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Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
Whispered words
Spoken words
Words in song
Didn't matter how they
Were communicated
You really didn't care
Just as long as you
Could top it
Or better yet
Go over and beyond
Who was I fooling
.talking to you
With heartfelt words
When all you really
Wanted to do was
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Anew year awakens
New promises
Put to death
Waiting for
New loves and
Sweet promises
New lucky.friends
And a grand month
To dance into
If not careful showered
But hopefully with
Joy not sorrow for
Flowers in the garden
Of friends
Awaiting the sunshine of
Fresh out of school
Ready to play till
Where friends ignite
Bright as colors of
Bittersweet and
Sad till
With learning
Something new
From each other
Awakening to
Colors.of friendship
Saving thanks for
A caunopia of friends
And the souls
Left behind and
Waiting for snowy days
In December
Where the gift of
Friendship  is shared
Each month has a
Story to share
With one another
As we grow and
Change with the seasons
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
A cat 🐈 curled
Around my neck
Purring a happy
Letting me know
That all would
Be okay
Jumping up
To get her
To let her know
That all would
Be okay
Use to have a cat. They seem to know
Just when to purr
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
My life floats before me
On A foamy cloudy cream
Where heated hands
Carress a cup
Big blobs of settling cream
Remind me of my
Should haves could haves
Would haves
As I shake the cup
Around for a new display
I see tiny droplets
Are those my tears
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Afraid of the dark
And even my
Own shadow
Dogs that bite
Bees that sting
Being rejected
Again and again
Afraid of the cold
And even the rain
Afraid afraid  
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
I am afraid
Of silence
Afraid to find out
.who i really am
I can run from
The silence
But I can't
Run away
From me
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Afraid to go sleep
Covid dreams will just appear
Put my night mask on
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
A friend just called me
We talked poetry and such
Just so much to share
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
Can't force a friendship.
Can't force a poem
Friendship takes time
To begin and continue
Much thought space
Neededed for its
Watered with patience
And mistakes
A poem not
That different
Thoughts need time to
Mull through your head
And space to grow
Patience for the right words
Acceptance for mistakes
When combined apoem
Is a friend
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
Death expectedly at the door
One exit we can't escape
But are we ready to let go
Let go of ourselves
Let go of you
The smell of you
Lingers on tear dropped
Clothing like fresh morning dew
No fragrance pure nature
Just like you
But universal stains of
Ink soil dried blood stains
Old can't get out
The wash stains
Essence of memories
Lovingly left behind
I cradle your blouse
And sniff at days
Lovingly gone by
Then prayerfully lovingly
Blow out the candle nearby
Saw someone sniffing clothes after someone died this same memory came back to me
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Peacefully gazing at
The ceiling
It must be early
Sun shadows
Aren't dancing for me
A blink of the eye
And rays of light
Filter throughout
The room
Time to get up
Enter a new day
Take what.unknowingly
Lies before me
To recapture
That moment
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
Sometimes it's hard
To laugh
When others
Are crying
Harder to live
When others
Are dying
When others around
Have plenty to eat
Yet right next door
There is no meat
A house of
Day in and
Day out
Let all alone
With no one
Abath of bubbles
With plenty
To spare
Yet you go
***** smelly
And bare
While choosing closets
Of shoes
To wear
Your shoes are full
With no holes
To spare
A limo.just goes
Speeding by
As for you
A dumpster standing
You don't have
A dollar would do
To  put in
Your worn pocket
And make you
Feel new
May you be loved
With each crumb
You beg
And get a new
Soap for your
Bleeding leg
If I see you again
In one more line
May I stop what
I'm doing and
Give you
Some time
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
My eyes are closing
Yet my mind
Is wide awake
How I long
For sleep
But words are
Tossing around
And ready to
If i piece my words
Can i hang them
Out to expose
Or should I fold
Them neatly away
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
Today I'm alive
I checked the paper
Pinched my skin
Said a Prayer
Or two
What I do today
Should be a
Thank you Lord
For one more day
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
Roses you heaped
Upon me
Flashy jewels
Shiny diamond hearts
Expensive perfumes
Silky scarves
Chewy chocolates
All of this
You gave to me
When all I wanted
Was a pumpkin
And some mums
None of this happened. Saw mums and pumpkins across the street. Just put my
Thoughts into words.
