2022 · 73
human sexuality 101
dark blue Mar 2022
who is she
where is she
my mistress
my muse
who whispers
who shouts
in my ear
telling me tales
telling me stories
of secret fantasies
and ****** desires
Feb 2022 · 172
thirsty for love
dark blue Feb 2022
you’re thirsty
not trusting
imprisoned by your mind
locked in a body
starving for love
craving touch
begging to be held
wanting to give
all of you
heart and soul
dark blue Feb 2022
it’s in your nature
to submit and serve

present yourself
*** in the air
to your master

to be reminded
that you are
less civilized and evolved
than you think

confused and conflicted
as juices flow
and wetness
glistens on you lips

emotional and primal
you’re just but animal
Feb 2022 · 485
big girl
dark blue Feb 2022
cookies and cream
coloring books
blankets and stuffies

sitting on daddy’s lap
reminding him
i’m a big girl
and can be naughty
Feb 2022 · 2.3k
dark blue Feb 2022
does it
make you wet
getting spanked
by daddy
for being
and bratty
Feb 2022 · 345
dark blue Feb 2022
never ending
roller skates
snow cones
and unicorns
a kiss on the lips
from a girl
a show of love
long remembered
least forgotten
daddy’s sweet
little girl
Feb 2022 · 273
nap time
dark blue Feb 2022
Baby Girl: crying
Daddy: “What’s wrong Baby Girl?”
Daddy: “Are tired. Do you need a nap?”
Baby Girl: “No, I’m not tired. I don’t want to take a nap.”
Daddy: “Come here Baby Girl. Let Daddy give you a hug.”
Baby Girl: reluctantly walks into Daddy’s arms
Daddy: picks up Baby Girl and takes her to bed
Daddy: gently lays Baby Girl down on the bed
Baby Girl: “Daddy, don’t go, stay”
Daddy: gets into bed with Baby Girl
Baby Girl snuggles up against Daddy. Lays her head on his shoulder
Baby Girl: “Will you stroke my hair”
Daddy: softly strokes her hair, until Baby Girl falls asleep

Feb 2022 · 2.1k
always & forever
dark blue Feb 2022
hold me
hold me tight
never let go
never leave me
promise me
i’ll always & forever
be your little
Feb 2022 · 2.2k
dark blue Feb 2022
how old
is too old
to be a little
i’m a grown up
that has never
grown up
i’m a 40 year old little
that stills needs
her daddy
Feb 2022 · 2.4k
dark blue Feb 2022
you can’t resist
you’re reminded
every morning
with a *****
you’re physically strong
but sexually weak

confused, by my wiles
yielding, to my whims
you think
you’re in charge
all the while
to my pleasures

i am
your superior
Feb 2022 · 539
dark blue Feb 2022
Daddy: at his computer working
Baby girl: playing at Daddy’s feet
Baby girl: “Daddy, do you want to play”
Daddy: “Play what Baby Girl?”
Baby girl: “Play Kitten”
Daddy: “How do you play kitten”
Baby girl: “You sit on the couch. I put on neko ears, crawl on to your lap and purr. Then you pet me all over."
Feb 2022 · 267
dark blue Feb 2022
yes, daddy, yes
*** for me
*** inside me
cause i’m
your little neko
Feb 2022 · 352
little brat
dark blue Feb 2022
i’m not
being a brat
i won’t
go to my room
and take a nap
you can’t force me
you’re not my daddy
i don't love you
go away

i’m sorry
i’m tired
will you
come take a nap
with your little

Feb 2022 · 328
monsters (ddlg)
dark blue Feb 2022
baby girl
i swear
i will always
love you
and be there
protecting you
from the monsters
under the bed
and upstairs
Feb 2022 · 292
your little
dark blue Feb 2022
I want your hands
on me
touching, cupping, caressing

reminding me
you’re my daddy
and I
am your little
Feb 2022 · 279
daddy things
dark blue Feb 2022
will you shampoo
gently massage
rinse with water
wrap it in a towel
blow dry, brush and tie it
in a ponytail

i like when you fuss, dote
pay attention
call me princess
kiss my feet
make me giggle
call me silly

it’s a secret
don’t tell mommy
i like
all the daddy things
you do
Feb 2022 · 800
baby kangaroo
dark blue Feb 2022
i miss
putting you to bed
tucking you in
under the covers
daddy stay
don’t leave
you’d say
pulling back the covers
patting the mattress
inviting me to lay
making sure
you felt loved
like a baby
Jan 2022 · 274
kissed in the snow
dark blue Jan 2022
at dinner, across the table
you made your intentions, clear
you were, coming of age, awakening
a girl, consumed, with the desires, of a woman
i made an excuse, i needed air
you asked your mother, then followed
we walked, in the dark, on the ski tracks
our breathes, materializing, in the air
the flood lights, illuminating, the slopes
the cold, turning your cheeks, baby pink
you threw, a snowball, dared me, to catch you
running into, a field, of ******, snow
i chased, caught, and together, tumbled
as we kissed, in the snow
Farm House
Ruka, Finland
Dec 2021
Jan 2022 · 309
parisian pixie
dark blue Jan 2022
am i your lover, and or, father figure
are you needing love, reassuring, paternal nurturing  
you chose me, like a stray, little kitten
needing shelter, safety, petting
i held, kissed, comforted
you curled up and purred
nozzled deeper, a woman, then a child
daddy, providing, protecting
his pretty, parisian, pixie girl
Farm House
Ruka, Finland
Dec 2021
Jan 2022 · 2.3k
slave girl (kajira) #9
dark blue Jan 2022
do as i say
as you are told
on your knees
bow before me
your master
it’s your destiny
your role
a woman’s place
to serve
a man
a master
Jan 2022 · 2.1k
slave girl (kajira) #8
dark blue Jan 2022
red silk
come here
i need you
the warmth of your body
the softness of your skin
the smell of your hair

