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my bedsheets won't stop
strangling me
each night,
twisting around my
legs and arms and neck
until i cough myself

i'm breathing blood
once i'm finally up.
it's 5am and i think
i've been dying in my

i turn the fan on
and the heat up
praying i can
fling my sheets
to the floor while
i fight with slumber,
waving it like a white
flag in the
 Mar 5 dark blue
Walk towards your dream.
Visualise and work on it every day.
Believe you can turn your dreams into reality.

Sometimes, it takes time
but always believe in your dreams.
It may take time. But it will happen. Your dream will come true😉
 Feb 25 dark blue
Wynn Star
I bought a barbie doll yesterday
She looked so pretty
I've stared from afar wishing to rewind
to go back to innocent play
I cast aside my dolls to early
Oh, what if kids were more kind?
Would I have kept my dolls that day?
 Feb 17 dark blue
ask if i can stay with you tonight
ask me to not hang up tonight
so many technicalities and loops
it seemed like maybe you didn’t
want me to leave, is it okay to say
that you feel nice in my presence
at night when you sleep? especially when
i’m quiet and it’s peace
ful. can you say it please? just once?
for me? and i can make it
my duty to never leave you at night
 Feb 7 dark blue
 Feb 7 dark blue
It is not always possible to live in black and white. Colors must be felt.
 Feb 7 dark blue
I love him
really, I do
still I get a bit insecure
so I have to keep my eyes away from him
when we walk to the store
or walk in a museum
or walk in the park
I have to keep my eyes on anything but him
because if I look at him and we are out
my stomach might churn
and I’ll get butterflies
because I feel a bit sad
because he looks everywhere else but me
and I know he loves me
and I love him too
so to keep it okay I have to
look away
 Feb 3 dark blue
there are frogs in my throat
bees in my hair
brine in my eyes
wherever the tide takes me
I run away into these pools
mossy returns and powerful hues
I’m no one’s daughter
 Oct 2021 dark blue
Oddly Tough
 Oct 2021 dark blue
This neverending battle never fails to fight it's way through every Sunday, every smile, every sickness, and every catered ad.

It goes on and on like the nothing long, and the day which ends only to begin again.

I am haunted by windows.
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