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artisticAR Oct 20
I built my nest upon a hill
to gase at the striking view,
a spectrum of vibrant colours,
the seasons of my life renewed.
artisticAR Oct 18
Age-defying remedies fill up
every nook of her shelves
playing Russian-Roulette
with her vanity
and her excessive admiration
of herself...
And now as she remembers clearly,  transfixed in the mirror of time
She realizes she is still a model
of a very old paradigm.
artisticAR Oct 17
"Shhh...walk on, babe..."
"Where to? Ain't got no home"
"Can't help you there babe
Mine's been hit by a storm
of lies, mistrust and doubt
It'll take an eternity to sort it out"
artisticAR Oct 17
"Can I really trust you?"
" You'll figure it out"
"Yes, but dissecting you
leaves me raw
and feeling distraught".
artisticAR Oct 12
Where I came from people gather around 
A table, decorated with a cornucopia
Of harvest's fruits and gifts
And here I sit so far away,
wishing I was homebound
to enjoy this special

...Happy Thanksgiving Canada...

artisticAR Oct 11
I was once so very important to you
Now, I keep asking myself what did I do
to have you search and find a newer one
and leave me, alone, completely undone
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