quench my desire
fulfill my fantasies
please your master
or i’ll sell you
in the market
Jan 2022 · 2.3k
dark blue Jan 2022
I am the alpha
the dominate
in this relationship
get on your knees
worship me
my *****
kiss my ***
**** my toes
beta boy
Jan 2022 · 733
dark blue Jan 2022
i see it
in your eyes
ready to ignite
catch fire
in your awakening
Farm House
Ruka, Finland
Dec 2021
Jan 2022 · 362
mousy girl
dark blue Jan 2022
mousy girl, sitting in the corner, of an american airlines’ lounge

staring out a window, watching it snow

waiting for a flight from frankfurt to dallas

so cute, so demure, how is a boy to resist you

long shiny hair, over sized sweats, black leggings, white keds

sitting crossed, over one leg, slightly bouncing nervously

occasionally catching my eye, then glancing away

are you flirting or just curious, i wish i knew

how do i approach you, what do i say

am i of interest or am i passe

do you know, you’re playing the part, of a little

do you need a daddy, someone to hold, protect you

make you feel special, loved, and cared for

cuddled, kept warm

kissed and touched, everywhere
january 9, 2022
Jan 2022 · 184
dark blue Jan 2022
i don’t understand
i’m still reeling
from what happened
we never kissed

it was all
in your glances
the yearning
inviting me further

i wish
how i wish
we’d had more time
to kiss
be intimate

i hurt
so much
when i think of you
i can’t stop
all the possibilities
we could have had
Farm House
Ruka, Finland
Dec 2021
Jan 2022 · 249
pouty lips
dark blue Jan 2022
why did you do it
****** me
use your eyes
pout your lips
tilt your head
touch your hair
look up
feign innocence

you knew exactly
what you were doing
didn’t you
Farm House
Ruka, Finland
Jan 2022 · 1.6k
dark blue Jan 2022
let’s get high
make out
take a lude
lay back
the effect

kiss me
**** me
the euphoria
of drugs
and ***
Jan 2022 · 233
baby girl lips
dark blue Jan 2022
it was 12 below in Rukatunturi

you were feeding reindeers in the snow

i was drawn to you, like a magnet, not knowing why

pixie hair, porcelain skin, button nose

your doe eyes, midnight black, called, drew me in, like a siren’s

you played it cool, distant, aloof, like a filly, wary of my attention

i had no idea, i was a fly and you, a spider

more than a girl, not yet a woman, you were a precocious, streetwise

oozing ***, sensuality, craving daddy’s attention

seeking my gaze, locking eyes, so intensely, i had to look away

daring me, to kiss, your baby girl lips

wrap you up, hold you tight, in my arms, tap into your passion

you hungered to love, be loved

the eagerness of your kisses, combing the hair on my chest

pulling me down, on top, to penetrate you

christening you from a girl to a woman
Dec 2021 · 251
swipe left
dark blue Dec 2021
swipe left
then right
desperately seeking
mister right

******* strangers
for love and tenderness
hoping he’ll stay
make babies
raise a family

bracing for the pain
the heartbreak
of a one night stand

why did you leave
am i not good enough
pretty enough
to be loved
Nov 2021 · 4.3k
mistress’s dog
dark blue Nov 2021
put on the collar
attach the leash
get on your knees
beg for mommy
that’s a good boy

are you *****
have an *******
bad boy
no *******
mommy’s leg
back in your cage

eat the alpo
i put in the bowl
isn’t it good
have some more

how does it feel
to be dominated
be my *****
loser boy
Nov 2021 · 459
wonder woman
dark blue Nov 2021
you are strong
a wonder
of woman

but are still a child
and affection

put down your shield
remove your armor
lay we me
to hold and warm
ward away the cold
and loneliness
of winter
Nov 2021 · 386
stepford wife
dark blue Nov 2021
am i

physically attractive
financial independent
and respectful

because i’m not a stepford wife
Nov 2021 · 88
nurture the child
dark blue Nov 2021
to love the woman
or nurture the child
am i your partner or father
for the night
dark blue Oct 2021
take off your leggings
spaghetti top
get naked with me

i want
to be inside you
connect emotionally
build intimacy
through our bodies

slide slowly
penetrate you
the pleasure
and welcoming warmth

feeling your body
then relaxing
hearing you moan
pulling me near

you are right as rain
I am meant to be here
deep inside you
******* together
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