All I did was stare
When you quickly walked by me
And left me alone
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Just leave me alone
Perhaps for only
Or even
Whatever it is
Leave me alone
So I can stare
At the empty
Wall of my
And feel the bitter cold
Of no one
Hear nothing
But the sad
Lonely  beat of
My heart
Let the pain surface
So it can disappear
Into the universe
With all the other
Dark spots
Hidden on
The moon
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
Am I ready to
Take on a new day
Meet Life's gifts and challenges
The sun peeking through
The window
Dressing the clouds in
Blues and pinks
Morning roll call
As birds chirp tree
To tree
Thoughts scatter through
My mind
Can i do everything
That must be done
Its a new day
Time to get up
Mary Anne Norton Aug 2020
My clock is ticking
Like the beat of my Moms heart
Sent now from heaven
Mary Anne Norton Aug 2020
It may be good.morning
To you
It may be good evening
To You
You may be getting up
You may be going to bed
What ever time
It is
May the words
That you need  
Be a breath away
And may you feel
Inner peace
Ink flows in your heart
Just let it pour
Over the landscape
Good morning
Good night
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020 day
Has dawned
I'm.not quite
Ready for
Winged flight
Nesting tends to
Suit me
Where I am
Safe and comfortable
No growth can
Even take place
If I don't spread
My wings


Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
Smiles dance upon
The  lake
Tiny bubbles happily
Glue together
Squirrels collecting nuts
For colder days
Birds flying overhead
Enjoying the sky above
Runners with warm
Hoods on
Dogs leading their
And I just enjoying
Another masked day
In the park
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
Spying on nature
Peeking through the
Now wrinkled curtains
Smiling while watching
The geese
So many landed
Now dancing on
The dewy ground
Flapping their
Sturdy wings
Some hunting for
The days'food
Others swimming
In unison
While the energetic
The bold
Play tag
Your it
Suddenly a cue
Seen only through
Nature's call
Summons the geese
As they form a
And noisily
Take off
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
Oh to stop
These thoughts
Rushing through
My sleepy mind
If they could
Just halt
For the time-being
Picking up where
They left off
Surely tomorrow
Can gather up
The pieces
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
Words are forming
From scattered sentences
Of life
Out from the nether world
And into the arena
Of life
Words on display to
Choose from
Happy words sad words
Break the heart in half words
Words to whisper
Words to shout
Words that should have
Been said
Perhaps some I've heard
Should not
Words can be put to Life
To create or destroy
Words are a powerful thing
Must be put together
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
I thought you were
A contradiction
Tearing me apart
Piece by piece
From your ego
Driven heart
Nothing sustained you
Happily bruising
My soul
Leaving me unmercifully
Ready to fight back
You expected war
But I came
To bring peace
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Reds and yellows
Oranges and purples
A chorus line of
Lined along the
Dancing swaying
In the wind
And for an
Dropping leaves
Scatter all
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
A New day has
Awakened  me
Twinkling stars that
Bid me good night
Have taken cover
With the moon
Waiting for my
Night's return
Until that moment
I need to honor
The time that
Has been given
To me
May i be a
Beacon of light
To those in
The dark
A source of riches
Money can't buy
Perhaps a helping
An ear to hear
Your pain
Whatever I do
May I cover it
With love
Mary Anne Norton Aug 2020
Dew from the grass
Kissing the ground
While a foggy mist
Dances in the sky
Birds stirring in the trees
Ready to sing
Their wake up call
Squirrels busy playing tag
With the sound
Of a howling dog nearby
Children slamming the door
Running joyfully outside
Ready to greet
A new morning
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
A new day
Has begun
A clean slate
From washed away tears
Freshness awakens
The staleness of
Has quietly disappeared
Along with painful
Gathered are the treasures
From of old
To brighten
The day
Celebrate each day
As a passing gift
With hopes for a
New tomorrow
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Day not starting
Off to well
Hit my toe
On the bed
Put the wrong
Tea bag in
Who starts off
Morning with red
Herbal tea
When I can have
Black tea with milk
Fixes from yesterday
Need fixing today
And don't have
Right material
Afraid to walk
Fear I might fall
Over crack in walk
Forget the toe
I can ice up
My red tea can
Be my second cup
If I don't finish today
I have tomorrow
And if I don't
Have tomorrow
At least I
Had today
So I better get
My jacket
And head out
The door
Mary Anne Norton Aug 2020
The storm washed away
The cheerful sun
Chalked brilliantly
On the concrete
Raining so hard
Not even traces
Of chalk remained
But the beauty is
An empty board remains
For a new sun to appear
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
My Birthday is over
Midnight has struck
