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Dec 2020 · 118
James Orchid Dec 2020
Do you wanna make this work?
I don't know you well
Just don't make me hurt
Are we on the same page?
I have doubts
But i'll push them down
And i'll drown them out.
I'd seen all the tricks
Or so I thought
But its no surprise
I'll just take this loss
I should learn how
To trust my mind
So there's no more wasting
My own **** time.
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Oct 2020 · 37
James Orchid Oct 2020
Tear me
Out of my frame
Pastel's bleeding
Out of my veins
Ripped to shreds over my floor
All my lines have smudged to none
Not faded away just gone
Blank pages just stare at sun
All threads that were held undone
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Aug 2020 · 204
Held Happy
James Orchid Aug 2020
I want to be held from the cold
As the warm water hits my body
Emulating embers slowly fading in the night
I can't help but notice
Goosebumps on untouched skin
I want to be held from the cold
Deja vu overwhelms my mind
Ive felt this feeling before
its almost childlike
I want to be held from the cold
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Aug 2020 · 267
James Orchid Aug 2020
Particles of sand swept from beneath my feet
As the wind blows into the nonexistent future
Uncovering remnants of a past set in stone
Relieves my dry mouth with a taste so bittersweet
But in the end my solace is only a mirage
A fleeting feeling carried away by the dry air
impatience prolongs erosion
To leave my mountain of guilt for an indefinite stay
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— The End —