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Feb 7 · 1.8k
What is it about winter
Sounds are magnified
Voices outside are louder

Barking sound of dogs
Echoing in the cold
Bitter winds blowing
Snow getting deeper and deeper

Frozen lakes and frozen hands
Chapped hands and lips

Silence comes
Over blankets
Of white

A crisp snow covered branch
A crunch in the snow
Waiting for a
New Day
Feb 7 · 138
Moon shadow dancing
Just keeping me up at night
Chasing blues away
I like the feel of winter
Icicles  hanginging
From the trees
Snapping at
Your fingertips
Handfuls of crisp snow

Ready to be formed
Into a solid ball
Snowflakes on your
Nose and cheeks
I like the taste of winter
Snowflakes falling gently
On your tongue
Snow in a bowl
Ready to spoon
I like the smell of winter
Wet , soggy , clothes
Fresh falling snow
In the air
Burning smoke from
Neighboring chimneys
From fires within
I like the sight of winter
Glistening snow
Foot traveled ground
Snowmen smiling
As you walk by
I like the sound of winter
Snow gently falling
Silence in the air
Screams of children
Just about everywhere
I like the sense of winter
The being
Within or without
Feb 1 · 293
For Anyone
If you really care
Than collect all my tears
And just walk away
Don't know where this even came from
Meant for no one. Popped in my head while
Jan 28 · 43
Getting near that time
Where minds begin
To wander
Stores are closed
Lights are dimming
Noises settle down
Words come flowing
Making sense or not
From a day
That " s drawing to
A close
Factories shut down
But words keep dancing
Round and round
Eyes blink yet
Never close
Sleep too far away
Nothing else to do
To chase those
Thoughts away
Jan 28 · 91
Not a friend in sight
Will grab my paper and pen
Hello poetry
Jan 28 · 67
Tried calling  but
No answer
Tried visiting but
No show
Tried crying but
No tears
Tried loving but
No response
Tried living but
No Life
Tried sharing but
No hands
Tried and tried
Until all gone
Jan 28 · 172
Can't Deal
Can't  deal
With Silence
Can't deal
With noise
Can't deal
No more
Jan 28 · 28
I Waited
I looked out the door
And just peeked out the Window
Just for a no show
Jan 28 · 412
It's Winter
So quiet out
Can hear my
With each step
I take
Loneliness all around
Only the howling
Of the wind
Reminding me of
Winter's Song
Time to go
Back in
To warm my hands
And frozen heart
Waiting for the
Sun to melt
My frozen blues
Jan 24 · 139
Geese are all around
Some in the sky some on ground
Such fun to observe
Jan 15 · 130
Silence is golden
Take a look through the blinds
Snow is falling
How quiet it is when snow starts falling.
Jan 13 · 722
You reach out
Your scarred hand
Nailed to a Cross
For me to touch
To hold
To remember
Lest I forget
Your words through
Parched , bleeding lips
"I commented my Spirit"
Let me touch you
Let me hear you
You are my Life line
Keep me afloat
Jan 13 · 95
Of all distractions
Irritating or just small
Silence is loud
Jan 13 · 75
You My Friend
You are on my mind
And so I send up a Prayer
That all may be well
Jan 12 · 286
Waiting For
In winter
I  wait for
The morning sun
In spring
I wait for
A bloom or two
In summer
I wait for
The song Of birds
In fall
I wait for
Leaves to crunch in
Perhaps I should
Wait for
What surrounds me
Right now
Jan 9 · 57
Happy New Year...
In the coming year
May you be
Blest with
Thoughts to share
A Dictionary and thesaurus
And Reference
Papers to write on
And napkins too
Pens and pencils
An eraser or two
A good book  
Of poetry
Rumi will do
Laughter and sadness
Will play a big part
Keep open your hearts
And let yourself go
May you have words
And best of health
Thank you for touching
And touching
The world
Happy New Year
Jan 9 · 107
Wintry Morning Sky
Such beauty in
The morning sky
Waking me to wintry
Colors of pale blues
And pinks
Dancing through my
Such a display
Of colors
High above
While geese hunting
For food
Perhaps unaware
Of here below.
Jan 9 · 76
You walked across me
As if walking on
An icy pond
Ready to crack
Throwing words
Of bitter cold
Into the sharp
Bitter wind
Seasons come and go
Ready for change
But death
Has already
Taken place
Jan 9 · 127
My treasures are few
Books to read stories to share
And also there's you
Jan 9 · 59
Poetic Limbo
Words upon words
Racing around
My head
Ready to write
Words get caught
In the dust of
A poetic limbo
Where nothing
Can be
Jan 8 · 421
The Arts
We all have an
Artistic flare
Some with words
While others paint
With colors
Songs written
Voices heard
Others make
You laugh
Or even cry
Some can touch
With words
Or a sympathetic
Everyone is an
With a different canvas
To paint on
Everyone has their
Own Style