Tripping over my
Own two feet
A New year
Has begun
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
You were so good  to me
When no one else was
You took me for who i was
Though it wasn't much
You laughed at my
When others just stared
And guided me
When there was no
Light to follow
Saying it would
Be okay
When you knew
It was not
Drying up tears
Picking me up
Again and again
You never let me down
But then
You never were
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
Geese are honking
Flying overhead
Time to.put
Dinner on
Owls are hooting
Time for bed
Roosters crowing
Time to get up
Cows are moo ing
Time for milking
Dogs barking
Waiting to be walked
While  cats purr
Waiting for milk
How do animals
Know what time
It is
What happens when
You Spring forward
Fall back
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
a new day.has arrived
the sun is going to shine
i Sing a song
to awaken my soul
put my dancing shoes on
keeping up with the
rhythm  of life
what a
to join in the
harmony of life
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Are you a robot
Or so the question is posed
What if I said yes
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Stuck with life sentence
My last meal is a poem
Filled with all your words
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Words spinning round
My head
Like clothes in a dryer
Round and round
They spin
Until complete
Sharpened pencil
Thick eraser
Lots of paper
Trash can nearby
Thought down
Thought erased
Thought down
Possibly to save
Thought thoughts thoughts
Erase erase erase
Becomes my mantra
Suddenly a sentence
Makes sense
Surprisingly the next
One does
Hold that thought
As another joins in
Read read read
Check check check
Pen pen pen
Is it ready for
Perhaps now
Because here
It is
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
A poem breathed
Into me
And awakened
My senses
Visualizing colors
Of sunny morn
And moonfilled night
Animals being animals
Trees and nature
Smelling stinky feet
Warm fires from
Someone's home
Homemade bread
Fresh fallen rain
Tasting crunchy apples
Sipping herbal tea
Hearing yapping dogs
And the crackling logs
From the fireplace
Touching baby's  toes
Or sandpaper
Thouhts were overflowing
Of the wonder of
It all
Grabbed a pen
And paper
And a poem
Was born
I am not a starving artist
I have been well nourished
By the sound and seasoned
Crumbs from
The words and music
Paintings and dancers
Athletes and doctors
Parents and teachers
Students and others
Now to savor and
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
Sun shining through
Droplets of morning dew
On Autumn's leaf
Reminding me what
Season I'm in
Colors shining in and
Without my being
Vibrant oranges for
Happiness past
And yet to come
Brilliant yellows for
Warm memories
Long ago
And more to come
Blended leaves for
Joy and pain
And still will come
Autumn a season
For change
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
I don't  have the
Words I want to
So.I'll.put them
In a song
With the chorus
Sorrow and
Happiness and
A chorus so strong
You will want
To sing
Mary Anne Norton Dec 2020
You are dear to me
Always there before I call
How lucky I am
Mary Anne Norton Aug 2020
Let's  go to the zoo
The animals want to play
What are they up to
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Summer days are fading
Warmth turns into
Morning chill
Breezes are cooler
Not as gentle
But still accepting
Rustic smells in
The air
Burning leaves
Campfires far away
Sweet teas traded
For warm apple cider
Long flannel shirts
Covering sun bleached
Squirrels running round
Gathering winter's  harvest
Birds heading for
A warmer place
To nest
Dogs sporting sweaters
Made just for them
While owners
Lead with jackets on
Another season has left
A new one ushers in
With a beauty
All its'
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
The wind slaps
Across my face
Knocking me back
To my senses
Reminding me of
The joy
To be alive
To see falling leaves
And geese forming
A vee overhead
The smell of leaves
Crunching at
My feet
Touches of a small
Chill tingling my back
A warm hoody
To snuggle in
Warm apple cider
With a cinnamon stick
Oh yes the carnival
Of Autumn
Full of laughter
And surprise
Oh to be greedy
And collect every
To keep and cherish
Standing outside enjoying all Autumn  has to offer before the winter chill
Mary Anne Norton Sep 2020
Awaken the thoughts
In me
They lay dormant
For some time
Crawl over wadded
Paper ***** that
Missed their mark
Break through cobwebs
Of yesteryear
Rattle the skeletal bones
Of feelings deep within
Let what has haunted you
Flow free
And magically
Transform before you
Mary Anne Norton Nov 2020
You thought you could reel
Me in
With your fancy talk
And shiny teeth
Combed back hair
A golden watch
And polished shoes
Everything money
Could buy
But that wasn't enough
For a bite
Mary Anne Norton Oct 2020
Gold is your heart
Filled with what
Money can't buy
Silver for change
You make in others
Copper for new.beginnings
Youre worth.a million
To met
You have created
An account with
All those around
Opened morning noon
And night
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