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Taofiq Isiaka Aug 2020
In the dark I dwell
I know I'm not feeling very well
Is this what it feels to be lonely?
I want this feeling gone forever

I tried to save myself
Eyes opened thou seemed closed
All I see is darkness like my eyes were never opened
This feeling nobody could ever understand

Light I needed
But it seem thou all this are conceded
I crawled to save myself
But I didn't really get anywhere because I never knew where I was

In the middle of nowhere I sat
Hope is all I've got left
I cried and shout but my voice I could not hear
Tears is all I felt

Just a glimpse of light I prayed for
But it was as thou I was preaching
Because no one was really listening
I need a healing from this feeling

I stretched to the sky I could not see
This darkness can be a thing of beauty
So I let my imagination see
A darkness that blinds my eye but never my mind
This feeling I could bend

Darkness, my new canvas
I stretch to the sky my mind could see
A glimpse of light from a star
In between my thumb and index finger, I looked with ones eyes closed
Like a tiny diamond it seemed

This picture I needed to share
But no one was really there
It was as thou everyone has raptured
The feeling is back again but now I've been captured
Once again, I'm all alone
Taofiq Isiaka Aug 2020
One of this days you're gonna miss me honey
But don't you worry you won't be so lonely
Right in your heart, you've got memories to keep you company
Taofiq Isiaka Aug 2020
My heart is yearning for something new
They're only but a few
I thought our love will be more like wine, with aging it's sweeter
But this had an expiring date and now it's rotting down with time down the cellar

And then there's you and I
My heart stops for a brief moment when I catch You Looking at me
Till you shock me with a Lil spark in your smile which put me at ease
I'm addicted to you
believe it or not, it's true

But like war and peace
Drawn to each other yet, can't be together
You light up my soul but stir up the swarm of butterflies in my heart
And it never felt so good to be on fire

I don't want you killing me so you can save me
Electrify my heart
Come on, overwhelm me with your charge
Kiss me with a lightning bolt
Promise, I'll go down with a smile
Taofiq Isiaka Aug 2020
O you humans
What are you doing with your life?
You've refused to live while you can
Death overshadows you all
But yet you act as though you've got a thousand lives

O you man
Why are you so eager to change things beyond your control?
You don't see the fowl living in agony over losing her chicks to the hawk
Why then do you prefer to worry
Wait in patience, not in delay and do not hurry

O you living child
Only if you could remember how to live
How you can feel and let go of emotions
But yet do not carry it over to tomorrow
How you can be sad and yet not drown yourself in sorrows
How everything is possible with your imagination
Why did you let aging blind you from seeing the simplicity in life?

— The End —