Jan 8 · 243
Many Thanks
Doctors and nurses
Thank you for taking the time
To help us get well
Jan 8 · 74
So bleak is the day
Grays the sky
Where is my sunshine
Jan 5 · 282
Tears fell from my eyes
An umbrella standing near
Caught each tender drop
And Jesus has come
Decorations put away
Christmas in our heart
Jan 3 · 1.1k
Timed writing
I wait for your call
Every evening that goes by
To create a poem
Jan 2 · 85
That's An Ephiphany
No gold to give you
Frankincense I cannot smell
Myrrh afraid to find
I follow the star
Silently make a you turn
Give homage to God
Bearing not a gift
Wrapped in paper and a bow
Only me to give
Dec 2021 · 85
New Year
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
New Year has begun
Promises to keep and break
It's same time next year
Dec 2021 · 50
Into The Known
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
Darkness fills my world
Like the murky swamp
Falling deeper and deeperl
Into the known
Lightness fills my world
Like the starlit night
Shining brighter and brighter
Into the known
Laughter fills my heart
Like the babbling brook
Bouncing smoother and smoother
Into the known
Love fills my heart
Like the universal song
Singing louder and  strong
Into the known
Hope fills my soul
Like  a heavenly beam
Shining brighter and  brighter
Into the known
Dec 2021 · 68
What Would
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
What must it be like
To be a turtle
Hiding its head
For protection
Or a snake shedding
It's skin
A bird soaring
High over the universe
A dog without
A tail to wag
A cat with
No purr
Paradise without visitors
No water for fish
What would it be like
Without you and me
We and they
What would it like
Dec 2021 · 154
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
My inner feelings
As grey as the foggy sky
Slowly dissipate
Dec 2021 · 50
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
Was anxious to write
Tripped over my very words
There's nothing to show
Dec 2021 · 63
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
Breathe in and breathe out
Aware of life all around
And life from within
Dec 2021 · 133
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
There's a song
Deep  d
In my heart
Waiting to be sung
Composed of the
Highs and lows
Joys and sorrows
The melody stuck
Between the thorns
And the rose
Ooohhh there's a
Song in my heart
Waiting to be sung

Dec 2021 · 105
Just Watching
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
Watching children skipping
Playing ball , running fast
Laughing out loud
Watching the sun
Petting a dog,
Chasing a cat
Holding  tight to
Momma's hand
Did this happen
To me
Or while Watching
Did I just imagine
Dec 2021 · 69
Christmas Morn
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
The darkness is here
Jesus will bring us His light
Early Christmas morn
Dec 2021 · 216
Christmas Cheer
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
Christmas is coming
Neighbors are hanging out lights
Bringing Christmas cheer
Dec 2021 · 69
Morning silence
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
I listen all around
As nature awakens
The early morning
The happy sound
Of a gull
Soaring overhead
Enjoying the moment
Fish hiding from
Their captors
Waves dancing in song
Birds in trees
Answering their
Mate's  call
Last of leaves
Spiraling toward
The ground
Dried grass
Sound of a runner's shoe
Quietly hitting the
Well worn path
Who needs change
Silence is golden
Yesterday in the park.Such a lovely, December morning .
Dec 2021 · 100
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
Waves swaying in
The winter breeze
Some gently flap
Across the lake
While others roughly
Slap against the water
As the Waves dance
Toward me
I am reminded
Of my emotions
Some gentle , Some rough
Yet both are
A working part
Of me
Dec 2021 · 49
Silly Thoughts
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
Just keep it coming
And than you want to know why
How did it happen
Dec 2021 · 90
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
Scrambled eggs,
Scrambled thoughts
Dec 2021 · 299
Out of Nowhere
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
Yelling got louder
You tore me all to pieces
I put you on hold
Don't know where this came from.None of this happened.
Dec 2021 · 45
Just thoughts
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
Crumbs on my napkin
Surround my thoughts and my dreams
In the trash you go
Dec 2021 · 41
My Mother's Voice
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2021
Pulling out the laundry
I realize something
Is missing
It's  not a sock
Without a mate
Or a coin
From my jeans
Or the flapping
Of sheets being
Hung out
To dry
It's the sound
Of my mother's
Irish voice
How silent it is
And oh how sad
Knowing I won't
Hear her singing
When I took the laundry out today, I knew something was missing.  It was my
Mother's voice . She always sang when she did the laundry.Still miss her voice.
Nov 2021 · 117
Take A Picture
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2021
Take a picture fast
The brilliant reds
Glowing in the sky
Will soon
Fade away
Take a picture fast
The brilliant smiles
Of yesteryear
Will soon
Fade away
Take a picture fast
The leaves afire
In the tree
Will soon be gone
Take a picture fast
The hands So soft
All withered and frayed
Take a picture fast
Before Life goes
Woke up to a beautiful sea of red
Hanging out in the sky. Totally Awesome
Nov 2021 · 462
Morning Red
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2021
For breakfast I'm having
A strawberry kissed sky
With a blend of pale  blue
Above me
Downed with a quiet cup
Of tea and cream
And a smile
Upon my face
To stir a
Memory in my heart
Nov 2021 · 63
Hello Poet
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2021
I can pen away
Any time of day or night
Someone else is out there
Nov 2021 · 58
Death Anew
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2021
A New star
Fills the sky
Shining in
The distance
Bright at first
Reaching its
Watching over
Reminding me
Of days
Gone by
So bright at first
But as healing
Takes place
Your light will
Dim with
All the other
Just found out a very dear friend
from the Past, has died.
Nov 2021 · 213
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2021
Sky coal black
Moon shining bright
Quiet hour has come
Amidst the stillness
Stars brilliantly sparkle
As I cry out
To the universe
Waiting for an
I tip toe away
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