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You threw bitter cold
At my trembling heart
My mind was too frozen
To reply
Just saw two people walking outside in the cold.  This poem came to mind. This is not related to anything I have experienced.
My ideas only come from what I have seen read or heard.
Sing me a lullaby
So I can sleep
Away pain
Carrying me gently
To the land
Of Nod
Where I can
lay in a field of daisies
Under a Harvest moon
And quiet is all
Except for the
Occasional tick tock
Of the clock
Sing me a lullaby
So I can
Go to sleep
And hope there
Is magic near
To ward off demons
Sing me a lullaby
In a whispering
Close the door softly
As you leave
To go home
I don’t need diamonds
I don’t need wealth
Just pick me a flower
for me to smell
Show me the moon
to caress my eyes
Play me a song
to sing in my heart
Give me your love
to elevate my soul
Then I’ll be happy
wherever we go.

Shell ✨🐚
You don’t need much to be happy in your heart
I have burden to carry,
This burden to keep
To hide it till my last
My burden of my past.

A story you won't read
An unwritten plead
This burden cut my wings
I have stopped flying

I'd rather you reach the skies
Be not caught up in the lies
Touch the twinkling stars
Not carry the matching scar.

Sometimes the truth never heals
the burn never soothes
No one can appeal
No one knows the truth.

My end will be the end
the time, unburdened
my unmeasured breathe
intake of relief, no air.
Caught in a snowstorm
A blizzard of words
Going through
My mind
Find the nearest
Grab in my freezing
And begin to write
On a clean
Slate of snow
  Jan 11 Mary Anne Norton
my words have always been the strongest part of me.
solid, loud;
they scream my thoughts for me when i can't even get out a whisper...
but lately i haven't been writing as much.
my once resilient syllables are now translucent snowflakes
floating in the air, shattering on my bedroom floor
with each tear.
they are unsure of themselves, a string of vowels and consonants
so violently aware
that there's been a change;
my words have finally failed me.
I'm Sinking fast
Into the pool
Of no return
Perhaps this time
I can write
The words
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